I have met Juan Brujo singer and leader of the band Brujeria when they came playing in Liège at La Zone. What are they ?  A genuine and interesting mix between grind (and other extreme musical pleasures) and engaged lyrics. Brujeria is against all forms of studipity and hate coming from the political world.

Wanna delight your ears with something extreme but consistent and you happen to have a secret love for Spanish ? Then go for it!

Let us begin with a short presentation. Who are you and what’s behind the name Brujeria ?

I’m Juan Brujo, singer. “Bruja” means like witchcraft, magic and the whole theme started with the use “magic” to help people cross drugs across the border from Mexico to the USA. And there’s history of that going back like in the late 80s.

How would you define Brujeria musically speaking ?

Well if it’s by the music then it would be like grind, little punk, little metal. It’s like everything is kind of mixed in but lyric wise it’s a little extreme on the vocal side because of what it’s saying. The message we’re trying to get across is a little more extreme. There is no box I think where you could match it with what we do but the music could by be like grind, hardcore, punk: a little bit of everything.

What are the messages that you want to send through your music ?

Politically, when we find out a candidate that’s running for an office in the United States is a racist, or, not good for Latin people which are a lot of in the United States, we come out and talk about it, sing about it. The person was a governor of California named Pete Wilson who I met face to face at a Grammy party and he looked at me. The Grammy party was like tuxedos and stuff and you know one of those things. I was just wearing a leather jacket and anyway, so I meet him face to face and we’re walking through a crowd and I go like “Oh, the governor!” and I get my friends and I pushed them back to let him through. And he looks at me and he turns around and he covers his wife like I’m going to attack him. And was like this “What just happened ?” And they just escorted me out. Because the governor he was not used to seeing Mexican. I was the only Mexican in the whole place and like two three months later, he comes out with these laws that are totally anti-Mexican. One of the laws condemns border crossing Mexicans and they are deported with their children. And when I heard that he was trying to get these laws passed, we did a song called Pete Wilson where we have had Jello Biafra talking like him and then we kill him (Pete Wilson) at the end of the intro. So that’s how extreme you get because I knew when I saw empty his face and what he did to me, it was just racist stuff and then he’s trying to pass laws. Those laws that he passed got overturned to the Supreme Court. And Supreme Court came in and said no these laws are no good and so that’s how bad they were. we start with him and now it’s Donald Trump, he’s the same thing but bigger. So, we can’t just sit back and not let people know what we feel.

And do you hope that maybe your music is going to encourage people to maybe fight against those people ?

Yeah because you know a lot of them wouldn’t know who these people are what they’re doing till it’s too late. I just want to give them a warning that these guys are not the good guys, they the bad guys. You know if I hadn’t meet face to face with the governor and see what he did to me, I’d never would’ve known how racist he was.

You all come from varied bands. How do you deal with the fact of being part of bands which are famous but not at the same level ?

Actually, it’s like everybody in the band started off with Brujeria and later became big and famous in another band. You know there was no Fear Factory when Brujeria started. And even someone from Faith No More was in the band and he was saying “I’m going to quit Faith No More just cause it’s not working”. That was a long time ago. Just a couple months after that they got nominated for a Grammy and all that stuff.

Everybody who joins Brujeria becomes rich and famous after that. I’m the only guy who is not more projects. Brujeria is my only band.

How is the tour going so far ?

Well that’s going well. We are playing a lot of places that we haven’t played before. When you play on Mondays and on Tuesdays, you know not weekends, you are getting some small cities and it’s very interesting. And they don’t even speak Spanish. It’s fun to be up there.

Talking Spanish is different. No one understands you. You know it’s hard to get people going. But still we get a lot of people singing the songs even though they don’t know Spanish. It’s interesting talking to them in a language they don’t know at all.

So, do you feel that Europeans are receptive to your music ?

Yeah. During the shows, it starts off more than ever. It’s kind of like they understand what the song is about. They don’t know what it’s really saying but they’ll understand what it’s about.

We’ll be doing our thing on stage acting and dancing even you know giving all the signs for them to get the feel for it. We’re going to teach you Spanish. We use words like marijuana. Everybody knows that.

How do you feel about today’s place ?

I haven’t seen it yet. I heard it is a small box but that doesn’t bother me at all. You know we played like in backyard of houses. So, it doesn’t really matter. We’ll still do our shows in places like this or whatever.

What can you tell me about “Amaricon Czar” ?

Trump is mixed in with the Russians. He’s friends with Putin and all this stuff like he is with hookers over there and it’s just ridiculous what he’s doing. He’s the worst president ever. And he’s mixed in with these guys and he backs them up and he’s acting communist and then racist, rich and white. Every day he tweets something stupid and as president he hasn’t done anything: no sign no build no laws nothing. All he does is whatever Obama did before him, he takes it back. All he’s done is remove what was done before that took a long time to do. He’s been there three years and re-election next year and he’s done nothing. If people are really stupid, he gets re-elected then America would be the worst ever. It’ll be the lowest ever.

The single, the Russian one, they banned it from the Internet sales. They made us take it off because they aren’t working. You can’t show Trump as communist.

What’s next for 2019 and 2020 ?

Oh, we’re doing a new record. It’s almost done. We’re just finishing the recording supply. It will maybe be out by the end of the year or early next year.

I leave you the last word of this interview.

Well we might look like a lot of hate and anger in us, but you go to our shows and it’s a good time. Everybody leaves happy, in a good mood. We’re not trying to make people upset or mad. We try to make them happy and have a good time and party and leave happy. They will remember us when they have seen us.

Picture by Brujeria

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