Sunday evening, I braved the storm and faced the weather to go to the Antwerp Trix to attend the Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour 2020 gathering BAT, Rotten Sound, Misery Index and Napalm Death.

Report 16022020 BAT

The Americans of BAT opened this evening with an excellent thrash which set us in motion for the rest of the hostilities. It was a great discovery for me. I already knew Ryan Waste in Municipal Waste and although it is a band that I love very much, I found that BAT has a little something more. I found that the voice was really good, that it worked well with the music and Ryan managed to keep all the energy and the intensity of his voice throughout the concert. If you don’t know BAT but are a fan of thrashy sound like Municipal Waste and Cie., check them out.

Report 16022020 Rotten Sound (2)

Then it was Rotten Sound (Finland) who stepped on the stage. The last time I saw them was in a small room in Liège (La Zone) with Implore and Brutal Sphincter. Despite a not very clean sound and an extremely energy-less audience, Rotten Sound sent a flood of energy and violence of which they have the secret. However, I preferred their performance at La Zone where the intimacy and proximity of the public corresponded more to the atmosphere that we can find in grind concerts where it sweats, it grows and it stinks violence. Here in the great hall of the Antwerp Trix, it was impossible to recreate a similar atmosphere. On the other hand, we can say that Rotten Sound has fulfilled its part of the contract and that they have given everything to make the audience move. But the audience in question had surely confused energizer and sleeping pills.

Let’s go to the third concert and not the least: Misery Index (Netherlands). The Dutch offered us a show combining their classics and new songs. Although the band offered an excellent set balanced between cleanliness and pure violence, the audience did not seem that motivated. We had to wait for the last two songs to see small beginnings of pogos in the pit. Even the microphone was more into the mood than the audience, it fell backwards during the last song. It made the audience laugh but show must go on, the concert ended in beauty. I would like to point out that Misery Index has took the bar up a notch compared to their performance at the Turock in Essen with Wormrot (06/04/2019). I found them more energetic and more effective on stage.

Report 16022020 Eye Hate God (38)

In a completely different register, we then moved on to Eye Hate God and its kind of grinded psyche stoner / rock. One thing is certain, we were no longer in the same world. I found the band much more introspective than the first three, you really had to be in their trip to fully enjoy the concert. Compared to the three other groups of the evening, their universe did not stick and for me, it was extremely complicated to get in the mood. It’s because of this that I find that Eye Hate God was a bit of a poster. This created a mismatch in the audience: there were those who came for Eye Hate God and who didn’t care about the other bands and those who came for Napalm Death who were more attracted by the style of the first bands. However, I must say that the performance was impressive and I appreciated the dirty but groovy sound offered by the band. I will finish by saying that Eye Hate God is venomous, visceral and sensation-wise it’s a bit like when you spit bile, it comes from the bottom of your guts.

Napalm Death offered us an insane show. The band has announced the release of their next album in a few months. We got a preview of this new album with a track: « Logic Ravaged By Brute Force » which combines clean and shouted punk/grind singing. For the rest of the concert, it was like every time I have seen Napalm Death: violent, fast, efficient and so good! If you’ve never seen Napalm Death live, don’t hesitate! Especially if you have to catch up on a workout session, because Barney is the only guy who can blow up your 10,000 steps a day in one concert.

Regarding the public, the crowd was delirious at the mere mention of classics like « Scum ». Napalm Death made everyone move throughout the venue (FINALLY!). We were given a concentrate of energy and violence. Napalm Death get to the bottom of things and this without compromise, while remaining faithful to the ideas they proudly defend. It may be an “old” band but they still lift an impressive amount of energy, all at a speed greater than that of a Boeing. You have a slack ? Forget Nalu and take a shoot of Napalm Death. Finally, the new song was well received even if it is the classics that are most successful among the public. The concert ended with two cover songs: one of the Dead Kennedys, « Nazi Punk Fuck Off » which made everyone move, and the other of Sonic Youth, « White Kross », which had less success.

In conclusion, it was an excellent live experience with good bands, a sound not always perfect but each band gave everything to send us a concentrate of energy and violence in its own way. Big up to BAT, the opening band which, I remind you, is really worth it. I believe that “All Is Said And Done” for this Campaign For Musical Destruction 2020!