Initially, the band was formed in 2013 in Waremme (Belgium) around a common desire to compose.
Coming from various musical influences, the members of the band seek above all to bring together, through an energetic and melodic style, fundamentally different horizons.
Sometimes imbued with atmospheric, well-tempered riffs, sometimes blues or post-rock with a rather typed and sharp voice, the recipe offers a fairly spicy and sweet dish at once.

It’s after 3 years that the original trio decided to welcome a new member at the guitar to enrich themselves musically but also and especially at the vocal level.

Fifty concerts happened between 2015 and 2018 and they now offer us an 11 tracks album of their repository with a powerful sound where the guitars sometimes bite us but also caress us with a throbbing sweetness.
Minor / Minor is four spirits in one, but it’s also and above all an energy that carries.



Geoffrey Dubois : Guitar & Voice
Georges Vigneron : Guitar & Backing vocals
Raph Wilhelmi :  Drums
Geoffrey Mornard : Bass


2017 – EP – Minor/Minor (self-titled album)