First Damned Soul Fest of my life. This little festival with (already) great reputation intrigues me, and so I decide to venture into the beautiful little village of Bomal Sur Ourthe. When I arrive, the cold is already piercing. A small beer to warm it up, and it’s gone! I discover the room, tiny but very warm and welcoming, with its «underground» side. Who says small room, says tight audience. But not here! Despite the high attendance, we are not on each other.

Belgian groups are on display, but not only: Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands, neighbouring countries are proudly represented. A diversity that I like. There is also a diversity of styles: death, hardcore, rock’n’roll, or symphonic. I only knew three groups on the poster. But I don’t care, I love discoveries.

I start with Dirty Wolfgang. First time I see them live. Recently, there is a new drummer who joined the ranks of the hard rock «sons of a bitch» in their «loud» version. The band offers a squared and energetic set, but rather unnatural. Despite the quality of the sequences, we feel that the three musicians still have to play together before acquiring a real cohesion. But apart from the little rhythmic errors, it’s promising! The influences of the band are multiple, but Dirty Wolfgang manages to merge them into a clean style, powerful, and dirty at the same time. In short, we love!

Damned Soul Fest III : an eclectic poster
Damned Soul Fest III : an eclectic poster
Nico Mike D. , new drummer

Anwynn continues. First time I’ve seen the band since Kelly Thans from Pandora’s Key replaced «Bouc» at the growl. It was just that mix of voices that I liked. So I’m skeptical. But I quickly realize that my doubts were unfounded, so much the chemistry between Kelly and Eline is intense! The mixture works perfectly well. However, still at the level of voices, I do not change my opinion of Eline’s voice over the years: her notes deserve to be better «posed». As for the rest of the gang, it’s always as good and accurate! Perhaps a small regret: the set loses consistency and energy in its second half.

Damned Soul Fest III : an eclectic poster

My discover

It is in front of Dysrancor that I take a slap ! I’d heard of them before, but I didn’t expect my eyes to be taped to the scene from A to Z. I’m more of a distracted type. So, if the band that plays doesn’t transport me, I hang up and never pick up back. That’s not the case with Dysrancor! Not much to say about their set, more than mastered. With a good interaction between musicians and an overflowing energy, the band offers a very original and convincing mix of brutal death and black sympho. And, to say the least, it’s working!

Damned Soul Fest III : an eclectic poster

I have only one regret: not being able to attend the concert of Fractal Universe, which benefited from very good echoes. Overall, the sound and lights were very good. And the prices of drinks and snacks were more than reasonable. In summary, a successful third edition! In total, almost 500 people made the trip this year.

To conclude with a word from Matthieu Addonisio, the organizer: «My expectations are met, and at the financial level, it is a more than successful edition». It will still be a few weeks before we know if a new edition will take place in 2021. But we hope so!

Valentine Cordier