Take 3 mens full of energy, put their instruments in their paws and put them on stage : here is how, in June 2018, the band Jungle Underground was formed.
John (drums), Kuff (guitar) and Philo (Voice) gather, after après a crossover in différents groupes (Back To Bac, Last Night Session, The Clinche’s), with an envy to come back to the simple things.
No embellishment, they go straight to the point with an energetic and irritated rock.
Find the influence of bands like Rage Against The Machine or Limp Bizkit with this power trio from Liège.
After the recording at the Studio 5 of 4 songs (available on YouTube / Soundcloud / Bandcamp), the boys continue to move forward and link clips and différents shows (Kultura, Aquilone, Fête de la musique).
Sometimes engaged, sometimes slights, the text join the guitar/drums mix for a rendering 100% Hard Rock.
Don’t waste on more second before discovering Jungle Underground!!!



François Magnée :  Voice
Laurent Kuffer : Guitar
Jonathan Warlet :  Drums


2018 – Digital 4 Titles EP (available on Youtube/Soundcloud/bandcamp)