Hello how are you ? How do you feel about being here in Liège for the Warzone Metalfest vs 6K Fest ?

Boris Le Gal :
Thank you for receiving us. It was so good we really liked it. It was the first show of our world tour that will take place this year. We really liked it, it had been two months since we had not played. Last time, it was with August Burns Red, we were with them on tour in Europe and there we really liked: the public was there. No it was crazy!

Lucas, your guitarist left for new projects. How did the arrival of Steeves Hostin take place?
Where did you know him and what made your choice on him exactly?

So yeah, Lucas decided to leave us last year: it was a small blow nonetheless. We were not ready for that but he was honest with himself. He just didn’t want to do metal anymore actually. He could not find his inspiration anymore, so it would not have been honest if he had stayed with us. So, he’s doing more production.

So we took Steeve because Steeve, in fact, is a buddy for Valentine. At the base, but a long time ago, they were playing together in a band called “Beyond The Dust”. So just before BTM, Valentin played with Steeve in that group. And then we thought about him directly and then it did it right away. The transition was really fast; very well. We made the last album that will be released soon with him. Very good, it’s going very well with Steeve.

You’re going back to the USA with The Browning and you’re going to make your first concert in Japan this year.
How do you feel about that? Is this also your first trip to Japan? If so, will you visit the city at the same time?

Yeah, it’s a crazy! This is the first time for us to go to Japan.

Moi : Even personally?

Yes I’ve never been in Asia. So no, it’s going to be too good! Really we can not wait. And there, the United States so we start on March 14th and spend a month there. It’s a month: 28 or 29 shows. At people’s Place. It’s going to be deadly. We are in support of “The Browning”. We will soon release our next single. It will be before the tour and we will defend this title on tour and so in Japan too.

So, we can say that you are no longer a “local” or “amateur” band. Was there a moment when you said to yourself “we are a group of international renown” ?

In fact, I arrived in the group a little bit later: I arrived in session in 2013 and officially in 2015. But the guys, as soon as they got signed at Sumerian Records for the first album, it has directly became a global group. The cycle of “Breathe In Life”: it was over three or four years and more than 300 shows. So it was immediately in the international more than in France in fact. We developed a little in France, more after. We really developed abroad and after in France.

On Facebook, you shared a live video of your previous album “The Resilient” by announcing “Who’s excited for new songs?”
Is there a new album in preparation? If so, is it possible to have more information on the progress of this one?
A name, big differences from previous ones or an idea of when it should come out?

So, of course, we have already recorded. We are receiving the masters.

So, it’s already advanced, it will be released this year. It’s really the heaviest and darkest album. It’s the first really dark album of “Betraying The Martyrs”. It’s going to be really cool! So we have Mr. Henrik Udd who mixes and master our album there. He did Architects, Bring Me The Horizon and other stuff like that. So, the first single coming out soon will be from this album, which will be released this year, and this is the last song we played tonight and called “Eternal Machine”.

We arrive at the end of the interview. Do you have a message to give to our readers?

Get ready, the album will come out in full force and I can not wait to get that out to the public. I hope they will like what we did. And that they will continue to follow us as they already do.

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