After “Because All Collapses”, first album released at Mausoleum Records, CRACKMIND breaks free from the rules to continue forging his particular identity with “The Wreck Age”, his new album will be released in three parts. The first part, “Face To Faith”, released at the end of 2016, questions in four pieces, spirituality, faith and the meaning of life. “The Dark Side Of The Mind”, the sequel expected late 2018, draws the portrait of a human soul in search of meaning but battered by the madness of his time. The music is heavy and catchy but also melodic and sometimes progressive. Supported by Romtomcat’s organic production (Sofa Studio) and Dan Coutant’s dynamic mastering (Clutch, The Sword), the sound of CRACKMIND reveals power and emotion. Since the beginning of the year, Dam (bass) has joined Klerk (drums), Normann (vocals), Alcatraz and Lloxan (guitars) to build an ambitious album whose graphic universe is intimately linked to songs, sound and discussed subjects. Available in three EPs that will be released gradually until 2019, the artwork of the vinyl versions will merge in the end to form a unique visual work. “Face To Faith” and “The Dark Side Of The Mind” are now discoverable on stage!



Normann : Singer
Alcatraz : Guitarist
Lloxan : Guitarist
Klerk : Drummer
Dam’ : Bassist


2001 – EP – The Way I Kill People…
2003 – EP – Mindquake
2005 – EP – Shakearth
2007 – LP – Call Mind-1-1
2009 – EP – A Rose May Fly…
2010 – LP – Because All Collapses
2016 – EP – The Wreck Age I – Face To Faith
2018 – EP – The Wreck Age II – The Dark Side Of The Mind