Deathtura has been created in 2011 by two friends who thought that a musical project can be based on a friendship relationship. Until the band was formed, the 4 guys with the sword took long time before composing anything. The relationship between them has become very close, and the feeling regarding the composition of a song was different and more qualitative.

The started to compose some songs, recorded EPs and played some gigs.

After a long period of gigs and composing sessions, the band has been called by an Italian recording studio who proposed them to produce a new album. The band checked about this proposition and contacted a label wich is partner to this studio. They signed and planned the recording session on April 2017.

During the session, the singer left the band for personal reasons. Back in Belgium, the 3 guys with sword became quickly the 5 guys with the sword and are now ready for the release of their new album called “Division”.

Deathtura is a mix of what the public of today could look for in band, the violence that goes hand in hand with harmony, clear voice opposed to the powerful of guttural and the Groove that embrace the violence of Core and Death Metal


Bastian Flames : Vocals
Jack : Bass
Mickey D. : Drums
Jerem : Guitar
Jeff : Guitar


2018 : Division