A family team eager to expand to offer you ever more content ever more varied!

The project was born in July 2018 from a common desire to combine the talents of several people in the same webzine: Metal Overload.

This name came from the desire to offer content on all existing styles of Metal and even to push the limits by going to rock and its derivatives.

The team continues to grow day by day and to evolve. They collaborate with more and more artists and labels of any horizon and experience.

4 different types of content are available :

  • Posts :
    Publications, often taking us a lot more time, including: live reports, interviews and album reviews.
  • News :
    Short texts with images and videos presenting news.
  • Galleries :
    Set of photos through which you can relive the event and sometimes see you again.
  • Recommendations :
    Recommendations of groups and events of any style made by the members of the team.

The team