Hello, how are you ? How do you feel about playing here today in Liège for the Warzone Metalfest vs 6K Fest ?

Bernhard Horn :
So while we’re great we’re fine. We just finished our tour in Germany and this is like the last date or an extra date.
And we came here this morning and the sun was shining and so it’s all good. We like the vibe and people are very nice and it’s great.

You are 5th in the official German charts, what are your feelings about that?

Well it feels great because we didn’t expect that. Nobody ever expects to be number five in the charts and we didn’t expect that so.
We’re really grateful for that. It means that we have still fans, lots of fans, who are buying the album, digging the stuff that we do.
So it’s all good. I mean it’s not like we stay on top of the charts for five years in a row but still. Still for one week.
It’s a great sign that people are interested in and like what we do.

Callejon - hartgeld im club

On your Facebook’s profile picture, we can see two men kissing each other, did you have any remarks or negative comments/feedbacks for this?

Well no not by our fans basically because it’s the cover album that we just did “Hartgeld Im Club”. It’s a cover album of German rap songs so it’s like rap and metal come together and there’s this metal guy making out with a rap guy. No, we had some comments of course … some homophobic bullshit but basically not by our own fans but basically by people who just … you know … we just hated it. Of course, there were some negative comments but what was really surprising to us was the fact that, for example, YouTube put the video on explicit. You’re not allowed to watch it if you’re under 18 years old which is like ridiculous.

Christoph koterzina:
That is just so strange that you have people killing each other and a lot of blood and bullets going through brains and heads and that’s OK for under 18. But if you have two guys kissing each other that’s not cool for them.

Yeah it’s not even sexual it just you know making out like what the hell. So it’s not porn.

“Porn from Spain 3” (Featuring K.I.Z & Ice-T)
Taken from the upcoming album “Hartgeld Im Club”

For the music “Porn from Spain 3”, how was the recording with Ice-T and K.I.Z? Was it really a teenage dream that came true?

Actually, Yes. It’s a straight Yes.
We were all listening to Body Count when we were young and… It’s just like a crazy dream coming true because we didn’t really expect that he would say yes.
Because features with Ice-T are pretty rare.
What did he do last ? Black Sabbath? Yeah something like that. So a huge american band and then the tiny people from Germany are asking … so we didn’t expect him to say yes but he did.
And he delivered a great part and we were really excited about that.

Do you have any plan to maybe do that again ?

We don’t expect him to come on tour with us because he’s really busy.
I think he won’t be up for that because he did his part and and now it’s not as interesting as it was before because we did that and we are always looking to do something new and exciting. Nonetheless this was really really great.

You have made some signature sessions in the EMP shops, how do you feel about that? Isn’t it strange to sign your own productions?

No it’s actually a great way to meet fans and to get in touch with them. They get a couple of minutes and ask their personal questions that they can talk about : What means the most to them; what song they like. They can get their own stuff signed. Sometimes we have people painting stuff or having their own t-shirt designs. Somebody baked a cake it’s really great!

Bernhard: We get liquor and stuff.

Christoph: It’s like building a community and staying in touch. It’s a great way to keep in touch with the fans.

Did you get some strange requests, some strange things to sign, if yes, what?

Bernhard :
Well yeah of course we signed like… We’ve signed of course T-shirt; we’ve signed shoes, we’ve signed mobile phones.

Metal Overload – John : Tits ?

Bernhard :
Not in the afternoon but we did sign tits, underwear and… What else ? I think one guy wanted me to sign on his car which I didn’t do because it was very cold outside but yeah. And there were people who just, which is really crazy and really great, want autographs on their body limbs and then doing a tattoo of it. On the arm or on the leg.

A lots of people have the blitzkreuz logo tattooed on their arm or on their body and they want to get it signed. It’s just ridiculously cool that they do that.

We are coming to the end of the interview. Do you want to say something to our readers ?

Well first of all : thank you very much for being with us, sticking with us, listening to our stuff, partying with us and coming to our shows. We really really appreciate that. It’s always great to see you guys. Dance, sing along, get in touch and make us sign your tattoos. That’s really number one and number two is just don’t be mean to each other. Metal and rap don’t have to be enemies and nobody else has to.

Bernhard: And especially for Belgian fans, we just want to say that :

Both :Thanks for the waffles.

Bernhard: Thanks for the chocolate, for the beer and thanks for the beautiful cities.

Christoph: We applaud you guys

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