What would the spirit and the metal music give in a universe like Fallout? Shaârghot of course!
Brun’o Klose, the guitarist of the group, came to answer our questions at the Hellfest 2019 and to present the story that revolves around this funny character that is Shaârghot! If you do not know them yet, this is the time we present them because we risk seeing them everywhere in a few years!

Hello, how are you? How do you feel about playing here at Hellfest, one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe?

Hello! To play Hellfest: it is for us a consecration. It’s been a while since we’ve been there: 4 years. Hellfest was known as a festival-goer, but to be there as an artist is very pleasant.

You live in a Cyberpunk / post-apocalyptic universe, why did you choose this universe?

We did not choose it; it chose us. We are all a little inhabited, especially Etienne and myself, by all this post-apo universe and we found that there was really no representative on the stage of this universe. Now we have filled the void. Of course, one of the biggest references is Mad Max but it’s not just that. Etienne created a whole story in the end. Shaârghot is a story that has ins and outs. It is mainly based on chaos that begins to reign in society and that at some point it starts to swing from where the post-apo side. It’s just that.

You have created characters, what is the story of these characters as well as that of your group?

– Brun’o Klose
In fact, the central story is Etienne Shaârghot. He is a person who tries to have and keep a certain physical power and who does an experiment on himself but this one, in the end, fails. It highlights all the dark sides of his personality and, in addition to that, there is a kind of mushroom that begins to invade the body and especially the skin and that is why it becomes black and shiny. There is all this dark side that takes over the reason. I think we see him a little on stage he is a little inhabited. As for the other characters, they come from what is called the Shadows. Little by little, Shaârghot begins to create an army and the lieutenants are on stage in fact. Now everyone has their story but I can not reveal them yet because it will happen little by little.

– Me
So we can expect that for the next albums?

– Brun’o Klose
Yes quite!

On your Facebook page, it is marked that you are looking to organize a huge party helped by your shadows. Can you explain what is behind the name “Shadows”?

Well, here it is. In the end, it’s the people who inject themselves the “virus” who become the Shadows.

Your album is called “The Advent of Shadows”, does it tell their story?

In part yes. There are many answers that are brought in the second album for the questions that could be asked on the first. There are also new characters that come with this album as the mantes you could discover at the end of the set (Hellfest 2019). We are starting to have a few new characters and those who were on the first album are starting to evolve a bit physically.

shaarghot mantes

What is your approach to the design of this album compared to previous ones? Have you changed your way of working or is it just the continuity of the story?

So it’s a continuity of history. We continue to reveal certain things. Now on the work, in itself, the album has been much more structured. As much as the first album was made at home, there is a whole structure that has been put in place. Etienne transcribes certain melodies that Clem-X, the bassist, tries to transform into music. It’s a great job because Shaârghot is not easy. Of course! Once he begins to have an embryo, I intervene to have an outside eye. Once the song is finished, it goes to our sound engineer who is also our producer and arranges the piece. It was not the case on the first album but it is present in the second. There is quite a lot of work in the end and tedious.

Where did you get the idea of ​​combining electro and metal?

– Brun’o Klose
Because we listen to that!

– Me
It’s still two universes that are very opposed to the base.

– Brun’o Klose
Yes, but they complement each other really well if it’s balanced. We all listen a little to Combichrist, Punish yourself and we discovered Rammstein quite early. We really listen to groups that marry a little both and, in the end, we were still on some groups a little … not disappointed but a little on our hunger. At one point, we thought, “But why do not we do it too?” by really putting what we want to hear. That’s how the metal/electro combo was born, even a little punk in the mind at times.

You’ve just released your new uncensored “Z // B” music video on PornHub, it’s pretty special, right? Why did you choose this platform? Have you followed the comments of your video? If yes, who did you score the most?

– Brun’o Klose
Why Pornhub? Then! (Laughs) Because in the end, YouTube had to censor some things but against Pornhub you can not, you do not censure. It’s pretty funny and then it goes well. Now the comments on Pornhub, me, I saw one that was pretty funny.

– Me
The one that was shared on your Facebook page, I guess?

– Brun’o Klose
Yeah, that’s it, yes! This is the only one I have for now I do not know if there are others. It was pretty funny too!

shaarghot pornhub

Where did you get the ideas from this video? Have you been helped?

Always the same! It’s Etienne who has his world in his head! He saw a clip, this time, very aesthetic. Telling a story certainly but above all aesthetic with an atmosphere and with lighting. It was very very important! For the realization and the recordings, we work with Teddy Masson who until now has made us all the clips. He started with us four years ago when we made a clip in an afternoon in a cellar in Paris. The first Shaârghot clip was made in 7 hours. In 4 years, we went from 7 hours to 6 days and we went from 27 degrees to 5 degrees since Z // B was shot at 5 degrees.

What is your favorite song among your albums? and why?

It’s very complicated. There are two: there is “The Way” of the first album that I find mesmerizing on stage and “Kill Your God” of the second.

What can you tell us about Shaârghot’s future?

We will continue our concerts; we have a few where we will play including Oomph !, Dagoba, Black Bomb A, … There are some dates that I can not speak but one: we will be in Paris on October 11 at the little bath. We will be there alone. After we will certainly play also in Nantes in November and after there are other dates: another date in Paris … I can not say everything yet …

We arrive at the end of the interview. Do you have a message for our readers?

I have the tickets to eat! Well, of course! I will do in the traditional: we thank the people who follow us, our fans, as well as the people who participate in the clips. We did crowdfunding to shoot the clips. More and more people are following us and we really thank them!

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