Poncharello releases a mind-blowing fourth album

Poncharello releases a mind-blowing fourth album

The Lille rock band Poncharello releases (or rather, balances!) its fourth record: "Four Wheel Overdrive". And to say the least, it’s moving! 

ORANSSI PAZUZU – “Mestarin Kynsi”: mechanical dystopia

Oranssi Pazuzu "Mestarin Kynsi" out 17 April 2020! Once again, the band takes us on a dark and psychedelic trip. Each part is fueled with a tense atmosphere...

The Lucky Trolls : their first EP

The Lucky Trolls : their first EP

Full review of the first EP of The Lucky Trolls: Irish Punk From Liège! From the cover to the music, you will have our opinion on the album.

Review Oldd WVRMS

Review of Codex Tenebris by Oldd Wvrms

For "Codex Tenebris", Oldd Wvrms' leitmotif remains the same, doing things thoroughly, cleanly and correctly, and you feel it.

Cortez - "No More Conqueror"

Cortez – “No More Conqueror”

Cortez is a powerful Swiss trio! They present us their new album "No More Conqueror" : an explosive dimension of vicious and aggressive sounds.


CHVE “10910”

Excellent mini album of Colin H. Van Eeckhout CHVE Released in 2016 by consouling sounds. Dark ambient music with hurdy gurdy. Mind blowing artistic concept.

Fabulae Dramatis - "Solar Time's Fables"

Fabulae Dramatis – “Solar Time’s Fables”

The band Fabulae Dramatis from Belgium, we introduce their second album out last year "Solar Time’s Fables". The best word for describing it is diversity