Coming from Bastogne in Belgium «Ardenne Heavy» is a Thrash / Heavy Metal band, born in 2005 of a big friendship between 4 ardennais for the love of music.

After having plagued the local stages and having given birth to two self-produced demos in 2011 and in 2012, the band had the honor, start of 2013, to be selected to represent the Luxembourg province at the Durbuy Rock Festival.
Start 2014, the band made their first 5-titles self-produced EP “The EP With No Name” recorded at the Ear We Go Studio. The EP received a good welcome by the critique and the audience, offering the band to link the show dates as the Ward’in Rock Festival, the Donkey Rock Festival, the Nordic Rock Festival, L’Entrepôt, the American Rock, the Hop’n’Roll or again La Guerre des Gaules where they can be the first part of Skindred and Mass Hysteria !

2017 signed the year of the renewal for Ardenne Heavy because a fifth member and a new guitar player joined the band. New compositions saw the light of day and result in a whole new album entitled “No Nuts No Glory”.
This one goes out in August 26th 2017 during the sixth edition of the American Rock, festival which the members of the band are the organizers and founders.


Simon : Vocals
Nico : Solo Guitar
Loris : Guitar
Ludo : Drums
Cédric : Bass


2014 – EP – The EP With No Name
2017 – LP – No Nuts No Glory