Today, we present you Jungle Underground, a rock group from Liège in the company of François, singer, John, drummer, and finally Kuff, guitarist of the group.
Fan of Rage Against The Machine, this group is made for you and we are going to present them via an interview full of humor and jokes in their image!

Tell us a bit more about yourself. What are your musical backgrounds? Have you had other projects before? Where did you meet?

John: All the stories actually tie together.

Kuff: We’re all inbreds group actually.

François: To begin with, John and I started a band a few years ago. 10 years ago.

John: 10 years ago precisely.

François: 10 years, 10 years, 10 years. * Play with the microphone *

Kuff: 9, 8, 7, 6 ….

A band called “Back to Bac” which we started with : we did a bit of our beginnings, our first scenes, etc. It lasted five years anyway and we met Kuff surreptitiously during … we had to put it there. We were having a release party at the “Caserne de Fonck” and our former bassist at the time knew Kuff. He came to play a song with us and it’s the first time we met.

Back to bac

John: The idea of ​​the release party was to take people from bands that we knew. Some time later, “Back to Bac” stopped …

François: Why ?! * laughs *

John: Everyone has taken different paths musically

And suddenly, John went to join Kuff in his band which was called “ The Clinche’s ” and for my part, I left to join another friend. We created another band called “ Last Night Session “. It works two years like this: separated. I was separated from John for 2 years, it was very hard. I cried a lot. * laughs *

Kuff: Me, I was happy * laughs *

The Clinchee's
Last Night Session

François: Later, the two projects “Last Night Session” and “The Clinche’s” more or less stopped at the same time.

The basic idea was to make a duo but we realized that we didn’t know how to sing … When our band stopped, there were three of us in the group. We tried to be four but we never found a singer who suited our musical style properly and in the end, we decided to stop. The bassist left on his side and didn’t particularly want to continue to invest as much in the music as we wanted in any case. So both of us on our side, we continued, we composed songs. We really went in duo mode and we realized that we couldn’t sing.

Kuff: Yet we tried! It was very funny!

François: There were recordings of this? have you tried?

Kuff: Hush hush!

John: We’ll talk about it between us!

François: Even me, I’m not aware! I would be very curious to hear that!

John: So, I said to myself “I’m going to ask François a little if he wouldn’t be keen to come at least try”. I knew he ended with “Last Night”

François: Why ?! * laughs

John: A long time buddy, old band together, … I said : “I’ll ring at Francois!” We had a concert three weeks later for “Fête de la musique”.

The “Fête de la musique” were at the Auberge Georges Simenon. It was done by the 6K Fest and there were 3 weeks left. It was the “clinche’s” which, at the base, were requested. There were no more “clinche’s”. And they were still playing.

Kuff: We said to ourselves “We are going to resume the concert”. We will try, we will do a test.

François: Three weeks to try to tweak something. Let’s be very honest, that was really it.

John: In the end, there aren’t that many songs from the first concert that we kept. We may have three songs that remained.

François: So, I land there: good energy, etc. It makes me think of a lot of things and “Yeah, why not give it a try?” We left on that.

Where did you get the idea to create Jungle Underground with this style of music and why this name?

John: It just happened. The style really came on its own.

Kuff: We wanted to do Stoner originally with John. We made our style. I don’t even know how you can call it.

François: I think it’s still neo metal.

Kuff: Then François arrived and he directly said “Yes, I’ll do that”.

John: What’s quite funny is that, musically, the three of us are quite different in what we listen to at daily. The three styles mixed together of what we like, it gives that.

I think that after analysis too, we realized that we played a kind of music that we listened to when we were teenagers: Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit, System Of A down, .. . stuff that we have listened to and still listen to. Unintentionally, we have reproduced a style of music that looks very much like this.

For the name of the band, we had our concert in the next 3 weeks and I have Nico from the 6K Fest who told me: “Listen, I need a name for tomorrow!”. The three of us spent an evening around a fire.

François: What we advise to do to all bands looking for a name.

Drinking beers and chanting names all the time. A big brainstorming around a fire. End of the evening, we haven’t found nothing. * laughs * The next day, Nico asks me again … “Well, guys, I say” Jungle Underground “? OK, it’s good! Knock it out and move on!”

John: We thought at the beginning that we might change after that it’s not because we give a name a time that we could not change. In the end, we kept it.

We got so used to it … It must be said that at the base of the search for the name, we went on “Fireball Superstar 3000” … John didn’t agree . There was everything, really a bit of everything!

How do you create your songs within the band? Is it the rhythm that brings the lyrics or the reverse? And what do these say?

In general, what happens is that Kuff arrives with a riff or rather a panel of riffs, etc … that he will have composed on his side or ideas that come to him like that at the beginning of rehearsals. We try and as soon as there’s something we like, we’ll work on it. Me, I’m more in the arrangement part of the song, etc. We will both work on this on our side. François arrives to give us a hand when we log and asks him some words.

Guillaume (Editor): What do the lyrics say, in general?

In general, there are two things in the lyrics. There are many: Us in fact. In some songs, we talk about “Jungle”, it’s self-promotion after all. Saying that we are moving forward, we want to move forward, we want to go further … and suddenly, you can have a song that will just talk about “Jungle” and its desire to advance in music. And then you have everything that is happening in the world, everything that generally pisses me off and that you want to type on paper: it can range from politics, to people’s attitudes … there I think it’s pretty much like everyone else. Like any singer who finally wants to express something. There is so much bullshit in the world right now that the inspiration is permanent! * laughs *

2 EP in 2 years, it’s productive for a band from Liège. What’s your secret?

Kuff: Beer …

John: The talent!

Guillaume (Editor): A third idea to go with the other two?

François: Drugs!

Kuff: The real secret is just: We are ambitious, we have ideas, we have desires, we give each other means to achieve them …. We put from our own pocket … In the EP for example ….

I think the big problem with bands that are trying to really grow: at the start, it’s really the dough. Money is always the problem! If you want to advertise, you have to put in some money. The advantage we have is that we are a little older and we all had jobs. So we could put money directly to go to the studio, to go recording and it took a thorn out of our side by saying “Well here we are each putting money to make sure that we can produce that” . Which, sometimes, takes a year, two years, if we also crowdfund, can take a lot of time.

Kuff: I would also add that the important thing is that we are 3 great friends and we all want the same thing : move forward …. Except him, he’s an asshole! (François).

François: I was sure he was going to throw the first insult! * laughs *

John: Also the thing is that we did 2 EPs but they didn’t cost us that much either. We worked a lot on our songs before arriving at the studio. The two EPs were completed each time in 1 weekend. One or two takes and it was good.

Speaking of studio, how was the collaboration with the Studio 5 for the recording of these? Did you make any changes to your recorded songs compared to the live versions?

François: The collaboration went very, very badly … We met a guy, Maxime Wathieu. Disgusting .. * laughs *

John: We met Maxime and we fell in love straight away. He saw that we were big calves and he made us sound like big calves.

We challenged him a bit too. Because he himself didn’t really believe that in one weekend we could record four songs. Recording, mixing, mastering: it still represents, as a rule, a short week of work for four songs. And even he told us: “Guys … that won’t be enough!” “Yes, bother we’re going to go.” I think we kind of put him in an atmosphere where … we maybe raped him a bit I think … * laughs *

He also gave of himself in the end, because he still spilled over his hours. But I think we liked him as well as our outlook on life, etc … Our music …. The second time we arrived at the studio, since what we do reminds him of Rage Against The Machine, he had all the Rage albums ready on the mixer. It was already hot potato.

The second time was even faster than the first, finally. He knew the style a bit. He had already listened to some gross but good recordings. He already had an idea and it was gone! He knew we were going to get there in “Go, Go!” And so suddenly, Maxime, it’s a cream. It’s a hummus!

Kuff: And he’s a Vegan motherfucker … * laughs * Cut! Chopped off ! (And no I do not cut it !)

François: Second insult!

Kuff: What Vegan? * laughs *

Ambiance lounge au #studio5 avec Jungle Underground. Recorded by Maxime Wathieu.

Posted by Le Studio 5 on Saturday, September 22, 2018

If you had to present one of your tracks to our readers so that they discover you which one would it be? And why?

General: Impossible! Impossible!

John: We did some thinking before the interview.

François: Because yes, we had the questions before the interview. We are big cheaters! * laughs *

John: We said to ourselves: “Oh yes, but this piece is good! This one is good! This one is good! …”

Kuff: In fact there is no song that suits us …

François: No! They are all bad! * laughs *

Guillaume: And one per person either?

General: Ha! …. Ha! Ha! … There you will create a mess …

John: So I start I say “T”!

Kuff: Ah I knew it! Me too that’s what I was going to say!

François: Me, I would go on “Fuck Trump” seen as that remains the song on which I was the most unleashed. And still now, it’s still relevant, which is wonderful.

Kuff: I hesitate between “Turn the towels” (Patrick Sébastien – French singer reference) and uh …. * laughs * … Come on I would say “Badass”!

François: It’s a bit like your life * laughs *

You are there to party and have fun on stage, do you have any anecdotes of amazing or funny things that would have happened to you in concerts / backstages?

Kuff: Ah! Very good anecdote!

The others: I was sure he was going to talk about it!

François: Is it me who must say it?

The others: You have to tell it like before!

We were supposed to play at the “ Home Made Music Festival “. And besides, we greet Gilles and Sun! So, we had the idea of ​​making a fireworks behind the stage. We gathered some information and there are batteries of fireworks where things would have gone crazy. And frankly, we spent a week watching fireworks with improbable names …. We come across a fireworks where there were videos and all that … “Oh it’s going high!”

Kuff: Better than August 15th!

It’s going to be awesome! End of the concert, someone behind lights the thing and “Boom!”. I submit the idea to the organizers of the “Home Made Music Festival” and the guy sent me a picture of the stage. There you see lots of trees but with frankly only trees around the scene … And there he says to me “Your idea is nice but we will never have the authorization of the firemen. And there, it’s to put the festival on fire your idea. ” Suddenly, we said to them “It’s okay … But we’re planning something else … and we won’t tell you!” “So what is it?” “No, we’re not saying anything!” We stay with the idea of ​​fireworks.

We’re just going to say that, before giving the fall, the festival organizer told me, after the concert, “Oh damn, I saw you arriving at the end of the show, you, with your flamethrower and I started to shit on myself! ” * laughs *

We started with the idea of ​​fireworks anyway but we can’t do something that explode a lot so …. We said to ourselves “But otherwise, you know, the little tubes that shoot some little balls … It’s funny when you have one but if you have 6 in each hand … Couldn’t that make the mood a little bit … “And so , we did little tests in John’s garden to see how it was going … 1, it was going … 2,3,4,5,6 … We said to ourselves “Come on, let’s tape all that! And how do we light that? ” And John: “It’s good, eh! I have a flamethrower …” * laughs * And so at the end of the concert, we had programmed a little background music, etc.

Kuff: Atmosphere of dubstep … * laughs *

The concert ended, John takes out his flamethrower and I think that’s when Gilles said to himself “What’s going to happen?”. And we each start to light the wicks and let’s go … Frankly, it worked really well!

Kuff: We started to dance and set the mood.

One of the last balls that left almost killed someone in the audience, I think … * laughs * We downgraded the mess for the last one too soon. Well, luckily no one is dead! No one died and everyone had a great time! And us, we laughed like pigs to prepare this. It was truly extraordinary! Next time, we’ll put on the fireworks with the improbable name.

Jungle Underground - Home Made Music Festival
Jungle Underground au Home Made music Festival

With the problems related to COVID-19, how is your confinement going? Do you have dates when we could see you live? Maybe in 2021?

John: Dates, we had some anyway …

Already, we were planning to play in June and July. It all fell apart, obviously … We were all … a bit at home. Suddenly, yeah, there is the “Guerre des Gaules” which should happen in November …. We are waiting … It’s a permanent wait without knowing if, at some point, we will be able to do it or not . So it’s planned: we must play the “Guerres des Gaules” on November 14th at the cultural center of Chênée. In the meantime, for the month of September, there is a concert at “La Zone” which is also on the rails but, there too, we are still waiting. We don’t really know. And maybe for the anniversary of “Primitive Music” too …. There are plans, but we are always a little …. We do not know!

John: There are plans, there are things in sight but ….

François: And for the year 2021, there are people who watch a little …

Guillaume (Editor): And in terms of productivity? Did you have time to work on new songs?

So, during confinement, we did a song that we composed, recorded, mastered ourselves. We did the best we could, with the means we had, each at home. We sent songs to our drive, etc …. I think we didn’t do too badly for the level, which is equal to zero, that we have for all that. The song is available on YouTube, by the way, with a little video we made at the time of the deconfinement, where we were able to return to the Rehearsals rooms …

François: Liberation! We said to each other, “We might as well take advantage of the three of us being there to film.”

Kuff: And since time, we’ve been devoting ourselves to new songs for a possible new album.

In 2064! * laughs * But no, it’s true that, here, we take the opportunity to start thinking about other songs and rehearse, possibly, for other concerts … But we don’t know. It’s difficult.

We want to continue to enjoy music but it’s not easy when we know that all our concerts will be canceled! Crap, COVID asshole! * laughs *

3rd! What is especially frustrating is that we always worked on the first two years … because we exceeded the first two years of the group … on an ultra aggressive dynamic. We did concerts, we recorded, we did that … we chained, we chained because we liked it, after all. We want to be productive, we want … and all that hit us in the face and slowed us down a bit. So, we timidly try to pick up on the thing because we can’t go all the way as we did before. So … wait and see.

We leave you the last word to say what you want to our readers / your fans. So, there I think we will increase the count of insults! * laughs *

Kuff: So I’m selling a Punto, 6 doors, from 1982 with subwoofer … Contact me on 04 … 42 37.

François: And enjoy life as long as you can.

Kuff: … Punto * laughs *

François: I am told that the Punto is sold! * laughs *

John: Thanks everyone!

François: Thanks to Metal Overload!

Kuff: Thanks to Primitive Music!

François: Thanks to the office bweeeeeuuurkkkkk!

Kuff: Thanks to my mom! Hi Mom !

François: Hi mom! I know her well too! And thank you Guigui !

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