Hi Bastian,
Today we met to talk about your band “Deathtura” and the new album “Division” out October 26th.
Let’s begin, if you agree, by talking a little bit about you.

How did you met the band and how was your integration ?

Hi! So, I had some projects before that, I’m not somebody fallen in that like that. The thing is that some time passed before I’ve found some musicians who were worth it musically and humanly.

I’m a guitarist and a composer at the base and I’ve always song but I should work a lot more on my voice. Once ready to go, I couldn’t really find the band environment that suits me to do it. Deathtura was this occasion.

They were searching for a front-man, I told myself “why not”. I’ve met them and we instantly had a good chemistry. They really are very great guys and that’s rare.

Was it complex to take back the songs of the old singer ?
Did you have the occasion to reinterpret them or did they stay similar as what they were ?

That wasn’t as simple as it seems. There were some vocal lines already recorded. Some emitted good ideas, some hadn’t enough of conviction. My personal challenge was to tell myself that I must take the vocals to a higher level by bringing them my soul.

All is reinterpreted in my own way, I didn’t let nearly anything the same. You can’t feel great to sing something that you didn’t feel personally. Even if the main lines were in place, I had to examine closely the emotions that needed to be highlighted and I’ve tried to push them where they needed to go.

That’s also for this reason that I went back in studio to get things straight with the producer and restart all from zero. That was important for me, for the band and for what we wanted to tell.

Deathtura - Division

This album, “Division”, composed of 11 titles, is produced by WormHoleDeath and is financed by a crowdfunding.

Where did the idea of the crowdfunding come from ? Seeing the difficulty of those to be a success for music projects, wans’t you stressed by a possible fail ?

So, yes, the album is produced by WormHoleDeath Records at RealSound Studio. Where most people are wrong is that we did not finance our album with crowdfunding but our promo and merchandising (which, we agree is an integral part of this album and what follows from it).

It turns out that when you have to get started and be credible, you need to do it. If you come with an album, some sound but nothing to sell, then we laugh in your face. That is why we wanted to allow the people who participated to receive material compensation.

This was still quite stressful because we had tour dates and nothing to sell .. But to our surprise, the campaign went well and we came out full of emotion. Solidarity is not dead. People believe in us and I think it’s the most beautiful thing in all of this. If they think we deserve to go further, we must also prove to them that they were right.

How is the composition and writing of the lyrics? Who does what ?

The composition in Deathtura is, I think, as everywhere. Of course, every musician has his way of doing things but everyone works with the same path.

Most of the time, the idea comes from the guitar. The guitars get a riff and we put a beat on it until it rings and everyone grafts on it little by little.

Jeff, one of the founders of the band, is an inspired guy … he can give you a vibe for 10 minutes, chained to a riff that shakes your head like “Sick Of Being You”. He is terribly precise in what he wants to do and not do.

Jerem has this tendency to perfection, he works on arpeggios, sweeping, all the time. He comes up with new techniques every time and he’s really intuitive to insert full-featured gaming effects that bring something “dirty”. It suits us all. He is really talented and his solos are really impressive when you look at it.

I would say that in the end, everyone has his work and does it very well. Nico has a hell of a knuckle behind the drums and he knows exactly how to get what he wants to enrich a sequence. It is not even worth stressing the importance of drums in this kind of music and elsewhere, in all types of music. I would not want to work with another drummer.

The bass makes his work effectively, always! Jack has this trend and it’s all to his credit, to always want to bring something different in the bass and he is stuck on the drum quite remarkable.

Sometimes ideas can come on the other hand too. It can be a general idea that we want to deepen, a catchy moment that we have in mind and we dress around to make a unique piece.

The inspiration is something ephemeral but you have to know how to capture the moment and have the presence of mind to record by all possible means what you have in mind to transcribe it then.

As for the writing of lyrics, I am someone who can write easily. It has never been a problem to write on a totally random subject. I just write thoughts, a moment, a desire, a feeling. There are many topics that I still want to talk about.

And to conclude this question and avoid drowning in my interminable sentences (Do not give me a coffee, otherwise we’ll spend the night Ahahahhah).
The most impressive for us in this formation is that we have the impression that we have a “perfect” line up. We all get along, we work on instinct and it works. We are all made to do this group, it is undeniable, we found ourselves.

What are the themes covered in this album? Do you want to pass on a message(s)? If so, which one(s) ?

So, this album is very various, you have undoubtedly been able to see it for yourself. It’s desired. “Division” is the theme precisely. It is the division between you, you and you … yes yes, always you.

Do you see what I’m talking about when I tell you that you have a little voice in your head telling you what to do? Well, that’s it! The division between what you should do, what you want to do, what you could think, what you want to think … we can go very far.

There are many writing themes too but always around this same feeling. It is each time two visions that express themselves on a subject. We’re talking about the future, the one we’re going to leave … We’re talking about societal phenomena, malaise, the human illness to want to control everything, the rape, the media … But especially the daily mental pressure that the world is suffering today. .

It is always done in a fairly “controlled” way because we know that these are delicate subjects and to swing it in the face of the people is sometimes not beneficial for all.

Wormholedeath is an Italian label,so the recording of the album took place in Parma. How did it go? Are there differences with the Belgian studios?

Yes, everything was done in Italy, in Parma yes.

The recording was really exceptional. Everything was very simple in the end, but when you are surrounded by a good team who know his work and that all the musicians know what they have to do, then it can only be good.

Difference with the Belgian studios? Well … I would say that it is a matter of mentality especially, and humanly, I found that it had nothing to do … Attention, I did not say that in Belgium we are jerks eh. I’m just saying it’s different. Their way of working is really effective and they know how to put their finger on things that are worth it.

Did you get advice from an art director?

No, at the artistic level, we did the job. Let’s say it was our producer who sometimes brought out something interesting and he did it very well. Some songs really got kicked in the ass thanks to him. Big Up!

Your music video “Escape the time” was released on September 24, 2018.

Is he self-produced? Did you have outside help?

Yes, it’s autoproduced, but we had help from a director and a very good friend of the band, “Simon Hardenne”. He has already made several movies, docus etc … he is really good.

From whom did the idea of the scenario come? If it’s from someone in particular, did you hang on to the original idea or did you have to make any changes?

It was an idea of the band, coming mainly from the bass player and his wife. Which is actually linked to the lyrics. We had to do about 10 brainstorming meetings about how we would proceed. It was a very good experience. 5 days of shooting, we were all tired but we had epic moments (not broadcast, not yet ahahha)

Tino from Channel Zero appeared in your clip. How did this happen?

Tino is one of my old acquaintances, a really good guy, open and sincere. Let’s say he does not hesitate to help where he can. There are quite a few who should take example. Personally, I appreciate it enormously and had a great time with him. He is someone who is selfless and genuine.

Will there be a next music video for this album? If so, can we know the song?

Well ! You do well to ask! “Fury” has just been released … It’s a live music video that we shot at Zik-Zak in Ittre. It was “Nixare” who took charge of the realization.
And also, there are still things that we want to do but we will not reveal everything hehehe.

What is the future of the band? Is a tour planned? Where will it go and when will it begin?

We are in full promotion and booking program now. We can already tell you that we are preparing a small tour with two groups WormholeDeath, we will go everywhere in Belgium and if it works well then we will leave the country.

Otherwise, yes, next to that, we will have a lot of dates to come, we are above.

As we are also gently on a second album … The ideas are there.

You want to know more about Deathtura ?