On March 5th started the crowdfunding of a new band : Dear Mother. This project is headed by Merel Bechtold, guitarist in MaYaN and ex-guitarist of the symphonic metal band Delain. By her side, Joey Marin (Delain) takes drums and the Russian singer David Hruska (Deadly Circus Fire) completes this trio.

The band announces a modern metalcore style. A short preview with three titles extracts suggests, indeed, modern sounds, with heavy and loud riffs on which we’ll can headbang any way we wish, this is joined by softer parts.

The crowdfunding ended on April 1st. But, in the evening of March 24th we learned while a Merel Bechtold’s Facebook live that 100% was achieved. Congratulations ! The band had announced that if there was any extra, it would be used to release another music video. So this is not one but two music videos that we can expect for this first album.

Among available rewards, there were the classics : photobooks, signed albums, t-shirts, drumsticks, guitar picks, Skype instrument lessons, … But the trio showed originality because we could also get, for example, guitar string bracelets handmade by Merel, participation in an interactive songwritting, an online videogame party, or a motorcycle tour ride with Merel.

Album’s recording is imminent. The release is announced for February 2021 and a first single would be reveal in September 2020.

The YouTube channel of the band (Dear Mother Official) is already full of interesting videos. Merel, Joey and David take care of promoting the project themselves and we can regularly discover explanatory videos on the thirteen songs that will composed the album.

I had chance to exchange some words via Skype with Joey Marin about this first album. Here is our conversation.

Dear Mother is not a common name for a metal band. Can you explain it ?

Merel came up with the name.

Everyone has their own ‘story’ to the name, because everyone has or had a mother basically.

It sounds and looks cool.

How is organized the composition ? Who write the lyrics ?

David, our singer, has written all the lyrics for the album.

Merel is the main songwriter, and David and me add and change our parts.

It’s a collaboration between us.

What are the themes in this album ? Your inspirations ?

This is personal to David.

Some lyrics are about suicide for example, or about the world in general.

It’s not a concept album with one theme.

When do you think that the drums will be recorded ?

We’re gonna record drums as soon as possible. Because there are some issues due to the coronavirus crisis. I hope it will be very soon, we will try to make it in April.

Did you already choose what song will be the first single ?

We haven’t officially decided yet, but the strongest contender is ‘12 Years In Exile’ . We have to choose what song is more representative of Dear Mother, what song will be affect the audience. I can say you now : « it’s this song » and maybe, later it will be another. We wait that all the album is recorded to have the final result and choose the best. So, not sure for the moment.

What are your projects for 2021 ? Do you think you will hit the stage before the album release ?

I think we’re gonna do a couple of ‘test’ shows for the album release. It will depend on when we will be able to rehearse. 2021 is all about touring and promoting the album.

Great, we will be there !

Next question isn’t about music but it’s certainly the most important for our metalheads readers : what’s your favourite beer ?

Hum … I would say … Corona ! And not because the current situation. Yes, I think Corona is my favourite.

The last word is for you, what would you like to say to our readers ?

Thank you for reading this interview. Keep an eye on Dear Mother, hope to see you all in 2021 !

Picture : Dave Pelham Photography


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