Since the closing of « Le Cercle » in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, we have to admit that it has been a while since we had enjoyed a big poster in Wallonia. Tonight, death metal stars are about to shake the walls of the Lotto Mons Expo, arranged in a small club that can welcome more or less 300 people. The place is cosy, the welcome by the staff is ultra friendly, both at the entrance and at the bar.

We don’t start the evening delicately, even if the Swiss of Omophagia are dressed like gentlemen. The riffs are precise, sharp, like the singer’s eyes that could jump on us at any moment to eat us. The band has just released a new album, “646965”, and their short set allows them to present some of their new songs.


And we are not stopping there with the Americans of Vitriol, determined to hugely punch us in our faces. What violence! The guitars are unparalleled in their aggressiveness and even if the drummer could pass between a poster and a wall without taking it off, his blasts are absolutely monstrous. We also appreciate the voice duo that brings variety to the set.


We now welcome a death metal monument, Hate Eternal, led by the charismatic Erik Rutan. The trio sweeps the band’s discography for an hour and plays with a rare precision for live performances. The audience seems delighted. However, the performance seems cold to me, as communication between the musicians is quite non-existent. It’s very strange to observe, especially since there’s very little movement on stage. Also, the sound of a single guitar doesn’t seem like enough to me. Finally, the most important thing is that the fans there had a good time close to the band.


Time always passes too quickly when you’re having fun! Indeed, it is already time for the headliner, played tonight by Nile and their Egyptian atmospheres. But there’s no question of belly dancing here, it’s rather the moment to gently mosh in cadence. The balance between aggressiveness and melodies is perfect and a beautiful atmosphere emerges from the music. I also really like the way the voices are divided between the two guitarists and the bass player. Even if the band offers a varied setlist, allowing to sweep away its consequent discography, the accent is naturally put on the presentation of the new album to be released in November : “Vile Nilotic Rites”.


Personally, I spent a very good evening there. The only negative point I note is the somewhat sporty access to the photopit, which consisted in having to sneak between the safety barriers. Otherwise, there are very different opinions about the quality of the sound, some even talking about a waste… Technical problem? Ceiling too high? The mystery remains.