Wind Rose

Wintersaga, the dwarf universe of Wind Rose

Wintersaga, the new album of Wind Rose was released on September 27th. Francesco, the singer of the band answered our questions about this album, the band, their music videos and the way they work on their albums.

Hello, how are you ?

Fine, thanks!

Where did you get the idea to create a band mixing JRR Tolkien’s stories with the power metal? And why did you call it “Wind Rose”?

To be honest, nothing was invented. We are huge fans of Blind Guardian and we followed their path, with original stories at the beginning and more into Tolkien later. Wind Rose gave us a sense of freedom, and it’s very easy to remember, so that’s it 😀

For the lyrics, how do you create them? Do you inspire yourself on his stories or his universe to create them?

I use to get inspired by Tolkien lore / Myths and legends to write my lyrics, and I gave to the stories a personal vision of them.

Regarding the new album: “Wintersaga” which came out on September 27th, what are the lyrics about? Is there a story behind?

“Wintersaga” whole album is around the dwarven lore by Tolkien and other fantasy lores, something from ancient pagan myths and legends as well.

We find in this album a special song from the Internet: Diggy Diggy Hole. Why did you pick up this song? Have you had feedback from its original writer: Yogscast?

We had the idea to make it for years, a lot of people requested it even live, so we caught the moment to crash into the major music business like a hammer to the anvil. Obviously we found a deal before with Yogscast and we started to rearrange something that was already funny and powerful. It was hard to match the original, but we surely did it.

Have you changed your way of working regarding the latest albums?

Nope, the way we work is the same: me, Claudio (guitar) and Federico (keyboard) in front of a computer with instruments and beers. The result is and will always be what we are in that moment, as long as we live. We experience, we change and our ideas/style change as well.

How is the collaboration with Napalm Records compared to previous labels?

Napalm Records for us is the best deal we can have, they have a name and the means to make us grow up. This is what we looked for in the past as well without success or with lack of means to grow, until we reached the world of professional music industry.

Is this your ideas found in the music video or have you been advised? If you have been advised, by whom? How are the recordings generally? How long do you take to shoot each clip?

At the moment, all the videos that you can find on YouTube were managed and “invented” by us. But the experience and talent of Tommy Antonini helped us a lot to explain what we wanted to show in our videos. Usually all the shoots for one clips take around 2 days, it depends what we have to do and where we have to go.

I had the good fortune to watch your clip “Drunken Dwarves”, some scenes seem unrealizable (or complicated) to return if it misses. Was not it too complicated to record?

It is. We did all as first take because we messed up an entire tavern so we were not able to clean all and do it again :D, as I said our video maker knows what to do, it’s important to have professionals around when you are doing something that has to be perfect (or close).

For those who do not know you yet, which song would you recommend them? Is this your favorite? If no, which one is it?

I recommend to listen the whole album, but spend more time on the songs that didn’t came out as singles because there you can find tons of details that you would love.

We leave you the last words of this interview to say what you want to your fans and to our readers.

Glad to have answered your questions, and I hope to see you all when we will play in your countries ;)!

Glory hammer

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Brujeria, THE band against political stupidities

I have met Juan Brujo singer and leader of the band Brujeria when they came playing in Liège at La Zone. What are they ?  A genuine and interesting mix between grind (and other extreme musical pleasures) and engaged lyrics. Brujeria is against all forms of studipity and hate coming from the political world.

Wanna delight your ears with something extreme but consistent and you happen to have a secret love for Spanish ? Then go for it!

Let us begin with a short presentation. Who are you and what’s behind the name Brujeria ?

I’m Juan Brujo, singer. “Bruja” means like witchcraft, magic and the whole theme started with the use “magic” to help people cross drugs across the border from Mexico to the USA. And there’s history of that going back like in the late 80s.

How would you define Brujeria musically speaking ?

Well if it’s by the music then it would be like grind, little punk, little metal. It’s like everything is kind of mixed in but lyric wise it’s a little extreme on the vocal side because of what it’s saying. The message we’re trying to get across is a little more extreme. There is no box I think where you could match it with what we do but the music could by be like grind, hardcore, punk: a little bit of everything.

What are the messages that you want to send through your music ?

Politically, when we find out a candidate that’s running for an office in the United States is a racist, or, not good for Latin people which are a lot of in the United States, we come out and talk about it, sing about it. The person was a governor of California named Pete Wilson who I met face to face at a Grammy party and he looked at me. The Grammy party was like tuxedos and stuff and you know one of those things. I was just wearing a leather jacket and anyway, so I meet him face to face and we’re walking through a crowd and I go like “Oh, the governor!” and I get my friends and I pushed them back to let him through. And he looks at me and he turns around and he covers his wife like I’m going to attack him. And was like this “What just happened ?” And they just escorted me out. Because the governor he was not used to seeing Mexican. I was the only Mexican in the whole place and like two three months later, he comes out with these laws that are totally anti-Mexican. One of the laws condemns border crossing Mexicans and they are deported with their children. And when I heard that he was trying to get these laws passed, we did a song called Pete Wilson where we have had Jello Biafra talking like him and then we kill him (Pete Wilson) at the end of the intro. So that’s how extreme you get because I knew when I saw empty his face and what he did to me, it was just racist stuff and then he’s trying to pass laws. Those laws that he passed got overturned to the Supreme Court. And Supreme Court came in and said no these laws are no good and so that’s how bad they were. we start with him and now it’s Donald Trump, he’s the same thing but bigger. So, we can’t just sit back and not let people know what we feel.

And do you hope that maybe your music is going to encourage people to maybe fight against those people ?

Yeah because you know a lot of them wouldn’t know who these people are what they’re doing till it’s too late. I just want to give them a warning that these guys are not the good guys, they the bad guys. You know if I hadn’t meet face to face with the governor and see what he did to me, I’d never would’ve known how racist he was.

You all come from varied bands. How do you deal with the fact of being part of bands which are famous but not at the same level ?

Actually, it’s like everybody in the band started off with Brujeria and later became big and famous in another band. You know there was no Fear Factory when Brujeria started. And even someone from Faith No More was in the band and he was saying “I’m going to quit Faith No More just cause it’s not working”. That was a long time ago. Just a couple months after that they got nominated for a Grammy and all that stuff.

Everybody who joins Brujeria becomes rich and famous after that. I’m the only guy who is not more projects. Brujeria is my only band.

How is the tour going so far ?

Well that’s going well. We are playing a lot of places that we haven’t played before. When you play on Mondays and on Tuesdays, you know not weekends, you are getting some small cities and it’s very interesting. And they don’t even speak Spanish. It’s fun to be up there.

Talking Spanish is different. No one understands you. You know it’s hard to get people going. But still we get a lot of people singing the songs even though they don’t know Spanish. It’s interesting talking to them in a language they don’t know at all.

So, do you feel that Europeans are receptive to your music ?

Yeah. During the shows, it starts off more than ever. It’s kind of like they understand what the song is about. They don’t know what it’s really saying but they’ll understand what it’s about.

We’ll be doing our thing on stage acting and dancing even you know giving all the signs for them to get the feel for it. We’re going to teach you Spanish. We use words like marijuana. Everybody knows that.

How do you feel about today’s place ?

I haven’t seen it yet. I heard it is a small box but that doesn’t bother me at all. You know we played like in backyard of houses. So, it doesn’t really matter. We’ll still do our shows in places like this or whatever.

What can you tell me about “Amaricon Czar” ?

Trump is mixed in with the Russians. He’s friends with Putin and all this stuff like he is with hookers over there and it’s just ridiculous what he’s doing. He’s the worst president ever. And he’s mixed in with these guys and he backs them up and he’s acting communist and then racist, rich and white. Every day he tweets something stupid and as president he hasn’t done anything: no sign no build no laws nothing. All he does is whatever Obama did before him, he takes it back. All he’s done is remove what was done before that took a long time to do. He’s been there three years and re-election next year and he’s done nothing. If people are really stupid, he gets re-elected then America would be the worst ever. It’ll be the lowest ever.

The single, the Russian one, they banned it from the Internet sales. They made us take it off because they aren’t working. You can’t show Trump as communist.

What’s next for 2019 and 2020 ?

Oh, we’re doing a new record. It’s almost done. We’re just finishing the recording supply. It will maybe be out by the end of the year or early next year.

I leave you the last word of this interview.

Well we might look like a lot of hate and anger in us, but you go to our shows and it’s a good time. Everybody leaves happy, in a good mood. We’re not trying to make people upset or mad. We try to make them happy and have a good time and party and leave happy. They will remember us when they have seen us.

Picture by Brujeria

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Sercati, at the discovery of a whole universe

During the Oug’Rock 2019 festival, I had the opportunity to meet the band Sercati and attend their performance which opened the second day of the festival. Sercati is not just a Black Metal band, it is a real universe that spreads in many ways: music, writing and visual. I propose you an interview of this very interesting local band. Do not hesitate to go listen to them and follow them on the various social networks.

First thing first, what is the concept behind the name “Sercati”? What is the meaning of “Sercati”?

Steve: The concept of the band revolves around the story of the Nightstalker. An angel descended from heaven to help humanity who has been abandoned at its own fate against Lucifer. We try to “spread out” on different media in order to spread as much as possible the story we narrate.

Sercati, it’s not only a band but also books, comics, movies … How do you do to manage such a project on a daily basis ?

Yan: Steve stopped sleeping many years ago …

Steve : Well, let’s be serious. The desire to discover new media or new ways of illustrating history is strong in all of us.

The book was the first step to transcribe the content of the lyrics into a more complete text. A real story much more consistent, allowing me to fill the gaps. Then, the short films and video clips followed at the beginning as promotional material and finally, I enjoyed myself behind the camera and the desire to try and go even further led me to launch this idea of longer film.

Comics is a kid’s dream to get back to my first inspiration, Batman.

The essential remains for me to keep in mind where I go so as not to lose myself. It is with this in mind that we created the related music projects:

– The Nightstalker (dark metal)
– Hezaliel (dark ambient)

What are your sources of inspiration (not only musical) to feed a universe as extensive as the one which revolves around Sercati?

Steve: The universe that revolves around Batman and the movies pertaining to him. Musically, I remain a great admirer of Satanic Warmaster and Sinister Frost.

Let’s talk about your performance at Oug’Rock, you open the second day of the festival, how did it go for you?

Really good, the sound was very nice and we got along very well. The context was very nice and the atmosphere in good shape.

During your performance, you use “actors” to play the roles of two of your main characters “the anesthetist” and “the Nightstalker”. In the long term, do you want to integrate other visual elements into your live performances? If yes, which ones ?

Yan : Obviously, we have a lot of ideas but it is always difficult to put everything in place. We would like to have more and more actors with us and an “urban” scene on stage contextualizing the city in which the events take place. We would also like to be able to project the drawings as well as some passages of our videos during the show.

Steve : Indeed, to find a way to go even further in the narrative of history in order to reach something more complete.

What do you think are the ideal live conditions for Sercati?

Simon : A receptive audience and good technicians listening to us.

Yan : Place on stage and especially getting along on stage.

Steve : Keep in mind to have a good time with the public and good technicians to listen to us.

Do you have an ultimate dream about the band? THE thing you would dream of doing with the band?

Simon : As a Belgian, step on the Graspop scene.

Yan : To be able to plan a tour abroad.

Steve : Find a way to combine music and story in the best possible way.

What have you planned for the coming year?

Steve : We have a lot of things coming together. We have in mind a second film and we started to play new songs and plan a new album.

A last word for our readers ?

That the Nightstalker look after you and do not hesitate to find us on our social networks …

I propose you a small musical extract to make you discover the band:

Photo: all rights reserved to Sercati

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Black metal as cultural vessel with Hyrgal

At Hellfest 2019, I had the opportunity to meet the man and mind behind the French black metal band Hyrgal: Clément Flandrois. We were able to share a few words about his band. An interview where I could feel all the investment and all the passion of Clément. In addition to being the composer of an extremely successful project, he manages to give a deep and rich dimension to his black metal.

Let us start with a short presentation.

So, I’m Clement. I am guitarist, singer, songwriter, creator of the band and instigator of everything behind Hyrgal, the “thinking head”.

What does “Hyrgal” mean and how would you define the band in a few words?

So it’s the association of two runes. Because at the time I created the band I wanted an ancestral sound with very primitive things and at the time I was really focused on the use of runes and all the Nordic mythology . Fewer today, even though I still have a lot of connections and these runes really mean a lot to me. I used two runes that are “Tyr”, rune of the god Thor and “Hagal”, the main one. According to me it was a good mix, I made a kind of “Boggel” in there and I thought it was very primitive, that it sounded very brutal and I liked it.

And after I stopped the band for a few years but I decided to keep the same name because when I started the band again, it still spoke to me, I found it very fair.

Musically speaking, we play black metal, the simplest possible, as honest as possible, curious and primitive.

What are your sources of inspiration outside runes and Nordic mythology?

For this album, the main theme is my country, my French culture, my region of origin, Savoie, nature, mountains and all that. It’s also a family legacy  and I’ve done a mix of it all.

When I made Serpentine, it had nothing to do with Nordic mythology. There is only the name because these runes speak to me and are important to me so I kept them but there is nothing, I would say, viking behind all that. One could perhaps make more connections with Celtic culture, since it is also the culture of my country. It’s a French culture. The Celts were also present in the Alps, there was a big legacy at this level. So we are going to say Celtic and French, these are the main things that led me to compose that. And a sense of urgency and fury.

What are your musical inspirations?

To compose music I do not necessarily use my direct influences. I do not care, I take a guitar and I compose riffs that I want to do, that I want to listen to and especially that seem to me in line with what I want to say at this time.

I listen to a lot of different music. A lot of black metal obviously. It’s a style that has possessed me since my teenage years so that will never change.

I listen to a lot of baroque music, a lot of ambient, a lot of dark ambient. The work of Pauline Oliveros, who has been one of the pioneers of ambient music in San Francisco including an album called “Deep Listening” that I like very much. Atonal accordions, very special sounds.

I listen to a lot of folk, in the sense guitar and vocals, not biniou and bagpipe, it is not something that speaks to me a lot. I listen to many traditional music from different countries: traditional Mongolian music, traditional Viking music, traditional music of all countries. I like it very much precisely because of this honest and primitive approach.

I try to have an extended panel. As a music lover, we must have a diverse and varied panel. And above all, there are many things that I like so I do not limit myself, I do not want to limit myself, it bugs me those limits.

After two years, what are the feedbacks you received about “Serpentine”? Are you satisfied with the way the album was received?

The feedback is what it is. It’s not necessarily something that speaks to me a lot. I am very happy that people share the same vision. I think it was well received. Chronicles that I read, people have managed to capture a little essence of what I wanted to say. So it touched me a lot because that’s why I did that album. So yes, the feedback is good and I am very happy. Anyway, I do not look at that kind of thing.

How was your performance today at Hellfest?

It went well, a little hot, a little hard because these are very intense performances. We arrive, we are dropped in all this with a technique that goes very quickly: it is necessary to make the soundcheck very quickly, it is very fast for us and it is sometimes difficult to be in it. On the other hand, we especially tried to have a maximum of pleasure and to pay homage to the things we have in our guts. And I think that was done, especially for me. There are a lot of things going on when I’m playing a Hyrgal show. It’s not just playing music in front of the others, there is also a sort of catharsis behind all that and this is important for me, this is vital. This catharsis was done and the tributes I had to make were made too so I am very happy. And that’s the main thing.

What have you planned for the rest of the year 2019-2020?

There is the new album. There is no release date yet, there are no things planned yet. I finish it by myself. And there are still fewer people on it than before. So, we are only two this time with Nico, whom you saw on the drums today. He saw me in distress when I did not have any drummer and so on. So he has been integrated in the band and he gives me a serious hand. I do not know how to thank him. We’re going to do this album together and we’re going to put anger in it like never seen before.

So we hope to release it in the second quarter of 2020. We will see, for now, nothing is defined, nothing is fixed. For the moment the album ends, I arrive at the end and there will be only to work with “les Acteurs de l’ombre” to be able to release it in the best way.

I leave you the last words of this interview.

I will not pretend to shout a rant because, who am I to do it? Everyone sees noon at his door. I have especially one thing in mind, which is that those who love this music made with the guts do not get lost, that they remain faithful to what they like, to what they believe and that they continue to love this music there in the deepest of themselves, because that’s how this scene lives. She lives in the hearts of people and not on scenes.

Photos by Stephan Birlouez for


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Coilguns HF

Meeting with Coilguns at Hellfest 2019

At Hellfest 2019, I had the opportunity to meet Louis and Jona from Coilguns. I share with you this pleasant exchange that I had with them. I really recommend you to listen to this “angry rock” that comes straight from Switzerland. They have interesting things to tell you.

First, let us start with the presentations. Who are you and what is your job in Coilguns?

Jona : My name is Jona Nido and I play guitar.

Louis : My name is Louis Jucker and I am the singer.

How would you define Coilguns musically speaking?

Jona : I always say that we make angry rock because we mix a lot of stuff. I do not say that we do something especially by mixing the influences of each but it is a fact that we take a little at all rocks.

We do not really like to set boundaries. So, we can have elements from grind, punk, hardcore, noise but still with a very angry rock base, I feel.

About the songs, do you have favorite themes or recurring themes?

Louis : The last album we released is called “Millennials”. It is a name that people would have given to the generation that concerns us. I find it quite curious and strong to give a name to a generation that is “in progress” especially if there is no real link between the people who represent it apart from everything around them. It’s a bit like the Internet generation. It’s something that connects us.

Of course with an album title like that, all the songs will really question what connects us, what makes us have something together and all the problems it can create. Then it also have a look at the cowardice we can have compared to that.

Then, after, without wanting to do conspiracy or anything; this album also helps to be able to exorcise this impression of being a kind of mini ant in a gicantic anthill which does not know or find which direction it is necessary to walk in this anthill. It is also to exorcise that, to shout out these questions that turn in our heads. It’s about the job market, about our individual liberties, about our relationship to love, desire, our sources of fear … It’s a hyper-violent music, unpleasant, noisy but it can carry our ideas.

For my part, I discovered you in a small room. During the show you (Louis) had a close enough contact with your audience, there was a lot of physical interaction with the audience. I was wondering how you would manage this tomorrow, on a stage so far from the public.

Louis : What I’m working on is something pretty close to the moment. I do not necessarily want to shock people, rush them or force them to listen. I really try to find a way to be at the same time in a place and it often passes by gestures but they are improvised over the concerts because they may not be the same in Liège than elsewhere.

Here at Hellfest it will still be different because it’s an audience that will be weird: it’s a big meeting with lots of people who know us, others who do not know us and who all come from different horizons. I think it will be difficult to create the present moment. Especially because I think the people here are waiting for something to happen. I’m not sure there will be a need to go down in the audience, to touch people since anyway, touching all of them would take a lot of time. We will see, anyway, it is not something that I can prepare too much since it must remain natural and in the present moment.

Do you expect something in particular from this performance here at Hellfest ? Reach a new audience, have a better visibility ? Maybe it’s also a dream for you to play on a stage like this?

Jona : Where we are now, I would not say it’s a dream. It is rather the continuity of the work we began when we started the band. That is to say that with the last album, it’s really something that we had set ourselves as objective. Because it is clear that it is an complicated life to tour at the level we tour. We do not play in front of hundreds of people every night and yet that’s what we do full time. And then, in some ways festivals such as Hellfest gives us credibility, it validates our work a little.

When we released the last record “Millenials”, we thought that if we were programmed at Hellfest, it would give us some juice. Of course, there are many other things that give us energy and make us want to continue. It’s true that it’s been a few years since we tried to play it and that there might not be arguments to do it. And now, I do not know how the decision was made but what is certain is that we released this new album. We have the impression that there is an evolution, that there has been development. And then, as luck would have it, we’re booked at Hellfest so it’s not at all pretentious, but it seems natural to me in the continuity of what we’ve set up to do.

After that it is pretty interesting to see that we play at half past 10 in the morning. What made me laugh, but after talking with other people, I realize that it is a position that highlights the band because suddenly we become the band that plays at half past 10 in the morning . I do not have the impression that there will be an audience of people who do not know us at all, but, by snowball effect, we will of course be exposed to many people who do not know us or who have never had the opportunity to see us but who know us. And after what it opens, I feel that it’s more on the “pro” side: it’s going to maybe impress one or two or three guys who come to concerts if we tell them we played at Hellfest, but I realize that I have seen other bands, in such big festivals, but  they are still playing in front of 150 people in touring clubs.

Louis : Everything is out of proportion. I think it’s pretty cool that we are placed in a weird place on the program, it fits us pretty well. And then I looked, there was a guy who had a t-shirt with the programming and we are all the way down in the center. I think that’s exactly what we are. We have no dreams of greatness or stuff like that. I just hope we’ll be able to prove something that makes it a good day.

What do you prefer: a festival or a small venue? What is best for Coilguns ?

Louis : Exactly, we had been programmed while we were on break. We had been programmed at the Paleo Festival, which is one of the biggest music festivals in Switzerland. They had programmed us to close one of the evenings. It was rather something that I dreaded. I wondered if it was really such a good idea. Especially since it’s an audience that does not know this music, so we do not know how it will react. I did not want to do the fair beast or the caged animal or the freak show or the exotic product. I think that was not the intention of the programmers at all. What we do is spectacular: because we play very hard, we move a lot, we shout very loudly. There is something spectacular but it is not at all a show that wants to be a source of fascination. We want to share energy. I did not find the result as conclusive as that. After, it’s a time where we did not tour much.

Later, there was another festival, a little smaller but the same kind that had programmed us. And there, we had a long talk with the programmer and we were also at another moment of confidence in our scenic game. And it went really well.

I feel that now, we can play anywhere. It does not matter whether we are playing in front of five people or in an empty club, or in a hype club or in a festival: they are only different subjects with which we can work with so I have the impression that we can go everywhere. Our music works better and better in big speakers. At first, there were so many cymbals and then just guitar with riffs that no one could get what we wanted to say. I think now we are going in directions that are often closer to songs and I think that, it can also make the thing more interesting to play.

I do not think we have the will to make niche music. Finally for us it should not be niche what we do but seeing what is “not niche” music we would rather play niche music.

I leave you the last word of this interview.

Louis : It gives me the same impression as if you were asking me to record something to put it in a satellite and send it very far. I wonder who still reads these magazines, who is interested in that. Then, since they read us, well I thank them for showing us interest, for documenting themselves and for having this curiosity because I find it beautiful. So, thank you for being interested in that.


Picture by Tigroo Photo for All Rock

Diamond Head

Diamond Head : a band from the new wave of British Heavy Metal

Diamond Head: still a band that you might not know even if they probably exist for longer than you … Brian Tatler and Rasmus Bom Andersen answer our questions about their career, the integration of Rasmus into the band as well as on their new album: The Coffin Train!

Hello, how are you? How do you feel to play here, at the Hellfest?

– Brian Tatler
Yeah, well, thank you. I’ve never played at the Hellfest before. I’ve been here a couple of hours and I haven’t had a proper chance to look around yet. We haven’t been to the stage where we will play yet. It looks like a fantastic site. I’ve never seen anything like it. We wanted to play here for a number of years and the opportunity has only just arrived. So you got to make the most of it and we’ve got a 50 minutes slot and we’ll play three new songs of the new album. I think it’s gonna be great.

You’re part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, could you tell us more about it?

– Brian Tatler
Well, it started in around 1979. I think there are lots of bands all over the UK that were trying to play Rock like the classic 70s bands. So many great bands come out in the seventies as you know. That’s still my favorite decade of music. So we were one of the bands, we were from the Midlands and we just wanted to play a similar sort of music. We’d seen these bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, … We just wanted to do something along those lines but be original. We adopted a little bit of punk rock into our style because it had been huge in the UK two years earlier and I liked it. I wasn’t aware of all these other bands around the UK. I only knew about the Midlands and when the thing happened in Science magazine, they called it a new wave of British Heavy Metal. Suddenly I was introduced to Saxon, Iron Maiden and Samson and then because everybody was getting coverage, I thought: “Wow this is a perfect opportunity for us to get a record deal and get noticed”. I just hope that’s what gonna happen.

Is there anything funny or impressive that happened to you or what is the most impressive or funny event?

– Brian Tatler
Well, I can remember certain festivals we’ve done: we did Reading, Sonisphere, Wacken and a couple of times Sweden Rock. Some of those gigs are so big and monumental that they kind of stick in your mind. I always liked that feeling of finishing an album and you get a finished product in your hands. It’s such a long journey from trying to write a song to get it in a cd in your hands. That’s a big sense of satisfaction for me to know that it’s done, that people could listen to it and I don’t have to worry about it or fiddle with it any longer. They’re lucky babies: you put a long time and care into them and hope they’re gonna go out, go around the world and people are gonna like them.

Since your self-titled album, you are working with a freelance vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen, how did you choose him?

– Brian Tatler
Just simply, a friend of a friend of a friend kind of recommended him. He lived in London, we didn’t know each other, I called him up and he came up to the Midlands and auditioned for Diamond Head. We went through some old songs. I think you can get the lyrics on the website or something like… Two songs came up and he was fantastic. Within about half an hour, I just thought: “Yep you’ll be fine”. I didn’t really think about writing with him or making new records at this point in 2014. Initially, it was just to play live: we had gigs coming up. Then, we saw if we can write songs together and in 2016, we released a self-titled album followed by the Coffin Train. So he has done two albums with us and he’s a fantastic and very talented singer. He’s also the producer on this album and he mixed it as well. So he’s an amazing talent.

You decided to make as the 7th album, a self-titled album, how did you choose that it was a good time to make this album? Is it because you think you are at your best?

– Brian Tatler
Not really. I wasn’t bothered about making another album. We’ve done two with Nick and then Nick emigrated to Brisbane in 2009. So it kind of makes it very difficult to fly backward and forwards for gigs. I thought there’s not really much point in trying to make an album if the singer lives in Australia. So after a while, we said let’s try to get a singer that lives in the UK. This is how we found Rasmus. Then, during a time when we were touring, he started suggesting that we could write songs and we should try. I thought: “OK let’s try it! If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, we’ll walk away and say “well, we tried!” But it did work and within about a week, I realized it’s gonna be really good. We’ve got plenty of good materials with some really good ideas coming from everybody. We set off on the course of let’s make an album. We worked that out how we could do it and where we could record it: the technicalities of making a record. It turned out great and we got a label called “Dissonance Productions” to release it. It’s been great, the press and the reaction was fantastic.

Regarding “The Coffin Train”, what inspired you this album and why did you choose this name?

– Brian Tatler
Yeah. The title comes from one of Ross’s dreams. He had said he had a dream where there was a train going towards him. All the carriages looked like coffins. We would just hope that’s a really strong game age and we had some titles. But we thought, of all the titles, The Coffin Train seems to have the most power and the best image because we could picture train on the cover. We started making ideas and images to do with trains and that kind of thing. It worked really well. Rasmus just joined us here. He just asked us about what inspired the coffin train. I’ve sort of explained the title and all that. So If you want to continue…

– Rasmus Bom Andersen
Yes. So it came from a dream while we were on tour and I saw this sort of a train coming with the skull, these big coffins for carriages and body parts flying out. It was sort of running away from this giant mushroom cloud and then this orange dust everywhere. This show just inspired that image and inspired the sort of the key theme for the song. We’re bringing it around our own end. It’s pretty much about what we are headed on a track of coffins if we don’t stop. Essentially that.

Diamond Head - Coffin Train

What was your approach for the creation of this album compared to the previous ones? Have you changed your way of working?

– Both
Only a little bit!

– Brian Tatler
Everything still starts with riffs. I try and come up with a guitar riff and build a demo. But what we did this time which Rasmus suggested was: I go down to riffs and try to work together on some song ideas. We would rewrite things, add to them, make new demos and riffs and then eventually we’d get to go into the rehearsal room and start trying things out with the band: adjusting pitch, tempos and things like that. Rasmus is also the producer on this album and he mixed it as well. So that’s different to the last but it sounds so much better for him.

– Rasmus Bom Andersen
I’m sure I drove you mad Brian: how long I just sort of spent on it but I think we’re happy with what it will be anyway.

– Brian Tatler
I knew you could do a good job and I knew you were trying to get it as good as possible so… I used to say it to myself. I can’t argue with that and you’re only trying to make it as good as it can possibly be. I just got to be patient. I know it’ll be great. I’m more impatient than Rasmus. I’d get a bit frustrated. whenever he said BMX, I knew it’s gonna be fantastic: it’s brilliant. A week later, he sends another mix. I trusted Rasmus and I would just let him do it.

– Rasmus Bom Andersen
We just went with it and tried to do the best thing that we could. Shortly. But I know I spent a very long time trying to get it to the best I possibly felt I could. Eventually, you always had to let it go because you can’t keep mixing and touching and tweaking… Sometimes Brian says: “Enough Ras’, it is good now !”

– Brian Tatler
I probably tried to stop Ras’ becoming crazy. I’d say: “Look, you’ll drive yourself mad! You need to stop!” We even booked the mastering to say: “It’s the day it’s gonna be mastered so you have to finish for this day.”

– Rasmus Bom Andersen
We re-recorded the whole vocals. I’m happy that I have rerecorded that because now when I listen back to the other version, I’m thinking : “That’s shit! The new is great!

– Brian Tatler
You never regretted spending that time.

– Rasmus Bom Andersen
No, no. It was one of the best choice I did on this record.

For the music video “The Coffin Train”, was it your own idea or did you receive help to design and realize it?

– Rasmus Bom Andersen
No, we approached a company that I’d found which are based in the Czech Republic. They did this animation for another artist that they worked for and I thought this is a really cool idea. I asked them to follow the lyrics and go with what was there but they sort of make a piece of art to a piece of art as they say. I think it came out really really good. It’s very powerful. They used a lot of powerful images and I think the song is only empowered by that. The people now sort of listen and read more to the lyrics and the story behind it. I know we had sort of problems with it because it’s too political but it’s not political issues controversial because it’s what’s going on. That’s the whole point of writing a song, like other things, to carry a message through. It was a company called “All4Band” in the Czech Republic and they’re online. They do great work! I’m very happy with what they did.

Your music video gives off a dark atmosphere, could you tell us more about the lyrics and the message you wish to convey through this music video and this song?

– Rasmus Bom Andersen
We touched on the subject … It’s about where the humankind is pushing themselves to. If we don’t understand that we can’t keep living the way we do, we will eventually create our own end. It’s not about “if”; it’s about “when” because the numbers speak for themselves. Unless something … Cataclysmic happens in advance to sort of balance, we will eventually end up on a train of coffins.

We arrive at the end of this interview and as always, we leave you the last words of this one.

– Brian Tatler
OK! Well, we’ve got a lot of festivals coming up. We’ve really been looking forward to play Hellfest today, we’ve got Wacken coming on and then we’ve got dates with Saxon and Black Star Riders later in the year. A lot of other festivals in the UK and in Europe. So that’s what we’re building towards hopefully to get out in the US and in Canada next year. So it’s going really well. We’ve now got professional management and we’ve got a great label for the new album. So it seems like all the stars lined up and it’s going really really well at the moment. A message: if you haven’t heard the new album, check it out! It’s out since a couple of weeks now and it’s called “The Coffin train”.

Pictures by Stephan Birlouez for


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The RumJacks

The Rumjacks or when the folk music meets the punk

It was after a crazy concert at Hellfest that I had the great pleasure to meet Frankie and Johnny from The Rumjacks. They will tell us about their career as well as what could bring them a buzz on Youtube like “An Irish Pub Song” with its 52 million views.

Hello how are you? How was your concert, here in one of the biggest European festivals, the Hellfest?

– Frankie
It was very very good. It’s the earliest show that we’ve played in a long time because normally we come on at like midnight or 1 a.m. So we had breakfast and then we played a show. It’s a great day to be at work and now we get to enjoy the other bands. It’s different for us coming to a mostly metal festival where you think: “Who’s going to come and see you or guys like us ?” but, before we went on, the entire place was filled and the circle pit was happening and the smash pit was happening. It’s really good that people just love what it is. As long as you give it some serious energy and some power and they just say yep, that’s why they’re here. We enjoyed it ourselves very very much.

– Johnny
Yeah. It was only a 30 minutes short set but we made the most of what we did in 30 minutes. I don’t know how many songs but we did as many as we could in that time. 30 minutes was unreal. It’s good fun. A lot of people; more than expected so…

Last year, you celebrated your 10 years of career, did you think to arrive there? What are your worst and best moments of the last 11 years?

– Frankie
The worst moment was when I saw my best friend, here, Johnny, fall through a stage. Not because: “Oh shit my bass player is in trouble” but because I built that stage with a friend of mine. I was thinking my building is shit. I thought I was a good builder. So that’s the worst and the best… Every time we play anyway here in Europe is always the best. You always catch up with good friends, come to New festivals, see old friends, make new ones and just being out there together really is like… Yesterday, I flew all the way to Alicante and then came to Nantes and then I thought: “Why am I flying like this to go to work for half an hour? How did you come out there today ?” : that’s why! Everybody’s just going crazy and it’s always a good time for me.

– Johnny
The different places of the world we’ve got to be able to see and travel to from playing music. That’s what I will highlight and for the downsides: the lack of sleep, it’s probably the only thing but you can always make up for that. It’s not the end of the world. I get to travel to see the world: It’s good fun.

– Frankie
I used to go to festivals like this a lot when I was in my 20s and then I got tired of being dropped on my head from the top of a crowd or coming away sunburnt, drunk and with every muscle in my body aching… I said: “Allright, I still like festivals but how do I come to them and not get fucked up … start a band!” So we started the band and now we get to be in the cool spot.

How did you come up with the idea of Celtic Folk / Punk Rock? Was it the original idea or did you evolve towards this style?

– Johnny
Well, we all came from different bands and we all played music for a long time before the Rumjacks became the Rumjacks. A chance meeting with Frankie in a local pub in the Blue Mountains, far west Sydney. They met and talked and talked music and went around his house and listened to what he had. We all did music in different styles beforehand and it came from our parent or we grew up on the music. It was always there. Then, you listen to heavier music or whatever you want to call and you kind of forget about a little bit or you do something else but you come back to the music you grew up listening. The Worlds Collide a little bit. It’s not reinventing the wheel but it’s just making better wheels.

– Frankie
Yeah, there were many bands before us. From even the 50s and 60s, there were guys that were playing folk music back then, particularly in Scotland and Ireland where we are from and where our families are from. Today they’re like: “Oh a lovely folk band” but you’ve got to remember, in their day, they were like the Wild Boys! The folk guys were like the heavy drinkers, the party animals, the guys playing the stuff that the old people didn’t want to hear at all: “Oh look! They’re making a mess of old traditional music” They were like the rockers of their days and, of course, as Johnny said, we got into heavier music from metal to punk rock and we grew up with all of these records playing in the host whenever the parents got drunk. You’d be trying to go to sleep, you hear ‘The Dubliners’ or ‘The Corries’ and you’re like: “Oh my God! Not again…” So it’s inside you anyway! Then, when you smash those two influences together with everything else that we’ve done in our own life, it just goes together really well. We play a stylized version of the traditional music or the folk music that our parents liked. We just play it loud and fast. And so, we end up in metal festivals. Yay!

– Me
When we saw your show, It was perfect for you. The crowd was amazing so …

– Frankie
Oh, there is a very good crowd on our shows! They’re very very cool. I mean: I know every band in the world says it but I really believe it that we have the best fans anywhere in the world. We never have any trouble. It’s always good good good people just losing their shit. We meet them a lot and we form friendships with them over many years, some of them. I honestly said many many times that I’ll put my fans up against your fans any day for being the best humans in the world and then they can fight it out or maybe have a drinking competition or a beer pong or I don’t know.

Your single “An Irish pub song” counts more than 52 million views on Youtube, what was your reaction when you noticed this incredible climb? Has this changed anything in your career?

– Johnny
I remember being out with a friend: Basil. He’s also in charge of records. I remember him telling me: “Have you seen the YouTube hits ?” We’re just having a beer and he told me that that was like a hundred thousand. I thought we just put it up and you forgot about it. I never paid attention that it has gone up really quick and that it keeps climbing and climbing and climbing … Clicks and shares can be one thing or can be absolutely nothing but it definitely helped us reach an audience, start looking maturing, start moving around, leave Australia and broaden our horizons. I won’t say badly about YouTube and the Internet helping us at all because it has, it definitely has! It wasn’t intentional at all. There was a cheap video that we made at a St Patrick’s day gig in Sydney in a couple of local pubs. It was done in a day and we put it out there and we just do what we could with what we had at the time. So it’s not intended to be a hit by any means: what’s a hit, I don’t know. It was a surprise but we are very thankful that it did at least it! It was a gateway drop to the rest of the Rumjacks. Then, I guess we backed it up with music that people liked as well as “An Irish Pub Song”. But it was definitely a gateway to help us continue, broaden, back it up, do it and follow it up.

– Frankie
I had an early version of that song in a personal demo that I did. It was more like a poem but it was kind of done over the top of some music. I had the lyrics in the car with me when we were driving from Sydney to Brisbane one time which is a 12-hour straight drive. I was showing them to our guitarist and he was reading them and he said: “You have to make this a song! This has to be a song!” I said: “Yeah! OK! OK!” So when it came time to write our first album we sat around the table and he came up with a little thing and then I said: “All right! This will suit these words”. I changed the words a bit, put it on top. I was joking but I told everybody in the band, told my friends that this is going to be if anything, the biggest thing we ever did because everybody will understand it. I said no matter where you are in the world even in the Himalayas when you’re climbing the Himalayas you find an Irish pub. So everybody’s gonna understand this so I said: “At least it will translate anywhere in the world and so maybe it’ll be a hit” The next minute, like Johnny, says, hundreds of clicks become thousands and then millions. It’s cool but I can’t pretend to be surprised. Everybody is going to love this because it’s the pub song, It’s the hit, It’s the gimmick. As Johnny said, it opened up people to look at the rest of our stuff. They got more albums, more videos, more things and we engage a lot with our fans and so there’s always something for them. We’re always giving them something so they’re always giving you the love. That drove us to the point that we can play festivals like this. It’s not just done when you make the song, it’s popular, and then sit back and wait for the offers to come. You have to work hard and then when they say these guys work hard, they see the videos and the interactions and they say: “Well, they’re gonna have an audience here let’s bring them to this festival”. Some of our other songs and videos have millions of clicks too because it started that ball rolling 10 years ago and now we like anything we do unless it’s absolute shit. Most people are gonna like it and say “I’ve been following these guys since I was a child now I’m an adult and I’m making better decisions with my life but I’m not changing my love for The Rumjacks.

You did your first tour in North America in 2017, how was the reception? Do you have countries in which you would like to play?

– Frankie
I would like to play in the People’s Republic of China. Just because I know how difficult that is. It’s easier than in America. Now we have a very big audience in America. Apart from Europe, it’s the other big market for us. We’re always growing it, we gonna go there soon and start up some new deals for us to tour and do some other things there. We have to answer that other big half of our market. We’ve been in places like Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Russia, and Ukraine. It’s crazy that they love this thing. We have to really expand more on the American thing because when I was growing up, we were said: “Oh imagine you made it big in America”. We made it big in America before we even went to America. There’s the Internet for you. Back in the days of the fax machine, you couldn’t do that.

– Johnny
Like Frankie said it’s somewhere we need to get back to and do better shows: there are so many people and they have such big places too. They have been supporting from the very beginning as well too. So we ought to do our best. It’s not easy. Americans, you make it very very hard for bands to tour but we’re working on it and we have not forgotten you. They need to be visited. Myself, I want to see more of Asia, that would be great. We did a little run there like Frankie said Japan was wild and absolutely amazing: really good people, great food, great cakes, great music, … They are really passionate about music there; they go a hundred and ten percent. Love you got back there and see more of evasions for me.

– Frankie
There is a really good band that we toured with in Japan last year. I just love them and I’m gonna share the name anytime I can. Look them up! Their band called Fungus. They are just the best guys on the planet and they are really, embarrassingly, good musicians. They make us think why are we playing after these guys. Like everything else in Japan, it’s 110 percent perfect on all rates. There’s nothing in between. They’re funny guys too. So anybody who wants to read this, check out fungus and get some good Japanese street punk!

What are your projects? Are you working on something new? How do you see the future of the band?

– Frankie
We’ve never made thought the other day; we’ve never made an album that wasn’t in a hurry. We’re always trying to get an album done so we can go on tour again or I’m in the studio at midnight, flying to another country in the morning and writing the last lyrics for the songs. We’ve always done things like that and I think that, in its own way, push the best from the band. It’s more alive than taking two years to make an album: Fuck that! We can’t spend two years making an album even if somebody gave it to us for free. What are you gonna do for the rest of those two years: sit around to get lazy and write pretty songs… We can write a pretty song but it’s a pretty song that’s gonna shake your soul too but it’s on the point. So this summer we’re doing a lot of festivals across Europe and then looking forward to other great territories by the end of the year and early next year but I’m using this time also to start writing songs and gathering songs because we know next time they say: “Are you guys ready to do an album ?” We can come in with at least 10 songs to start with and say: “All right, we go! We have an idea! It’s different from the way we used to do it. We live in five different countries now and we see more of each other than when we lived in the same neighborhood in Australia. That’s pretty crazy. We share ideas online, send mixes and send things. So before we have a session in the studio, we have one or two practices of the song Let’s do it! So right now, we’re building songs to get ready for hopefully another album next year but there’s lots of videos, lots of other content that we’ve created, some acoustic stuff, some live things that we’re starting to share now from last year. So there’s always something coming out. We’re always up to something. We are like terrible little children with shit all over their faces, you can’t leave them alone for five minutes and trust that they’re gonna do nothing. We’re always doing something, you know that when the children go quiet and it makes you nervous, you say “Where is that little asshole ?” That’s like us. It’s like: “Oh they’ve been quiet! They’re up to something !” There’s always something and that’s awesome right now.

For the public who does not know you yet, what would be the song you would recommend to them? Is this your favorite? If not which one is it?

– Johnny
Mine would probably be, if it wasn’t “An Irish Pub Song” for obvious reasons, the title track of our last album “Saints Preserve Us!”. In the four minutes and 10 or whatever it is, it kind of gives you an up-to-date version of what we do. It’s not shamrocks and shenanigans 24/7. It’s not smooth reggae vibes 24/7. It’s not straight punk or punk rock stuff 24/7. It’s all found somewhere in the middle there.

– Frankie
That’s a good point that Johnny said that because it’s a very unique song. Even now it’s got its base in like Hard Rock and everything else, it still has this unique quality from us that indicates maybe you should go and find out what else these guys do. You’re gonna get the whole thing which is basically a punk rock band, a band, a rock band, a heavy band and whatever. The played music was heavily stylized by the stuff that we grew up with individually and then as a band. So there’s a lot of reggae, there’s a lot of Scottish and Irish folk music, there’s a lot of street punk and there are elements of metal. There are all these things and it’s just representing our experience of music in this life. But, of course, because we have a very strong Scottish and Irish background, it’s going to have that element all the way through even in a heavy song. You’re going to have some mandolin or some whistling and like that, that says: “it’s heavy and I want to smash myself but also I can drink a green beer and go looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’m so confused’ We’re definitely a band for confused people. If you’re confused, we are your guys because we’re confused too.

We arrive at the end of this interview and as always, we leave you the last words of this one.

– Frankie
OK well, I’m still feeling a little bit shy because, two nights ago, I had a dream that our guitarist Gabriel kicked me out of the band. There was a big bar on stage, like in the middle of the stage, where everybody could just come but the sound of the coffee machine was killing my side and I couldn’t hear what I was singing. So I fucked up and saw the guitarist kick me out of the band, I’m asking him some very tough questions now like: “Do you even like me, bro? Do you like me ?” and he thinks he does. But it was just a dream so it’s OK! Everything’s good! We’re not going anywhere! That’s the only experience I have to share with you lately. But we’re gonna be around for a while and that’s it for me.

– Johnny
Just a massive thank you to everyone who listens to us: your listeners or your readers that may not normally go towards what we do, check this out and have a listen and surprise yourself. Surprise us, turn up to show and we’ll enjoy together. Cheers.

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Bare Teeth

Bare Teeth: the globetrotting punks

Just back from an Asian tour, Greg from Bare Teeth came to present his band at the Hellfest 2019! I met someone full of ideas and who gives himself the means to succeed! If they can’t, I don’t understand anything!

Hello, how are you?

I’m very good! We returned Tuesday night from an Asian tour and we arrived on Thursday on the Hellfest and the Knotfest saying that we will also be happy to return.

You did a split with Nerdlinger, Down Memory Lane and Shames, where did you get the idea? How did you choose the groups?

So it’s quite diverse! The idea of the four-band split record was quite heartfelt because it was something I knew when I started listening to punk rock. There were a lot of splits in the bands I listened to. It’s a format that is less common now but I’ve always found it to be relatively cool to help groups on the split benefit from everyone’s audience. Especially since it’s helped a lot by social networks now, which did not exist in the 90s! To make a split with four groups it is rather complicated: it is necessary to find the groups which are available, which have original songs and which are ready to go to record them … but also to find the labels which are interested, to see the labels which want to push their groups or stuff like that.

In the end, it was done quite simply even if it remains a long-term project. “Shames“: it’s a group I’ve known for a long time since I already shared a previous split with them in Japan. On the last tour in Tokyo, we could replay 2 concerts with them so the links are quite strong between us. The other two groups I know them less.”Down Memory Lane“: it’s a Canadian group that’s in “Thousand Islands Records” and when I contacted Bruno from the label, he was super hot to do it. There were different hazards but eventually, they were able to produce four original titles. And finally, there is “Nerdlinger” which was proposed to me by Daniel with whom I was in contact. We quite naturally proposed to their label “Pee Records“: an Australian label that is one of the biggest punk rock labels out there and works pretty well. So I’m pretty happy with this release because we have labels that work well, have good visibility and really believe in the project. We are not a kind of catalog fund where we have released a split because it is cheap and then we will see if it sells. No, there really was a real promotion and each group is invested. It was a beautiful experience!

Tom, your bassist took care of the lead vocals on this album where did you get this idea?

Tom is singing lead only on the track “Running wild” and it’s something pretty new. For this piece, in particular, it is a compo that he proposed to the rest of the group and it is his first compo that he submits us from A to Z. This was really new for us but one has a real will to diversify in terms of singing. Historically I’m the lead vocal but I think I’ll keep titles to lead vocals and others it will not be me and where it will be Tom or Titouan, the second guitarist. We will do a lot of tests until the release of the next album. Regarding the other two titles “Death Note” and “Storytellers”, it’s always me that sticks.

You released a clip for the song “Running Wild”, how was the realization? Have you been helped for the design?

Once again “Running Wild” is Tom’s idea and we let him manage his idea from A to Z. We reworked with Martin Genty of “I.Shot.Films” who had already made the clips of “Parted Ways” and “Tomorrow Starts Today”. There, it was a little different since we had an actress who was chosen for this clip and which is really, compared to the previous clips that we released, we see us less in the clips and we see more an actress. The places too were quite different: we filmed in a kind of tank in Roubaix. We wanted a really atypical place a little murky which shows precisely the confinement and claustrophobia. “Running Wild”: it’s a pretty strong title precisely on dementia and things like that. So that’s an idea of ​​Tom and we really let him manage from A to Z his idea and including for the clip.

This song tells the story of a person locked in a dead-end, and you mention the fact that it happens much more often than you think, is this something that particularly affects you?

Yes of course. We follow a lot of English bands with whom we are friends and everything. There is a real awareness of people who are suffering from mental problems, difficulties, things like that. It is something that is really important to us. Here is the delirium punk: a little virilist and all that, it’s really not our cam! We are truly in helping each other, in sharing and in support. “Running Wild” fits in this case of people who sometimes fart a little lead alone or stay in their corner. Reaching out: it’s not something complicated; pay attention to his mates too. We are in the process.

How were the Punk Strike Festival and your tour in Japan?

The Punk Strike Festival in Taiwan: it was really something very new for us since we have already shot twice in China the year before and once in Japan. Personally, Japan is a country that I know very well at last relatively well but Taiwan it was the big discovery. It’s a country we do not necessarily think about but they have a very good rock culture and they have very good concert halls. The Punk Strike Festival: it is one of the small festivals that exist but there are many much bigger ones. It went really well.

We played almost every day so with “Sucker” which is a Chinese band, with “Smoking Goose” which is a Korean group, with “Johnny Pandora” which is a Japanese group of Rockabilly. Absolutely awesome! The guys who go out with their Perfecto customized with bananas and all that. Besides, they are mortal and came to see us in Yokohama because they are from there. We really made pals and they have merchandising too stylish with combs “Johnny Pandora” and all that. It smashes! It is a kind of big holiday camp in three cities. We had a blast!

They still tried to stuff our mouths countless times with their shitty Baijiu. It tastes the tire and the first shot rasp you inside but a stern thing. We are entitled to two tastes of 54 degrees and 58 degrees … The first night in Taiwan we had a phenomenal cooked but always in a great atmosphere with super guys listening to the groups they play. We hope to return next year on a festival a little bigger if all goes well.

And then Japan, as usual, we’re a fan and we’ve already shot. I know Japan very well! The shows were great: we did four shows in Tokyo, it’s a little too much but the goal was really to make us contacts. Some shows have really worked really well with a hyper-reactive audience and we have fans who have followed us on four dates. So that was great! The last date in Yokohama was Dantesque! A public mass, friends who had come to see us that we had not seen for a long time, it was exceptional!

For next year, we may be talking about a support tour on a big band of American punk rock if all goes well and if dates stick but we will do everything to make it stick!

If you had to present your band with a song, which would it be? Is this your favorite among your albums?

Personally I find that “Running Wild” is very very good in the sense that it brings novelty compared to Bare Teeth. It stays in what we are and what we represent. I also have a small staff on “Storytellers” who talk about chasing after their dreams and that’s exactly what we do! If we looked at the expense, we would stay at Lilles! What we want is to play a maximum, to offer a maximum of public and so we go for it and we’ll see what happens later.

Do you have a band here at Hellfest with whom you dream to share the stage?

There you put me a nice glue. In fact, there are so many bands that I love Hellfest. Now if I have to stick to this year’s lineup, I think a little tour with “The Descendents” it would still be pretty cool!

Do you have anecdotes of tours (funny or memorable) to tell us?

If I have to tell you all the times we were drunk, it will last a long time! Yes, I have a great tour anecdote! When we were in Kaohsiung on the first show in Taiwan, I went back to sleep at the hotel because I was so drunk. Rock, our new drummer, did the same! On the other hand, Tom and Titouan had seen that there were massage parlors and they wondered if it was really massage or something else … After walking around town at 4 am and after being enticed by chicks, Titouan directly by the balls and Tom being patted nipple, they had no doubt that the massage was totally optional!

How do you see the future of Bare Teeth?

Tour, tour, tour, and tour! We have just signed at Sub Cultura Booking which is a German turner. So there, we hope to make more and more dates in Europe. That’s more or less our goal at the end of the year. Return to Asia next year according to availability And always in our boxes, the preparation of the real first album. A majority of titles is under construction or almost finalized but here we do not want to rush things! We want to do preproduction and eventually go record … Finally, not only ask our titles in the studio but why not work with a producer who will also be able to give us perspective on our titles. I think that the year 2020 will be quickly burnt on tour and recording with probably an album release in 2021.

We arrive at the end of this interview and as always, we leave you the last words of this one.

Come! We do not bite and we have fun! Our livers are totally proof of Chinese Baijiu and Taiwanese. We have nothing to wax. So come have fun, meet and live interesting experiences!

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Become a Shadows thanks to Shaârghot!

What would the spirit and the metal music give in a universe like Fallout? Shaârghot of course!
Brun’o Klose, the guitarist of the group, came to answer our questions at the Hellfest 2019 and to present the story that revolves around this funny character that is Shaârghot! If you do not know them yet, this is the time we present them because we risk seeing them everywhere in a few years!

Hello, how are you? How do you feel about playing here at Hellfest, one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe?

Hello! To play Hellfest: it is for us a consecration. It’s been a while since we’ve been there: 4 years. Hellfest was known as a festival-goer, but to be there as an artist is very pleasant.

You live in a Cyberpunk / post-apocalyptic universe, why did you choose this universe?

We did not choose it; it chose us. We are all a little inhabited, especially Etienne and myself, by all this post-apo universe and we found that there was really no representative on the stage of this universe. Now we have filled the void. Of course, one of the biggest references is Mad Max but it’s not just that. Etienne created a whole story in the end. Shaârghot is a story that has ins and outs. It is mainly based on chaos that begins to reign in society and that at some point it starts to swing from where the post-apo side. It’s just that.

You have created characters, what is the story of these characters as well as that of your group?

– Brun’o Klose
In fact, the central story is Etienne Shaârghot. He is a person who tries to have and keep a certain physical power and who does an experiment on himself but this one, in the end, fails. It highlights all the dark sides of his personality and, in addition to that, there is a kind of mushroom that begins to invade the body and especially the skin and that is why it becomes black and shiny. There is all this dark side that takes over the reason. I think we see him a little on stage he is a little inhabited. As for the other characters, they come from what is called the Shadows. Little by little, Shaârghot begins to create an army and the lieutenants are on stage in fact. Now everyone has their story but I can not reveal them yet because it will happen little by little.

– Me
So we can expect that for the next albums?

– Brun’o Klose
Yes quite!

On your Facebook page, it is marked that you are looking to organize a huge party helped by your shadows. Can you explain what is behind the name “Shadows”?

Well, here it is. In the end, it’s the people who inject themselves the “virus” who become the Shadows.

Your album is called “The Advent of Shadows”, does it tell their story?

In part yes. There are many answers that are brought in the second album for the questions that could be asked on the first. There are also new characters that come with this album as the mantes you could discover at the end of the set (Hellfest 2019). We are starting to have a few new characters and those who were on the first album are starting to evolve a bit physically.

shaarghot mantes

What is your approach to the design of this album compared to previous ones? Have you changed your way of working or is it just the continuity of the story?

So it’s a continuity of history. We continue to reveal certain things. Now on the work, in itself, the album has been much more structured. As much as the first album was made at home, there is a whole structure that has been put in place. Etienne transcribes certain melodies that Clem-X, the bassist, tries to transform into music. It’s a great job because Shaârghot is not easy. Of course! Once he begins to have an embryo, I intervene to have an outside eye. Once the song is finished, it goes to our sound engineer who is also our producer and arranges the piece. It was not the case on the first album but it is present in the second. There is quite a lot of work in the end and tedious.

Where did you get the idea of ​​combining electro and metal?

– Brun’o Klose
Because we listen to that!

– Me
It’s still two universes that are very opposed to the base.

– Brun’o Klose
Yes, but they complement each other really well if it’s balanced. We all listen a little to Combichrist, Punish yourself and we discovered Rammstein quite early. We really listen to groups that marry a little both and, in the end, we were still on some groups a little … not disappointed but a little on our hunger. At one point, we thought, “But why do not we do it too?” by really putting what we want to hear. That’s how the metal/electro combo was born, even a little punk in the mind at times.

You’ve just released your new uncensored “Z // B” music video on PornHub, it’s pretty special, right? Why did you choose this platform? Have you followed the comments of your video? If yes, who did you score the most?

– Brun’o Klose
Why Pornhub? Then! (Laughs) Because in the end, YouTube had to censor some things but against Pornhub you can not, you do not censure. It’s pretty funny and then it goes well. Now the comments on Pornhub, me, I saw one that was pretty funny.

– Me
The one that was shared on your Facebook page, I guess?

– Brun’o Klose
Yeah, that’s it, yes! This is the only one I have for now I do not know if there are others. It was pretty funny too!

shaarghot pornhub

Where did you get the ideas from this video? Have you been helped?

Always the same! It’s Etienne who has his world in his head! He saw a clip, this time, very aesthetic. Telling a story certainly but above all aesthetic with an atmosphere and with lighting. It was very very important! For the realization and the recordings, we work with Teddy Masson who until now has made us all the clips. He started with us four years ago when we made a clip in an afternoon in a cellar in Paris. The first Shaârghot clip was made in 7 hours. In 4 years, we went from 7 hours to 6 days and we went from 27 degrees to 5 degrees since Z // B was shot at 5 degrees.

What is your favorite song among your albums? and why?

It’s very complicated. There are two: there is “The Way” of the first album that I find mesmerizing on stage and “Kill Your God” of the second.

What can you tell us about Shaârghot’s future?

We will continue our concerts; we have a few where we will play including Oomph !, Dagoba, Black Bomb A, … There are some dates that I can not speak but one: we will be in Paris on October 11 at the little bath. We will be there alone. After we will certainly play also in Nantes in November and after there are other dates: another date in Paris … I can not say everything yet …

We arrive at the end of the interview. Do you have a message for our readers?

I have the tickets to eat! Well, of course! I will do in the traditional: we thank the people who follow us, our fans, as well as the people who participate in the clips. We did crowdfunding to shoot the clips. More and more people are following us and we really thank them!

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Balls Out

Sex, cars and rock'n'roll with Balls Out

The Hellfest 2019 was also the meeting place for some groups that unfortunately did not play there. Among these, Sony from Balls Out took the time to answer our questions about his group and make us discover them! It’s with great humor that they advance and create their songs.

Do you have a band here at the Hellfest with whom you dream to share the stage?

The group I would have liked to play with on this poster … I discovered Tesla this morning: Terrible! Yesterday, I saw Whitesnake for the first time in live: big slap in my face, it was fabulous! The mainstages are dreaming. But scenes like “Temple” have an acoustics that put you in an atmosphere where you really feel your organs vibrate. And damn, that’s good! I just love it ! Frankly, all the scenes are equal. That’s wonderful !

Your album is titled “Let me in (I know someone inside)”, where does this name come from?

So this name comes from my initiative. If you want to know everything: I wandered as a good tourist in Paris and I went past a booth stand. I promise you ! On a hood, I saw these words and as we have this theme in our group, I called the guys and said, “Oh damn guys, I see that too much for an album!” At first I was not necessarily taken seriously but now here is the result: we laid the song that corresponds and we made the album. Like what we are bullshit! You can interpret it differently. Good after, it has a very clear connotation but it leaves a little mystery!

What are the themes addressed by the songs of this album?

It’s essentially ass, let’s be clear! We will say 75%. The rest is a bit of group life on tour, on the roads and in the band. The way to have fun and life at 100 per hour on the road. We’re not talking about Kant’s philosophy, it’s still rock’n’roll.

What is your approach to the design of this album compared to the previous EP? Have you changed your way of working?

We took a little more time on the composition. There are songs created entirely while on the EP there were tracks that were already existing that we reworked. There, we really tried to produce something that comes out of our training and we had a lot of weekly rehearsals to produce a product that suits us. We made the first EP as a business card: “That’s Balls out, this is the first name that comes out of nowhere, Nice, and it looks like this potentially” Really a first album where we put our balls and who represents us.

Of your albums / EP, what is your favorite song? and why?

I think it’s “let me in” because it has a pretty groovy side. There is a bass passage during the break that I like a lot. It’s a slow tempo for us we’re on the 75 BPM I think. In the spirit of “Black Sabbath” and you really want to shake your head on this piece. This is my favorite sound; it makes you vibrate! Even when we play again between us, we really have fun!

For this tour, you announce small surprises and a different show although remaining rock’n’roll, could you tell us more about these little surprises and how the show will be different?

We have small surprises in terms of visual show. For that, we must come to see us. And for the following months … Well, listen there, I put you in the secret, we are already starting to compose the second. We already had ideas, by making the first, on a future. We expect a big surprise by the end of the year on a piece that will come out in 2019.

You did the first part of Clutch soldout concert at the Elysée Montmartre, how was this collaboration?

– Sony
It was December 15 in 2018. It was fantastic! The environment surprised me a lot more than the people in front of you. This is the first big scene since it was 1200-1500 people. We, we leave a hole lost in Nice and it has put us well in advance. It was great! The room is sublime and when you come back, you see all these structures and you say to yourself, “Fuck, you do not have a room behind where we will play, we are used to that.” And no, we tell you: “You’re going to open for this group!” When they put you in the mood, they make the black on stage and it’s you who opens. It’s just magic! It’s really a consecration, a nice entry-level! It made us very happy and it made us take a lot of confidence and ambition to continue. We really had a public receptive and responsive. It was great ! After we made some nice meetings after the live so … A very nice experience!

– Moi
What kind of meeting?

– Sony
No, but people who came to see us. We met and exchanged maps, coordinates, etc … People who say to me: “The guys were great! We really liked!”, It’s fantastic, it’s really fun!

Do you have anecdotes of tours (funny or memorable) to tell us?

Funny or scary …. It was for the Hell session last year, we did the Hellfest off in 2018. We tanked a little on the highway. It was morning, the return by car, and we had to take all our stuff. Our drummer had to drive and we dozed off. The problem was that everyone was drowsy: the driver included. We were very scared and we were lucky! We took the guardrail at 130 per hour, it woke us all up! We did not sleep after we were all at the cleat. After bullshit, stuff that happens to all bands: a white, … It’s rock!

How do you see the future of Balls out?

I see it rather good, rather Bercy, Stade de France, things like that … (laughs) We have a lot of projects. Everything that revolves around us right now motivates us to continue and produce more quality. The future of the group, personally , I see it above … Must tap above! We have ambition and we need to develop a more professional character because we start to see that it works.

We arrive at the end of the interview. Do you have a message for our readers?

Already for readers who do not know us yet: If you like to listen to AC / DC, Kiss, Motörhead and all this atmosphere, you will love Balls Out! It’s our cam to us too and we produce very very similar things. And for all fans: I love you guys! (Laughs) No for all the fans: stay tuned, we have some very nice surprises to come and we are on the compo of the second!

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