Hello how are you? How do you feel about playing here in Liege for the Warzone Metal Fest vs 6K Fest?

Kevin Royer :
Frankly, yeah! Whenever we are offered to come to Liège, we say yes right away, within 5 minutes, the time to ask all the guys if everyone is there. But we already know we will all say yes. It’s really a beautiful city and we love coming here to play.

I saw that a lot of your fans were asking for content and that you shared a photo on February 13th. Does this photo announce the arrival of a new EP / album? If so, do you have any idea when it might happen?

Kevin :
We posted a picture that does not mean anything but it does not mean everything either. For the moment nothing is decided. We are still writing. But the day we will release something, it is that the album will arrive within six months normally. Or, at least, it will happen not long after. We like to do things well and not rush.

What would you like to do / achieve for 2019?

We would like to progress a lot on the album. Priority for the album! After that if we are offered something that we can not refuse, like tonight … It’s dates we can not refuse!

Do you have anecdotes to tell us about your previous concerts? Something remarkable or funny that would have happened to you?

Kevin :
So negative: tonight! The samples that cut and the pc that makes a Blue Screen.

But otherwise … funny anecdote … [Laughs] Our last tour in the Czech Republic, we had a getting at 10am, something like that, and we played at 11pm: as usual we have to arrive early and we play very late in the day we are pissed! So we sleep, … I do not remember the name of the city at all, so it’s in the Czech Republic. A cute little town it was really nice. Medieval type; it was really cute. We walked around all the afternoon and beer led to another one, we will say …. After two beers – three beers, at a time, there was a little drama. In fact with Thibault, the bassist, often in the evening in Paris, when we’re drunk, he has fun to take my beer in his hand and I enjoy trying to decapsulate it with my foot. Except that this time, it did not work. In fact he dropped the beer.

Maxime Gens :
And who was behind? It was me ! I took the beer right in the coast and so big hematoma.

Kevin :
Except we were dead laughing. The video was put on Insta and on the page elsewhere. And so we were laughing except him, five minutes later, he could not move. We played 3 hours later … In the end, it was ok but he was in pain.

Maxime : I was in pain! Alcohol has alleviated the pain we are going to say.

Kevin : The next day he was not laughing because we had to continue the dates.

Maxime : It stung a little bit anyway!

Kevin : There are small anecdotes like that often! There is one a day.

Maxime : There’s always something going on !

Kevin : We prank each others but every five seconds! Only screwups!

We arrive at the end of the interview. Do you have a message to give to our readers?

Kevin :
Thank you for listening to us anyway since all these years. I know we can not get something out every day. We are a bit long, we will say, for album releases or even music but do not let us go! The heavy is coming again! There are quite a few people who have enjoyed the album and I hope that the second … when it’ll arrive … I hope they will be at the appointment. And that we will be able to appease their expectations and that we will be able to present it in a maximum of countries and go on tour again.

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