Cortez no more conqueror

Release : November 9th 2018

Style : Hardcore

Country : Switzerland

Cortez is a powerful Swiss trio composed of Antoine LÄNG (Singer), Samuel VANEY (Guitarist), Grégoire QUARTIER (Drummer) and for the first time and only for this opus : Loic GROBETTY (Bassist). They present us their new album : “No More Conqueror”. 

Explosive dimension of sounds between Hardcore, Mathcore and Noise Rock. Cortez offers a vicious and aggressive sound that shows technical ability and skill. All along the opus, a great dynamic and an explosive energy devastating everything in its path are released. A massive production of robust riffs and percussions hitting heavily for fiery repercussions. The voice screamed at distance brings more this dimension of rage. This album is the first with Antoine LÄNG as singer and he is brilliant and tenacious in his role. The tracks follow one another with a strong intensity, taking everything with them in a violent storm, all this devoured by a breathtaking and stimulating energy that remains as aggressive as ever.  A set concentrated allowing you to feel even more the ardor that grips them. Thanks to titles from 3 to 4 minutes we get to the point and hit heavily. 

Cortez operates in a magic of intense rage mixing technical agility and devastating sound with great skill. “No More Conqueror” doesn’t leave us indifferent and takes us into a dimension of ardor and bubbling energy. 

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