I have to admit that I’m not really used to imposing a schedule on myself to be in front of the TV. But on January 22nd, I wasn’t begging to get comfortable on the sofa at 7pm sharp with a mug of my favourite drink in my hand. And for good reason, it had been a few days since I was eager to finally discover on stage Jades, an all-female Rock’n’Roll band from Paris that I discovered last spring with the release of the excellent music video « Be My Freak ».  Pandemic forces, it is on the occasion of a live streaming in Regietek and Newloc‘s premises that the band goes back on stage after more than 10 months without concert.

While waiting for the start of the show, the audience is put on hold with the video of a snake wiggling on the band’s magnificent guitars. No doubt, we are at the right place !

Problem of synchro in the control room or technical problems, the live broadcast unfortunately starts a few minutes after the beginning of the concert. We then have to deal with a black screen with the sound of the live, then we finally discover the stage on the last seconds of the “Misnake” title that opens the setlist.

The sound is pretty good. You can hear the instruments and voices distinctly, enough to quickly turn up the TV volume a few notches to fully enjoy the concert. The stage is superbly well equipped with many lighting effects and screens in the background. Regietek and Newloc’s teams didn’t do things by halves ! The different shots give dynamics to the video and allow you to have a global vision of the stage and sometimes close-up shots of the musicians. On the other hand, one will regret a rather average image quality making the viewing on the big screen less pleasant. Live streaming does have its limits …

Cherry - photo Nicolas Chaigneau
photo Nicolas Chaigneau

Once the frustration of being on the sofa rather than in front of the stage taking the decibels, you enjoy the moment. The ladies impose from the very beginning of the live show and occupy all the space dedicated to them with a certain ease. In spite of limited movements due to the constraints of microphones and pedalboards, the show is performed by the four musicians with strong personalities. They seem quite relaxed and happy to be together again under the spotlight, I find them simply radiant. And I might as well tell you that they didn’t come to caress unicorns ! Catchy riffs, effective melodic solos, refrains that stay in your head, in short a good Rock’n’Roll cocktail with, icing on the cake, this touch of femininity that you can’t help but notice. The sound seems to me very close to what you can hear on their EP. No disappointment then, it sounds like Jades and it’s a big deal ! The explosive recipe is there : a guitar duo with the fat, drooling, wah-tinged sound of Taïphen, subtly complemented by the sharp, modern sound of Cherry (who also does the backing vocals), Lyndsay’s powerful voice and bass lines that make you vibrate to your toes, all set to the groove and precise drumming of Chloé, aka “JazzySnake”. I just admire each and every one of them.

Taïphen - photo Nicolas Chaigneau
Lyndsay - photo Nicolas Chaigneau

A handful of lucky people in front of the stage allow the band to see a few familiar faces. However, viewers are not outdone as Lyndsay and Cherry regularly address us between songs as if we were there. It’s great, we’re happy to share this moment all together !

The middle of the set is marked by a nice instrumental interlude oscillating between hovering moments and groovy rhythms. If it’s only improvisation (and it looks like it), it shows a real complicity within the band, and an excellent mastery of the instruments. Once again, hats off ladies !

Chloé - photo Nicolas Chaigneau
Jades - photo Nicolas Chaigneau

The 50 minutes of the concert go by at a crazy pace. The ten titles (only compositions) are relatively short and follow each other in a very fluid way. Jades is used to the stage and it shows. In the setlist, we can find in particular the whole EP “Misnake” released in 2018 but also a brand new track interpreted for the first time live, “Scream For The Devil”. The inspiration doesn’t seem to run out of breath for the Parisian women, this last one announces a promising future. The set ends energetically with ” For Rock N’Roll “, then the band proposes to play “Misnake” again, amputated of its first minutes at the beginning of the live streaming.

Cherry - photo Nicolas Chaigneau
Jades - photo Nicolas Chaigneau

I can’t wait to see Jades in the flesh. To give you an idea of the style, I would say that this is a band that we would like to see in the first part of Guns n’ Roses, Alice Cooper or Halestorm. So, would you have liked to be there ? So check out Jades’ YouTube page for a catch-up session (link below, the concert starts around 21’45).

Many thanks to Nicolas Chaigneau, present in the hall during the concert, for his superb pictures ! And finally, a big thank you to all those who continue to keep the world of show business and music alive despite the difficult situation. Stay Rock n’ Roll !

Just after the show I met up with Taïphen, Cherry, Lyndsay and Chloé to ask them some questions. The interview is available in video on the Facebook page of Metal Overload, just here.

And if you missed it, find Chloé “JazzySnake” in a special cross interview with drummers published at the beginning of the year => Chloé, Max, and their drums stories …