November 10 2019 : Ategnatos European Tour @ Trix with Infected Rain, Lacuna Coil and Eluveitie


It was a productive weekend! After two intense evenings at the Birthdeath in Tohogne, then at the Blood Upon The Castle in Anthisnes, it’s time to go back to the other side of Belgium for a much awaited event at the Trix. Tonight, three emblems of the current scene are playing in  a sold-out venue. Although those three bands are very different in their styles, by uniting in this way, they offer us an ideal line-up.

Once is not usual, I had never personally seen this at the Trix before, but the access is complicated. The doors open at 6:30 pm and the first band starts at 6:45 pm… But at 6:20 pm, the line is long in front of the venue and we think we will never get in on time. But all’s well that ends well, I end up reaching the pit during the first track of Infected Rain.

Infected Rain, therefore, opens the ball by mainly presenting its new album, “Endorphin”, with tracks such as “Passerby”, “Black Gold”, “The Earth Mantra” or “Lure”. We will also have access to old songs like “Mold” or “Orphan Soul”. Anyway, the band’s fans are there, they sing every chorus and don’t have to be asked to move. The set is relatively short, but of good quality. Wherever they are, these Moldovans definitely know how to set the mood!

Ategnatos European Tour : From Moldova to Switzerland via Italy

The stage change is quite fast and it is Lacuna Coil‘s turn to own the stage. If Lena of Infected Rain has a certain power of attraction, Cristina Scabbia has nothing to envy her! This one, ignited by the music, is hypnotizing. Even if her folks defend themselves well with their creepy clown makeup, it is very difficult to focus on someone other than her. In short, from the first track the tone is set: the presence, the energy, the songs, everything is planned to have a great time. The setlist is well balanced, although the Italians are promoting their latest album “Black Anima” from which they present “Layers Of Time”, “Reckless”, “Sword Of Anger” and the superb “Veneficum”. Of course, the band’s hits are not neglected and we are entitled to “Our Truth”, “Heaven’s A Lie”, “The House Of Shame”, their emblematic cover of Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence”, as well as “Nothing Stands On Our Way” to finish the set nicely and leave the conquered audience with a message of hope. For me, it was THE performance of the evening!

Ategnatos European Tour : From Moldova to Switzerland via Italy

Then it’s time for the Swiss of Eluveitie who are in charge of crowning the evening with their wild folk. The concert begins with an original touch with a simulated celtic celebration where three members of the band dressed in white chant at the front of the stage while others play percussions, placed behind a white sheet. After this gentle mystical start, it is the breakaway with the sequence of “Ategnatos” and “King”. Fortunately, these pieces are long, which allows the photographers present in large numbers to capture as much as possible of what is happening on stage. Indeed, the musicians are numerous and restless and personally, I don’t know where to put my eye. I’m a little disappointed, then, when Chrigel announces “The Call Of The Mountains” and leaves the choice of the version to the public. So it will be “De Ruef Vo De Bärge”… Either the show is very good, the band plays well, the singers are in voice and smiling, nothing to report in terms of quality. Also, the atmosphere is very good on the public side: people are pushing themselves and surfing in joy and good mood. For my part, I have trouble getting into the dance, even if I love Eluveitie and I am happy to hear some of my favorite songs (“A Rose For Epona”, “Ambiramus”, “Helvetios” or even “Rebirth”), the ultra folk and/or acoustic parts bore me and I dare to find the concert quite long. Finally, after nearly an hour and a half of show, the Swiss close the evening under a standing ovation with their anthem “Inis Mona”.

Ategnatos European Tour : From Moldova to Switzerland via Italy

After all this, it’s time to debrief at the bar and eventually go say hello to the Infected Rain guys who are never stingy with their fans. So we conclude a nice evening with a few beers and one or two selfies!