Firedown is a Belgian Metalcore band from the region of Liège which was created in 2011.
Their debuts are promising but turbulent because the band suffers from changes of line-up which will temporarily get the better of it. In 2015, the drummer François Deschamps – the only “surviving” member of the original line-up – and the new bass player Jimmÿ Senoussi decide to recreate the band !

It is this will to stabilise the band, to professionalise the work and to aim high that motivate them to recruit new people. After other changes of line-up, the current want is stabilised with Kevin Penay as guitar player and Jonathan Renard as frontman.

FIREDOWN has shared the scene with bands like Black Bomb A, Ithilien, Wolves Scream, For I Am King or Suasion in festivals like the Guerre Des Gaules or the Ougrock.

Their style has evolved along their changes of line-up and those who have known FIREDOWN from its debuts have seen this evolution. Their style, a combination of the members influences, is still evolving. FIREDOWN offers now plain Metalcore. The harmony between Kevin and Jonathan fix the band a little bit more in this style, adding technical nature and profound Djent influences.

2016 – 2017 is a prolific period during which they release : a live videoclip, an EP “DEMO ONE” (an allusion to the first games consoles by Sony) and a tour in Wallonia. They come back in November 2018 to release their new EP: EQUIVALENT, the culmination of one year and a half’s work and the next step to conquer the world.



Jonathan Renard : Singer
Kevin Penay : Guitarist
Jimmy Senoussi : Bassist
Michel Exsteen : Drummer


2016 – EP – Demo One
2018 – EP – Equivalent