fabulae dramatis solar time's fable

Released: September 29th  2017

Style: Progressive Metal

Country: Belgium

The band Fabulae Dramatis from Belgium, presents their second album, out last year “Solar Time’s Fables”. One word to describe it is diversity : In the mix of styles ,the mix of cultures ,the instruments and the languages . A true travel in the heart of the universe of Fabulae Dramatis and their concept album is about fables and stories of the world cultures and never stops to surprise during the listening.

Their music described as Metal Progressive and Forefront represents the diversity of their experimental music. It’s a mix of different styles between Symphonic metal, Death, Power and Folk allied with music of the world style. All the titles are different and have their own personality that makes the strength of this album. This diversity is also strengthened with the alliance of the voices : Isabel Restrepo brings a huge voices range of mezzo-soprano and growl ; Wesley Beernaert’s voice is a beautiful mix between clean and harsh. The other thing that marked me on this album is the quality of the guitar solos on titles such as “Sati (Fire II)” or the final song “Barren (Gravel)”. More we get into the album, more the songs are experimental and more the travel is intense. We find a lots of varied instruments: Djembe, Sitar, harmonium, saxophone, violin, accordion… We can quote some songs that give a beautiful originality such as: The remarkable « Roble Para El Corazon » : a rhythmic tango mixed subtly with some guitars and melodic lines;  « Sirius Wind » that brings a jazz and groovy touch thanks to the saxophone and « Nok Terracottas » accentuated of violins bringing a good rhythm. The song « Forest » allows you to meet a lovely instrument: the Sitar. All the instruments mark and enrich the songs and bring a folk rhythm with delicacy and a melodic side.

It is difficult to extract and evoke all the subtleties of “Solar Time’s Fables” due the diversity. An intense travel full of different sensations , emotions and atmospheres. Fabulae Dramatis gives an eclectic music between Metal and World music , that surprise and mark you ; not leaving you insensitive. The strength of « Solar Time’s Fables “, is found on his originality and his diversity and captivates you from the beginning to the end.