Hello how are you ? How do you feel about coming back in Liege for the Warzone Metalfest vs 6K Fest?

Alex Houngbo, Sydney Taieb & Julien Harp :

Well it was quite welcoming though. Very welcoming even.

It is very nice, I think we spent all a good time on stage. We didn’t even talk to each other since the show, we didn’t have time. We just had a drink, we had toast; that’s all ! We are here! We go down from stage. We ran on the gear to dismount it. In any case, great welcome! We felt that people were behind. Liège: very good public! There were plenty of people to help us set up and ride.

You have welcomed a new singer recently : Julien Harp. How did that happen? Where did you meet him?

Sydney Taieb :
Yes it’s been a long time we know each other without knowing each other. We know each other from the scene and he played with a band called “Checkmate” and then played with another band called “Deep In Hate”. And then on the French scene all groups intersect a little at one time or another. And then we went to concerts where we met: “Ah, how are you guys?” Over the years, we have come to know each other a little like that.

Julien Harp :
Well yeah, “Checkmate” broke up and I got into “Deep In Hate”. “Deep in Hate” has split and I went into Atlantis concretely! [Laughs]
Each time, it was pinned so that I chained on another group so …

Sydney Taieb :
Our previous singer, Antoine, announced that he was leaving the band at the end of 2017, I believe. But he told us, “The remaining dates, we’ll do them together. I’m not going to leave you in the woods while you make a transition. I want to move on to something else in life.” So, he had absences, several absences and we had several singers session. There is a date at the Euroblast festival in Germany where we did not have a singer.

We asked Julien, we told him “We do not have a singer. Are you available?” He still had “Deep In Hate” but he was there. So we did some rehearsals and he worked on the set. We made the date: it was great. We had a lot of fun; we got along well. On stage, it did it and our engineer told us: “Oh yeah, it’s really good, it’s working well.” So we suggested to Julien: “Well ! Do you want to join the adventure?” And he said, “I  don’t know, with Deep In Hate, it’s hot, I have my job, I have a band …”

We have redone other dates with other session singers. We did the acting with all the friends we know.

And then in the end, Julien came back to us and he said to us “With” Deep In Hate “: it splits, so if you’re still hot, I’m up for it!” So we did: “Go go go dude!”

Alex Houngbo :
So he’s here! [Laughs]

Could you tell us more about “Barton’s Odyssey”? On this story, adventure?

Sydney Taieb : That was the question for Antoine!

Alex Houngbo : It was him who spoke of it really well!

Sydney Taieb :
The theme and all that, it comes out of the windings of his head. What can I tell you from what I remember…. There are many things that are really in his head …

In broad outline, it’s a concept album where we have a character named Otis Barton who goes down to the depths to find his friend, colleague, comrade, William Beebe who is present on our first album and which is also a concept album. he goes down in the depths except that he will find the batphere crashed. It’s what we see on the cover of the album by the way.

He obviously does not find William Beebe, but he is going to be confronted with a sort of ethereal force that could possibly be Gaea the spirit of the Earth and who will give him a message and who will say to him: “Here you are heir of a new world where the land will be swallowed up by the waters, all life will disappear and there will be the beginning of a new cycle on earth.” Basically, the general idea is : it is the end of one cycle, the beginning of another and a change by the destruction but not on the side:  destruction, death, etc … It’s more about renewal: change things and start from scratch. That’s the idea. You have a message to transmit to humanity who will stay there.

The few humans who will stay. It’s because you’ve done your time and now you have to move on. It’s the acceptance actually.

Why did you decide to do 3 parts for the chapter “Barton’s Odyssey”?

Alex Houngbo :
Well, it’s because … Basically, when I composed “Upwelling, Part 2”, I thought it would be a great song and it would be really good if there was another song before and that is connected in fact. I just had the sequence of the two pieces but the first one was not written yet. After writing it, we noticed that it was good for the mind, the sound and the level of what we wanted to do. So we said to ourselves: “In fact we are going to link the pieces and we will do something homogeneous”

Sydney Taieb :
So, the writing of the text was also linked to the spirit of Part 1, 2 and 3. “Upwelling” : it’s the rising waters and so we’re really in the thick of things.

Why did you choose to not publish the song “Upwelling part III” on an album?

Sydney Taieb :
Initially, it was a song we said: “We will keep the part 3 for a Japanese release in case we have the opportunity to make a license in Japan as we did for the first album”. This one was released in Japan with a license. When the label told us: “We need bonus songs for the Japanese version”, we took pieces of an old EP: the previous EP.

We said to ourselves: “People will not know necessarily.” So we took two titles but we did not have any bonus tracks at all. But this time we have planned except that we did not have a license in Japan. So the song stayed under the elbow, like that, all the time. When Julien entered the band, it was an opportunity to introduce Julien and our new guitarist: Julien too. We also switched guitarist. We have a guitarist who left. And suddenly, we had a line-up that was brand new and a song that was not released so there was something to do to close the chapter “Barton’s Odyssey”. So we re-record Julien’s voice on the track because we still had all the tracks exploded.

We released the song, we made a clip and we said “We have a little money, we will try to do something good!”

I am shocked by the beauty of your visuals (album, merch). From whom do they come?

Alex Houngbo :
For all the visuals, it’s Par Olofsson. He is Swedish. He also makes cover for “Immortal”, “Psycroptic”, … It’s someone who has a graphic paw that is monstrous. It’s really super beautiful what he does. He’s really starting to do a lot of things for a lot of people. We thought, “Oh, that’s good!”

So the first album, we made it with him and the second album: we did the same thing, we went in the same way to have a graphic chart that is held.

ME: So, I guess, maybe the goal would be to try to keep going with him for the next album?

Alex Houngbo : We are not going to give away our cards now, but it is a possibility.

Sydney Taieb :
There is no question of making a third episode. We start on a new story totally. It is Julien who will write the texts and the idea is not to take over Antoine. It’s doing his thing.

But it is possible that we work again with Par Olofsson. Because it’s always going well and he’s doing a great job. That’s it, it’s not bad!

You are currently recording a new album, can you tell us more? (a release date, …)

Alex Houngbo : So, record …

Sydney Taieb :
We are in the pre-production phase: we have not recorded it. It is recorded at home for now. We do the preproductions, we listen together and it also allows us to see what it gives a little in real life and then make the arrangement on it.

There, pre-production until this summer, no doubt. And then we’ll go to the recording …

ME: Can an idea be when he could be here?

Alex Houngbo & Sydney Taieb : We will say early 2020 .. Something like that … That’s what we would like.

We arrive at the end of the interview. Do you have a message to give to our readers?

Alex Houngbo :
Thank you for reading this interview. We are really reactive on social networks, full of things, exchanges, all that …. So they do not hesitate to communicate with us! We like to communicate, relay things … Sometimes there are many people who also do covers and we relay them … Do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify ..

Sydney Taieb :
There may be something to add: I think having a metal band in France is really complicated! So, go in the thanks too. Thank the people who follow us and support us from the beginning. And in fact it’s a little thanks to them that we manage to find the strength to continue because there are really a thousand reasons to stop so it’s hard to make ends meet. So here, thank you to them I think that if there was not the public, if there were not the people who came to see us at the end of the concerts at the merch or who sent messages throughout the year … We have several messages a week from people around the world telling us, “It’s deadly, I can not wait to hear the next album!”

Alex Houngbo & Sydney Taieb :
I think that’s really what makes us want to go further … Hence the desire to communicate because that’s what gives us strength.

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