Just back from an Asian tour, Greg from Bare Teeth came to present his band at the Hellfest 2019! I met someone full of ideas and who gives himself the means to succeed! If they can’t, I don’t understand anything!

Hello, how are you?

I’m very good! We returned Tuesday night from an Asian tour and we arrived on Thursday on the Hellfest and the Knotfest saying that we will also be happy to return.

You did a split with Nerdlinger, Down Memory Lane and Shames, where did you get the idea? How did you choose the groups?

So it’s quite diverse! The idea of the four-band split record was quite heartfelt because it was something I knew when I started listening to punk rock. There were a lot of splits in the bands I listened to. It’s a format that is less common now but I’ve always found it to be relatively cool to help groups on the split benefit from everyone’s audience. Especially since it’s helped a lot by social networks now, which did not exist in the 90s! To make a split with four groups it is rather complicated: it is necessary to find the groups which are available, which have original songs and which are ready to go to record them … but also to find the labels which are interested, to see the labels which want to push their groups or stuff like that.

In the end, it was done quite simply even if it remains a long-term project. “Shames“: it’s a group I’ve known for a long time since I already shared a previous split with them in Japan. On the last tour in Tokyo, we could replay 2 concerts with them so the links are quite strong between us. The other two groups I know them less.”Down Memory Lane“: it’s a Canadian group that’s in “Thousand Islands Records” and when I contacted Bruno from the label, he was super hot to do it. There were different hazards but eventually, they were able to produce four original titles. And finally, there is “Nerdlinger” which was proposed to me by Daniel with whom I was in contact. We quite naturally proposed to their label “Pee Records“: an Australian label that is one of the biggest punk rock labels out there and works pretty well. So I’m pretty happy with this release because we have labels that work well, have good visibility and really believe in the project. We are not a kind of catalog fund where we have released a split because it is cheap and then we will see if it sells. No, there really was a real promotion and each group is invested. It was a beautiful experience!

Tom, your bassist took care of the lead vocals on this album where did you get this idea?

Tom is singing lead only on the track “Running wild” and it’s something pretty new. For this piece, in particular, it is a compo that he proposed to the rest of the group and it is his first compo that he submits us from A to Z. This was really new for us but one has a real will to diversify in terms of singing. Historically I’m the lead vocal but I think I’ll keep titles to lead vocals and others it will not be me and where it will be Tom or Titouan, the second guitarist. We will do a lot of tests until the release of the next album. Regarding the other two titles “Death Note” and “Storytellers”, it’s always me that sticks.

You released a clip for the song “Running Wild”, how was the realization? Have you been helped for the design?

Once again “Running Wild” is Tom’s idea and we let him manage his idea from A to Z. We reworked with Martin Genty of “I.Shot.Films” who had already made the clips of “Parted Ways” and “Tomorrow Starts Today”. There, it was a little different since we had an actress who was chosen for this clip and which is really, compared to the previous clips that we released, we see us less in the clips and we see more an actress. The places too were quite different: we filmed in a kind of tank in Roubaix. We wanted a really atypical place a little murky which shows precisely the confinement and claustrophobia. “Running Wild”: it’s a pretty strong title precisely on dementia and things like that. So that’s an idea of ​​Tom and we really let him manage from A to Z his idea and including for the clip.

This song tells the story of a person locked in a dead-end, and you mention the fact that it happens much more often than you think, is this something that particularly affects you?

Yes of course. We follow a lot of English bands with whom we are friends and everything. There is a real awareness of people who are suffering from mental problems, difficulties, things like that. It is something that is really important to us. Here is the delirium punk: a little virilist and all that, it’s really not our cam! We are truly in helping each other, in sharing and in support. “Running Wild” fits in this case of people who sometimes fart a little lead alone or stay in their corner. Reaching out: it’s not something complicated; pay attention to his mates too. We are in the process.

How were the Punk Strike Festival and your tour in Japan?

The Punk Strike Festival in Taiwan: it was really something very new for us since we have already shot twice in China the year before and once in Japan. Personally, Japan is a country that I know very well at last relatively well but Taiwan it was the big discovery. It’s a country we do not necessarily think about but they have a very good rock culture and they have very good concert halls. The Punk Strike Festival: it is one of the small festivals that exist but there are many much bigger ones. It went really well.

We played almost every day so with “Sucker” which is a Chinese band, with “Smoking Goose” which is a Korean group, with “Johnny Pandora” which is a Japanese group of Rockabilly. Absolutely awesome! The guys who go out with their Perfecto customized with bananas and all that. Besides, they are mortal and came to see us in Yokohama because they are from there. We really made pals and they have merchandising too stylish with combs “Johnny Pandora” and all that. It smashes! It is a kind of big holiday camp in three cities. We had a blast!

They still tried to stuff our mouths countless times with their shitty Baijiu. It tastes the tire and the first shot rasp you inside but a stern thing. We are entitled to two tastes of 54 degrees and 58 degrees … The first night in Taiwan we had a phenomenal cooked but always in a great atmosphere with super guys listening to the groups they play. We hope to return next year on a festival a little bigger if all goes well.

And then Japan, as usual, we’re a fan and we’ve already shot. I know Japan very well! The shows were great: we did four shows in Tokyo, it’s a little too much but the goal was really to make us contacts. Some shows have really worked really well with a hyper-reactive audience and we have fans who have followed us on four dates. So that was great! The last date in Yokohama was Dantesque! A public mass, friends who had come to see us that we had not seen for a long time, it was exceptional!

For next year, we may be talking about a support tour on a big band of American punk rock if all goes well and if dates stick but we will do everything to make it stick!

If you had to present your band with a song, which would it be? Is this your favorite among your albums?

Personally I find that “Running Wild” is very very good in the sense that it brings novelty compared to Bare Teeth. It stays in what we are and what we represent. I also have a small staff on “Storytellers” who talk about chasing after their dreams and that’s exactly what we do! If we looked at the expense, we would stay at Lilles! What we want is to play a maximum, to offer a maximum of public and so we go for it and we’ll see what happens later.

Do you have a band here at Hellfest with whom you dream to share the stage?

There you put me a nice glue. In fact, there are so many bands that I love Hellfest. Now if I have to stick to this year’s lineup, I think a little tour with “The Descendents” it would still be pretty cool!

Do you have anecdotes of tours (funny or memorable) to tell us?

If I have to tell you all the times we were drunk, it will last a long time! Yes, I have a great tour anecdote! When we were in Kaohsiung on the first show in Taiwan, I went back to sleep at the hotel because I was so drunk. Rock, our new drummer, did the same! On the other hand, Tom and Titouan had seen that there were massage parlors and they wondered if it was really massage or something else … After walking around town at 4 am and after being enticed by chicks, Titouan directly by the balls and Tom being patted nipple, they had no doubt that the massage was totally optional!

How do you see the future of Bare Teeth?

Tour, tour, tour, and tour! We have just signed at Sub Cultura Booking which is a German turner. So there, we hope to make more and more dates in Europe. That’s more or less our goal at the end of the year. Return to Asia next year according to availability And always in our boxes, the preparation of the real first album. A majority of titles is under construction or almost finalized but here we do not want to rush things! We want to do preproduction and eventually go record … Finally, not only ask our titles in the studio but why not work with a producer who will also be able to give us perspective on our titles. I think that the year 2020 will be quickly burnt on tour and recording with probably an album release in 2021.

We arrive at the end of this interview and as always, we leave you the last words of this one.

Come! We do not bite and we have fun! Our livers are totally proof of Chinese Baijiu and Taiwanese. We have nothing to wax. So come have fun, meet and live interesting experiences!

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