The first concert of Cellar Darling’s European tour was to take place on April 13th with the band Turilli / Lione Rhapsody. Due to pandemia, all the dates are cancelled one month earlier. But the trio don’t let themselves be discouraged, and immediately propose a live-streaming to compensate as best they could. The announced date is Sunday, April 5th. In the meantime, the quarantine measures are becoming more extensive and it is quickly becoming impossible to maintain this date. As a result, Cellar Darling launches its Lockdown Content Campaign.

The "Lockdown Content Campaign"

It is then a question of making the audience wait until the live streaming can take place, to stay close to the fans, to show that they are there and that they feel great. And to do this, the band will offer no less than ten videos during the whole month of April. The campaign starts on April 5th with a live chat with Anna Murphy, Ivo Henzi and Merlin Sutter. The following videos include playthroughs, acoustic versions of “Under The Oak Tree” and “Death”, “A day in the lockdown of …” videos with Ivo Henzi and Merlin Sutter, and a voice/hurdy gurdy version of “The Spell” by Anna Murphy.

The new announced date for the live streaming is May 3rd, and this time it is maintained. A “Pay As You Want” system is proposed to support the band, but the video is also available for free. We can notice that if we contribute 15€, we receive a signed postcard.

Live-Streaming review

Sunday May 3rd, around 8:20 pm, we meet the band at Soundfarm Studio, in Switzerland, in a warm atmosphere. A Facebook post announces a few minutes before, “We’ve plugged in about a hundred cables, four cameras, 24 audio channels, and connected evertyhing to the internet. But there is nothing pre-recorded and everything will be live !”

The concert starts almost immediately after the beginning of the streaming with the title “Pain”. One camera is focused on Anna Murphy juggling hurdy-gurdy, flute and keyboard in addition to vocals, another on Merlin Sutter’s drums, a third on the guitar/bass duo Ivo Henzi and Nicolas Winter (band’s session bassist), and a last one makes a wide shot of the studio. The sound is very pleasant with a lot of reverb, especially on the drums, all the instruments are distinct, we are attending a real quality live performance. The titles follow one another: “Death” (with its magnificent flute solo), “Love”, “The Spell”. The absence of applause and light effects between the songs is a bit surprising at the beginning, but the sequence is quickly done. Anna Murphy takes the floor after this fourth track. She feels stressed, and this is what she explains during her speech: they are nervous and she has lost her voice during the soundcheck.

Then the tracks “Insomnia” and “Freeze” are played. After that, a new intervention where the band reads some comments on the YouTube chat to get the feeling of the audience: “Talk more !” to which the singer replies: “My brain is melting ! ». Ah ah!

The track “Black Moon” follows, then “Hullaballoo”, “Starcrucher”, “Fire Wind And Earth” and “Six Days”. Before the last track, Anna announces: “It’s time to ask the question: do you want some more? ». The band offers us a masterful “Avalanche” to close the concert that lasted a little over an hour, all without any technical incident. About 30 minutes after the beginning of the live we were 1500 people connected. This live streaming is, in my opinion, a great success. The four musicians gave their best and remained smiling and enthusiastic from beginning to end, which largely filled the cameras and fixed lights.

The live ends with a last intervention by Anna who thanks at some length the audience who watched the live and those who contributed to allow the band to “survive” during this period of crisis. She is then taken with a laugh when she adds “I don’t know if we will do this again, maybe not ! We need to reflect about things that have just passed”, suggesting that this experience was a real adventure for them. Minutes before, she had already let out a “That’s incredible!”.

For those who missed the live, it is still available on Cellar Darling’s YouTube channel (link below), as well as all the videos from the Lockdown Content Campaign.

Cellar Darling before live

Crédit photo : Urs Gantner