Metalheads, I salute you!

Today, due to confinement, I don’t really have any photo galleries to offer you. Therefore, it’s as an interviewer that I propose you some content.
I decided to focus on a Belgian band, coming more precisely from Bastogne and well known in the metal scene, without belonging to this musical movement.
I’m talking about Acus Vacuum! What are their origins, their projects…?

The band created in 2012 is composed of 5 members, two percussionists: Charlotte and Arhur, two pipers: Simon and Lucas and their dancer: Samantha.
We learn a bit more about them with Charlotte.

Hi Charlotte! First of all, can you tell us who you are and what is your role in Acus Vacuum?

Hello Laurent, as you yourself wrote in your introduction, I am one of the percussionists of Acus Vacuum and I’ve been playing this role in the band for more than 7 years now.

How was Acus Vacuum born, what does this name mean and what is its history?

Acus Vacuum was born in 2012. It was originally a duo project between Simon and his brother Nicolas.
I was later welcomed into the band, followed by Steeven (a former bagpipe blower) and that’s how Acus Vacuum was launched.
As for the band’s name, Simon searched for a name that sounded “serious” at first, but tried to keep a little offbeat side to it, because of its meaning.
In Latin, Acus Vacuum, means: “Empty Purses”.

How would you qualify the style of Acus Vacuum, what is its strength according to you?

Acus Vacuum can be described as a clever mix of neo-medieval, festive pagan and folk. Our music also has an instinctive side.
In our current formation, we all come from different backgrounds, each of us brings in his own way his own personal touch, his personal experience.

What’s great is that with our style, we can afford to diversify, adapt, and play in several styles of events, and therefore, it allows us to reach a relatively large audience.

Apart from medieval festivals, we mostly meet you in concerts and metal festivals. Where does the interest of the metal public for Acus Vacuum come from? Are the members of Acus Vacuum all metalheads at heart?

Let’s say that in the band, we’ve always been metalheads in general.
I think that the musical dynamism of Acus Vacuum, as well as our physical presentation, our costumes, our accessories, the atmosphere, (the hypocras?)… It allows us to get closer to the metal scene than to the folk dances.

When you created the band, did you already have such ambitions, did you think you would meet such a success?

Not at all! And it was a nice surprise to see that over the years, the craze for us from the public, but also from the event organizers has only increased.

A few months ago, you made the video clip for “Cernunnos”, a song from your second album “Viribus Naturae”. Can you tell us about this experience, how do you set up such a project? What do you remember from this shooting?

It was a great experience and believe me, it was a great organization! It was two intense days of shooting on two beautiful locations.
We had chosen the “Native-Village” in Neihaischen, as well as the forests around Laroche en Ardennes to shoot the clip of “Cernunnos”, these places were perfect for the realization of this clip.
A nice collaboration with Brice Hincker (who has, among others, directed clips for Dagoba, Smash Hit Combo, …), passionate extras both professionals and neophytes, but all with this motivation, this will to share a great moment with us.
A very beautiful artistic work, we are super happy with the realization. Once again, THANK YOU all for your participation.

Tournage clip Acus Vacuum-158

What are your plans for the future of Acus Vacuum?

Hahaaaaa, we have some surprises for you.
We are working hard on new tracks and we have some great dates planned!
We’ll tell you more very soon, but we have a lot of fiestas to catch up on and don’t worry, we’ll do it with you!

So, I’ll close this interview by thanking Charlotte for her participation, and by inviting you, if you haven’t already done so, to go and see Acus Vacuum during one of their shows.
You can also visit their website and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

On that note, I’ll leave you with the clip of “Cernunnos”.

Wishing you an excellent evening.
Take care of yourself,