During the Brutality Over Belgium Black Land Edition, we met and interviewed the man behind the mask of Deep Dirty. A charming person who has creativity and good ideas to pass on to you. Go see him in concert and follow his Facebook page!

Can you first introduce us Deep Dirty ? What shall we know about it ?

I’m Deep Dirty and it’s a mix of death metal, goregrind and electro beats. It’s a really fun thing with a nice look for the people to party along or something.

You are a one-man band; how do you deal with that on stage ?

Normally we were supposed to be three persons but many bands know how hard it is sometimes to drop everything and find time together. And I did more death metal stuff so I told the guys I was doing this alone. I got the beats programmed so could play the other stuff alone. It’s great to be able to jump in as a quick replacement whenever there’s a slot available. But usually it’s better to have a full band and a full set. You have to imagine, when you have three people like me on stage there’s more energy up there and it sparks the people more easily.

Why did you choose to play masked on stage?

Because it looks cool but there are other reasons as well. For example, I play with a harmonizer. When you’re using a shifter to have a mix in the vocals on stage, you’re going to have feedback sometimes. I like to be good looking but the mask blocks a lot of feedback as well.

What is the ultimate goregrind album or band in your opinion ?

Oh, this is a difficult question because there is so much great stuff. For example, The Creatures from the Tomb, some Japanese bands are fucking nice, the Czech bands are really good like Deep Throat… I meet so many nice bands all the time, I could list hundreds of bands! At home I have so many CDs and stuff. I’m not focused on one genre, I like a lot of different kinds of music.

What would be the ultimate accomplishment with the band ?

I think it is not a big dream, but it’s just nice when people like when you play. It would be nice if people were going to the shows and support things more because every musician spends a lot on his gear and even to play, doing a tour can expensive for small artists. It is not that we want to get rich but if you equipment is damaged or lost on tour, it would be nice to earn a little bit just to pay for the trip. Even though it is already great to have a fucking great time with friends and other bands and meeting new people.

I leave you now the last word of the interview.

I have a lot in mind, but I think try not to think in boxes. Don’t necessarily read the names and descriptions of the bands when you go to a concert. Just relax and have a nice evening, have some drinks and enjoy discovering new stuff.

In the past I think that there were more people coming to the shows. I’m from the Biohazard and Madball generation. There were clubs full of four to five hundred people. When there‘s a concert in those places now, sometimes there are only like 25 people. Of course, downloading and sharing stuff online is nice, but I think it is a shame to realize that if I post something about the band only 20 people check it out but if I would post a dick pic I would get like 5000 likes or something.

So, I want to say that the scene is not so expensive to have a nice evening. Just go out and enjoy watching some bands. That’s what I can suggest you.

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