This is in 2009 that Rica (Keyboardist) and Corey (drummer) met and noticed their same passion for music.

After having played in different bands where they could experience the scene, they imagined a new Metal Symphonic project that was close to their heart for several years: Athaleon

After a long search for musicians, the group is finally composed with their first line-up in 2017 including Stephanie on vocals, Logan on bass and growl, Bernard and Benjamin on guitar and releases his first demos: River of Time and Hunt Evidence.

In the beginning of 2018, due to his significant involvement in his other band, Bernard must unfortunately leave the group and is replaced by Jose a guitarist who comes from Colombia.

The name of Athaleon was imagined by the group and designates a fictional city dominating the sky where each member is living.
This utopian world will see its existence turned upside down when its travelers discover the Earth, its history, its vices, …

What will happen to Athaleon when corruption, money and power reach the doors of this world …


Stéphanie : Voice
Logan : Bass / Growl
Corey : Drums
Jose : Guitar
Benjamin : Guitar
Ricardo : Keyboard


No EP currently





Athaleon Official