Founded in November 2005 on the greasy and oily ground of Braine l’Alleud, Ronny Def and his friends linked by beer and beautiful melodies have decided to make some music.

Baraka what is it ? A bunch of Hardcore riffs, 2 or 3 ladles of Death and Black and a big clumps of butter. Sprinkle this with humorous lyrics based on the pride of our country, 5 kg of hair, mullet, beer, sweet, grease and a little bit of shit. Set this on a scene at hot temperature and you’ll obtain a hell of a party !

After 4 years of stand-by and masturbation, the band comes back on stage on August 2017 for the best but also the worst !


Ronny Deff : Vocals/Sampler
Marcel Bagnole Alias “Le Blond” : Guitar & back vocals
Pierre Rapchat : Guitar
Gérard Menjoui : Drums
Georges Burne Alias “Polak le footballiss” : Bass


2009 – EP – Back To The Fritcore