Today, we introduce you to a band of Rockabilly Metal : Dead Bones Bunny with Bunny Bones, the band’s creator.

Hello how are you ?

Very well thank you ! We advance quickly, but surely.

Being a big fan of Boogie Woogie / Rockab’ myself, I wondered why did you choose Rockabilly Metal?
Is it just because of the love of the music style or is it also linked to the world of Rockabilly?

You have good taste ! Indeed Rockab’ rocked my youth in London, it was out of question for me to go to the opposite, but on arriving in Paris and discovering the world of Metal, I saw more than a musical style I saw a state of mind and even a family. The marriage of the two worlds was therefore intuitive for me, seeking the side dancing, rhythmic and accessible Boogie, but also being particularly in love with this new sound that uses all the possible frequencies to express and seems inexhaustible!

How did you discover this unusual style of music?

I worked in a bar that was playing Rockabilly all the time! At the time it was a revolution for us, but not that rare. Today, we really do not hear too much … It seems that there is not really a renewal and that everything seems to go around in a musical way. I don’t listen to radio and television, of course, but I don’t think they pass any more either. All the better, we stay between us ^^!

The name of Dead Bones Bunny is from your story, Bunny Bones. Can you remind us of this story?

Indeed Dead bones bunny is a band I created in December 2017 from my own story. It was barely a month since I arrived in Paris, it took me a little time to recover and understand what was happening to me but as soon as I could meet the right people, everything happened. Of course, you will find all the details on my personal blog.

Of what did you die?

There it’s difficult to say, we tried to put in image my memories in our first clip “Team Bunny” nevertheless it remains vague, is it the alcohol or the Jukebox which fell on me? Was there anything else? All I remember is having changed appearance at once and being projected with you.

You’ve just released your first album: “What’s up rock?” How was the design, recording and mixing of it?

All this was done in a very simple way : we did everything ourselves, except for the graphics where many illustrators and graphic artists offered us illustrations for our pieces. This allowed us to have a very well-supplied cover for each piece a graphic representation that opens on an idea. Indeed the songs are free of interpretation, that’s what I’ve always loved with music, and that was repeated to me many times by Charles Holley: there are as many interpretations of my texts as people listening to them .

I saw (on a demo) on your YouTube channel that the song “Team Bunny” originally bore the name of the group. Why did you change his name?

We have only a little more than a year of existence now, and we had to evolve quite quickly. During our concerts last year we needed a ‘demo’, musical excerpts for the people who discovered us but the album was not ready. So we set up a demo but on which the texts were not completed, it was only temporary lines that we have evolved thereafter to make an album. Once everything was written we redesigned the song names to stay as consistent as possible!

The clip of this song is also out some time ago.
Does it come from your minds or have you been advised? Are there things you would have improved or are you particularly proud of how is this clip?

It’s indeed the whole band who advised me to put in video the beginning of my history, so that it’s speaking, so that people understand by where I passed, I then went to one of our friends and we spent several days sketching, writing, and recounting my memories of this last evening in London, I am very happy with the final rendering.

If you had to recommend a song to find out which one would it be? Is this your favorite song on the album? If no, which one is it?

My biggest pride is the song “Bunny Feels” which is the one that touches me the most with each listening. I don’t know if people would like us just because of her, but it doesn’t matter it’s my first choice!

Now that the album is out, what is the future for Dead Bones Bunny? Are dates in Belgium planned?

For the moment we play everywhere but don’t particularly look for dates of concerts. The dates we just did with “Le bal des enragés” and at the Metal Cultures were really great, it allowed us to test new original scenic configurations and this is our current research. We are working on our performance so like no show is like the previous one, a small challenge that we launch and which motivates us enormously. The album is only a stage here, what we prefer is the live, the contact with the public and the exchanges, that’s why we make few dates, but very beautiful dates.

We reach the end of the interview and as for each interview, we let you conclude by leaving a message for your fans and for people who don’t know you yet.

We will surely meet soon in concert or festival: The adventure is just beginning!

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