Night Fest Metal X: Let there be black !

For its tenth edition, the Night Fest has filled the room of l'Entrpôt in Arlon. Want to know more about this dark evening? So read!


L’Œuvre au Noir, a bewitching artist

I propose you a slightly different content with the presentation of a Belgian artist/illustrator that I like very much, Natacha from L'Œuvre au Noir.

Wind Rose

Wintersaga, the dwarf universe of Wind Rose

Wintersaga, the new album of Wind Rose was released on September 27th. Francesco, the singer of the band answered our questions.


Brujeria, THE band against political stupidities

Brujeria is a mix between grind (and other extreme musical pleasures) and engaged lyrics. Wanna delight your ears with something extreme but consistent and you happen to have a secret love for Spanish ? Then go for it!


Sercati, at the discovery of a whole universe

Sercati is Belgian Black Metal band around which gravitates a complete universe. A musical project in permanent research and evolution.

A deadly night in Mons : Nile, Hate Eternal, Vitriol and Omophagia

Live report of the shows of Nile, Hate Eternal, Vitriol and Omophagia organized at the Lotto Mons Expo the 27th septembrer 2019.


Black metal as cultural vessel with Hyrgal

Metal Overload offers you an interview conducted at Hellfest 2019 with the French black metal band Hyrgal. Do not hesitate to discover them.

Coilguns HF

Meeting with Coilguns at Hellfest 2019

During the Hellfest, we met Louis and Jona from Coilguns. A bands that comes straight from Switzerland and that will delight your ears.

A sunday in Lokeren : the Metaldag of the Lokerse Feesten

Live report of the Metaldag of the Lokerse Feesten, Sunday 4th August 2019. With Brutus, Zeal & Ardor, Life Of Agony, Alestorm, Europe and Scorpions !

Diamond Head

Diamond Head : a band from the new wave of British Heavy Metal

Today, Brian and Rasmus from Diamond Head answer our questions about their new album, their career and the integration of Rasmus in the band.

The RumJacks

The Rumjacks or when the folk music meets the punk

If you like Celtic folk and punk rock, The Rumjacks is a perfect combination for you! Those guys love what they do and they make you feel that!

Bare Teeth

Bare Teeth: the globetrotting punks

The globe-trotting punk band, Bare Teeth, talks about their split with 3 other bands from around the world and their tour in Taiwan.


Become a Shadows thanks to Shaârghot!

What would a mix between a universe like Fallout and metal music? Shaârghot! Brun'o Klose, the guitarist, answers our questions!

A day at the Alcatraz Festival in Courtrai

The last time I walked through the prison doors was in 2015. This Saturday morning in August 2019, I arrive after a two-hour drive. Everything changed. There are now three stages. In four years, everything has become bigger, more crowded, more ... expensive.

Balls Out

Sex, cars and rock’n’roll with Balls Out

Sony of Balls Out answers our questions at the Hellfest 2019 with a lot of humor about her band, their albums and their news.


A new start for Dagoba

At Hellfest 2019, Werther and Ritch from Dagoba tell us about Black Nova and their tour in China, from which they had just returned 36 hours earlier!


The Metaldays 2019, a unique festival in Slovenia’s heart

I will tell you about my stay in Slovenia's heart, in the Tolmin Valley! This is where the Metaldays, a unique festival of its kind, takes place. If you like metal, beer, sun, nature, water at 10 ° C and inflatable unicorns, this article is for you!


At the crossroads of Occitan and black metal with Aorlhac

At Hellfest 2019, I had the opportunity to meet Simon and Alex, respectively guitarist and bass player in the French black metal band Aorlhac. They explain a little the concept of Aorlhac, a bandthat makes us travel in Occitan lands to discovers its darkest and sordid stories on a black metal background.

Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry introduces you to Maori culture in music

Alien Weaponry: an intelligent mix between Maori and English singing with good metal that stains! The lyrics are directly inspired by their story.

Dirty Shirt

On the road to Romanian metal culture with Dirty Shirt

At Hellfest 2019, I had the opportunity to meet Mihail, composer, keyboardist and guitarist of the Romanian band Dirty Shirt. I invite you on a journey across geographical boundaries to learn a little more about this band that perfectly combines the energy of metal and the sun of Balkan culture.


A point on FM tours and the 30 years of Tough It Out

We take a look at the various FM tours as well as the one organized for 30 years of Tough It Out: The Big 3-0 Tour with Gun and Dan Reed Network.

In the heart of the Great War with Pär Sundström of Sabaton

Interview with Pär Sundström, bass player of the swedish power metal band Sabaton, for the release of their ninth studio album « The Great War »


Clutch : The Weathermaker Vault Series, the future of the music industry ?

Clutch is creating "The Weathermaker Vault Series" in a way that the music industry is not familiar to. A single every 6 weeks.

Bliss Of Flesh

Interview of Bliss Of Flesh @Hellfest 2019

We met Necurat and Sikkardinal from Bliss Of Flesh at Hellfest 2019. An authentic band, offering their ideas and music without compromise and of quality.

Carpathian Forest

Interview of Carpathian Forest @Hellfest 2019

We have interviewed Nattefrost leader, singer and guitar player of the Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest at the Hellfest Open Air 2019.

Interview of Carach Angren at Hellfest 2019

At Hellfest 2019 we exchanged a few words with Ardek, keyboardist and composer of the Dutch black metal horror band Carach Angren.

compte rendu HF

The Hellfest File

The Hellfest file: our first experiences at the Hellfest, the return and the questions asked to Ben Barbaud, creator of the festival.

Swallow The Sun

Interview with Swallow The Sun

Metal Overload met Juho and Mikko from Swallow The Sun. We had the chance to talk with them about the band and their latest album "When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light" which was released in January.

Slaughter The Giant

Interview with Slaughter The Giant

We met the Belgian blackened death metal band Slaughter The Giant. Go check them out because they play good music and they are awesome dudes.

Live Report from Fortarock 2019 @ Nijmegen (NL)

Live report from 2019 Fortarock (NL) with Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Children Of Bodom, Hammerfall and many more !

Forever Still

Maja from Forever Still talks about “Breathe In Colours”

For her first interview, Isa offers you the interview of Maja from Forever Still who tells us about their new album: "Breathe In Colors".

Live report coilguns and necrodancer

Live report of Coilguns and Necrodancer @La Zone

I propose you a live report about the concerts of Coilguns and Necrodancer when they came to Liege at La Zone. Hope you'll enjoy it !


Interview with Steve Crow from Condemned

During the Brutality Over Belgium Black Edition we interviewed Steve Crow founding member of the American brutal death metal band Condemned.

Dead Bones Bunny

Discover Dead Bones Bunny

Come and discover Dead Bones Bunny, Rockabilly Metal band, in an interview with Bunny Bones, the band's creator who inspired the band !

darkall slaves

Interview with Markus and Got from Darkall Slaves

Metal Overload interviewed Markus (vocals) and Got (guitar) from the French brutal death metal band Darkall Slaves. Go take a look at their page!


Interview with Jens from Pighead @Brutality Over Black Land Edition

Metal Overload met Jens, the singer of the German brutal death metal band at the Brutality over Black Land Edition. Check the out !

Deep Dirty

Interview with Deep Dirty @Brutality Over Black Land

During the Brutality Over Black Land Edition, we met and interviewed the man behind the mask of Deep Dirty a goregrind band from Germany.


Interview with Cottrell @Garage in Liège

Thanks to Shattered Booking, we were able to interview the Belgian progressive sludge band Cottrell. They are great so go check them out.


Interview of Baraka @Durbuy Rock Festival 2019

Do you like French fries, beer and metalcore? So Baraka is THE band that you absolutely must listen! We met them during the DRF 2019.


Interview of Samael @Durbuy Rock Festival 2019

During the Durbuy Rock Festival 2019, we met and interviewed Vorph, the singer of the Swiss metal band Samael. Check them out !

Saint Vitus

Interview of Saint Vitus @Durbuy Rock Festival 2019

During the Durbuy Rock Festival 2019 we met and interviewed Dave from the heavy/doom metal band Saint Vitus. Check them out !

The Black Dahlia Murder

Interview of The Black Dahlia Murder @Durbuy Rock Festival 2019

We have had the extreme pleasure to meet and interview Trevor Strnad, singer of The Black Dahlia Murder during the Durbuy Rock Festival 2019.


Interview of Exuviated @Durbuy Rock Festival 2019

During the Durbuy Rock Festival 2019, we had the opportunity to interview the Belgian death metal band Exuviated. They tell us about the band, their new EP and what they planned for 2019.

Rope & Bones

Interview of Rope & Bones @Le Garage Creative Music

During their concert at Garage Creative Music organized by Shattered Booking, we met and interviewed the Belgian post-metal duo Rope & Bones.

Infected Rain @ De Verlichte Geest

Live report of the Infected Rain's show (RO) at the Verlichte Geest (BE) with the support bands : Dust In Mind (FR), Klogr (IT) and Moebius (IT).


Interview of Purpura @Le Garage Creative Music

We have had the chance to meet and interview the Spanish post-metal duo Purpura during their concert in Liège organized by Shattered Booking.


Interview of Meander @Le Garage Creative Music

We invite you to discover the Belgian post-metal band Meander through an interview made during the concert organized by Shattered Booking.


Interview with Hymenotomy at Brutality Over Belgium

Metal Overload met the Estonian of the slamming brutal death metal band Hymenotomy at the Brutality Over Belgium - South Edition.

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Interview with Pulmonary Fibrosis at the Brutality Over Belgium

During the Brutality Over Belgium festival in Liège, we interviewed the French grind band Pulmonary Fibrosis, which has been active for more than 20 years. Come learn more about them.

The Lucky Trolls : their first EP

Full review of the first EP of The Lucky Trolls: Irish Punk From Liège! From the cover to the music, you will have our opinion on the album.

Carnal Diafragma

Interview with Carnal Diafragma at the Brutality Over Belgium

We met the Czech grindcore band Carnal Diafragma at the Brutality Over Belgium. Here is their interview to learn more about them.


Interview of Madball with Freddy Cricien

We met Freddy Cricien, singer of Madball. Want to learn more about Madball and hardcore culture? This is where you can check it out !


Interview of Korpse at the Brutality Over Belgium

Metal Overload met with Marten, the drummer and founder of Korpse who talks a little more about the band and what they have prepared for you in 2019.

Interview with Phil and Tony from Iron Reagan

Metal Overload had the great pleasure of meeting Tony Foresta and Phil Hall from the crossover thrash band Iron Reagan .

Interview with Jay Evans singer of Ingested

Metal Overload took place in the backstage of Warzone Metal Fest vs. 6K Fest last February to interview Jay Evans, Ingested's singer.

Atlantis Chronicles at the Warzone vs 6K Fest

Come and discover Barton's odyssey through Atlantis Chronicles albums! An exclusive interview at the Warzone Metal Fest vs 6K Fest!

Imminence at the Warzone vs 6K Fest

Come discover the band Imminence who answers our questions at the Warzone Metal Fest vs 6K Fest ! New album coming soon ? Maybe...

Interview with Harmed at Warzone vs. 6K Fest

We interviewed Gabor and Levente from Harmed in the backstage of Warzone Metal Fest vs. 6K Fest. Come discover this nice band.

Interview - Callejon

Callejon at the Warzone Metal Fest vs 6K Fest

Callejon answers our questions about their actuality. This interview was done at the Warzone Metal Fest vs 6K Fest on February 24th 2019.

Live Report of the Haunting The Castle II

We offer you a short review of our experience at the Haunting The Castle II festival which took place in Anthisnes at the beginning of March.

Interview with Within Destruction at Warzone vs. 6K Fest

As part of Warzone MetalFest vs. 6K Fest, Metal Overload was able to exchange some words with Rok, the singer of the Slovenian slam band Within Destruction.

Interview of Aversions Crown at the Warzone VS. 6K Fest

We met the Australian deathcore band Aversions Crown during the Warzone Metal Fest VS. 6K Fest and they have things to tell you.

Hacktivist at the Warzone Vs 6K Fest

Jot Maxi, J Hurley and James Hewitt answer our questions about the arrival of James in Hacktivist, the new album coming soon and their tour.

Review Oldd WVRMS

Review of Codex Tenebris by Oldd Wvrms

For "Codex Tenebris", Oldd Wvrms' leitmotif remains the same, doing things thoroughly, cleanly and correctly, and you feel it.

Psycroptic at the Warzone vs 6K Fest

Dave Haley answers our questions about the European tour of Psycroptic and their secret to maintain their rhythm of 23 shows in a row.

Betraying The Martyrs au Warzone vs 6K Fest

Boris Le Gal answers our questions about the new Betraying The Martyrs album and clip during the Warzone Metal Fest vs. 6K Fest.

Alaska at the Warzone Metal Fest vs 6K Fest

Alaska is taking advantage of the Warzone Metal Fest vs 6K Fest to speak about their news and tell us a funny anecdote about their tour in Czech Republic!

Interview of Olof Mörck (Amaranthe)

Amaranthe is back with a new album "Helix" and is currently on tour with Powerwolf. Olof Mörck will tell us more about those subjects!


Interview with Mart from Teethgrinder

You a grindcore lover, so this interview with Dutch grindcore band Teethgrinder is for you. It was in the van of the group that we had the opportunity to sit down to interview Mart Wijnholds, guitarist of Teethgrinder.

Harakiri for the sky

Interview of Harakiri For The Sky with M.S. and J.J

Meet M.S. and J.J from Harakiri For The Sky and learn a little bit more about their universe and this post black metal band.

Interview of Reject the Sickness at the Damned Soul Fest II

We have had the chance to meet Guy the lead singer of the metal band Reject The Sickness. Come and check their interview out.

Oldd Wvrms

Interview of Oldd Wvrms at the Damned Soul Fest 2

Come and learn more about Oldd Wvrms' a Belgian band from the Ardennes, enter their musical world which is as dark as hovering.

Interview of Drakwald at the Damned Soul Fest 2

We ended our interview day at Damned Soul Fest 2 with Marc and Thibaud from the French metal band Drakwald. Have a look at our interview !

Interview of Lifers at the Damned Soul Fest 2

We had the opportunity to meet Gianni and Séba from Lifers, a band from the Liège, at the Damned Soul Fest 2. Come learn more about them.

Interview of Lamirãl at the Damned Soul Fest II

Come and learn more about the Belgian rock and roll band Lamirãl. We had the opportunity to interview them at the Damned Soul Fest 2.

Interview of Catarrhal at the Damned Soul Fest II

Come discover the Belgian death metal band Catarrhal that we interviewed at the Damned Soul Fest II.

Interview of Oddism at the Damned Soul Fest II

Meet the very nice guys from the Franco-Belgian"mathcore" band Oddism. Come learn a little about them, that is worth seeing.

Interview of Alwaid at the Damned Soul Fest II

Let yourself be seduced and carried away by the melodies of Alwaid, a French melodic metal band that we met at the Damned Soul Fest II.

PORN the band

PORN – The Darkest Of Human Desires – Act II

Come discover the universe of the PORN group and the story behind this new album through the interview of the famous Mr. Strangler!

Interview with Blackest Sunset at Damned Soul Fest II

We continue in the discoveries of the Damned Soul Fest II and we invite you to discover Blackest Sunset and their blackened deathcore.

Interview of Coalition at Damned Soul Fest II

Let's discover the old school Belgian death metal band Coalition that we had the pleasure to interview at the Damned Soul Fest II.


Interview with Squidhead @La Zone

Dive into the abyss to meet the members of Squidhead, a metal band from the region that mixes big sound and lovecraftian universe.

Felo De Se

Interview with Innokenty and Joachim from Felo De Se

We invite you to discover the group Felo De Se. A Melodic Death Metal band from Liège that we met during their concert at La Zone.


Interview with Mykke and Nicolas from Deadalus

Come and learn more about the Belgian metal band Deadalus with whom we met during their concert at La Zone in Liege in January.

Interview of Mathieu Addonisio – Damned Soul Fest

Mathieu Addonisio's interview realised by Lau Pi who present us by questions/sentences his festival : the Damned Soul Fest.

Deathtura - interview

Deathtura : From the arriving of Bastian to “Escape the time”

Interview of Bastian Flames from Deathtura. He gives us his feeling about his arriving in the band and answers our questions on this new album.

Interview of Grégoire Quartier drummer of Cortez

The Swiss of Cortez are back with a new album "No More Conqueror". Grégoire Quartier drummer and founder member of the group talks to us about it:

Interview - Rotting Christ

Interview of Sakis Tolis, singer of Rotting Christ

Interview of Sakis Tolis, singer and founderof the band Rotting Christn, in which he tells us about, among others things, the world of Black Metal.

Kataklysm - interview

Interview with Jean-François Dagenais from Kataklysm

Jean-François Dagenais, guitar player from Kataklysm tells us, among other thigs, about "Meditations", the band's latest album.

Cortez – “No More Conqueror”

Cortez is a powerful Swiss trio! They present us their new album "No More Conqueror" : an explosive dimension of vicious and aggressive sounds.

Emmanuelle Zoldan speaks about the last album of Sirenia

Emmanuelle Zoldan, Sirenia's singer, speaks both about the details of their latest album "Arcane Astral Aeons", and her integration into the band

Kobra And The Lotus - Interview

Kobra Paige tells us about Kobra and the Lotus

Metal Overload had the great pleasure to meet Kobra Paige from the band Kobra and the Lotus on the last date of the Female Metal Voices Tour 2018.


CHVE “10910”

Excellent mini album of Colin H. Van Eeckhout CHVE Released in 2016 by consouling sounds. Dark ambient music with hurdy gurdy. Mind blowing artistic concept.

Von Frost Records Logo

Interview with Von Frost Records

Interview with John, owner of the independant canadian label Von Frost Records. Check out this interview to hear more about this pionneer of the 80's.

Skarlett Riot - Interview

Interview with Chloe and Luke from Skarlett Riot

Interview with Chloe Drinkwater (vocals) and Luke Oglesby (drums) from Skarlett Riot on the last date of the "Female Metal Voice Tour 2018".

Overkill: interview with Bobby Blitz

We've had the chance to meet the one and only Bobby Blitz, leader from the band Overkill at the Dynamo 2018.

Fabulae Dramatis – “Solar Time’s Fables”

The band Fabulae Dramatis from Belgium, we introduce their second album out last year "Solar Time’s Fables". The best word for describing it is diversity

Our Common Sense

Our Common Sense about their latest EP Mankind’s Worst To Know

It's good, it's from belgium. Support your local scene and come discover Our Common Sense !

Devildriver - Outlaws TIl The End

Outlaws ‘Til The End, The new album of DevilDriver.

Here is an interview of Dez Fafara, singer of the band Devil Driver about their new album Outlaws 'Til The End launched on July 1st 2018.