Hello, how are you ? How do you feel about playing here today in Liège for the Warzone Metalfest vs 6K Fest ?

Jot Maxi :
We’re very good. We’re very excited about our new material and our new single coming very soon. After that, there’ll be more new singles. So there’s a lot of new music for people to look forward to. We’re very excited tonight because we love Belgium. I live in France myself. So I love the opportunity to speak French to the crowd when I can. That’s always nice. And we’re playing two new songs tonight. So we’re very excited to see how the crowd reacts to that.

I know it’s maybe old stuff for you but it’s your first time on our webzine so …
You made a music video “Taken” with Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari, how did you meet him and how were the recording sessions ?

J Hurley :
Um well we didn’t actually have a recording session with him. He ended up sending us the vocal stabbings but we first met him when we went on a tour with them. One of our first big tours. We went on tour supporting Enter Shikari around the UK for about a month. That’s when we met him. We instantly got along. We had an idea for someone singing on a track and then we sent it to him and, within about a day, he said that’s shouting and singing and kind of rapping as well so… We didn’t actually have a recording session with him but we sent him a song and he sent us the vocals and we just dropped it on.

Jot Maxi :
We’ve been friends ever since. Yeah. Friends ever since then. Yeah. And just to add. We were in touch with Rou from Enter Shikari two days ago. And we’re looking at a future project with him again very soon. In a few months there will be another collab maybe. One of the many new songs. We’ll see we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

Seeing your Facebook message, you thought a lot about the completion of your band with your new guitarist and producer James Hewitt.
How was the writing/recording session with him ? What convinced you that he was the right person ?

Jot Maxi : For James, we looked at a few people and instantly when we got James’s demos we felt it instantly …

James Hewitt : After, I writed the demos before we even made a decision and that was new.

Jot Maxi :
Before we decided it was him, we were already writing to his demos. Now our writing process… I think it’s fair to say that it’s about five times faster now than ever in Hacktivist.

J Hurley :
James knew Josh and Rich anyway. They knew each other. I didn’t know James that much but Josh said good things about him so.

Jot Maxi :
James has a history in metal. He knows what he’s doing definitively. Now we’re on tour; now, we’re all really good friends and close and it just feels right.

ME : Why did you (James) choose them ? Because you choose them so.

James :
Like Jake said I’ve been friends with Josh and Rich for a long time. I was playing in a band Invocation. We played a few shows together. I stayed maybe a year nearly two out of the music scene. Just concentrating on work and personal life, personal things, and the opportunity came up and I started joking about it and he said, he thought of me as well. That’s all.

Jot Maxi :
The timing was perfect. That’s almost the same as when I joined the band 18 months ago. When Ben left and I joined the band it was almost perfect. Everything just worked out perfect for both of us joining the band, so. It feels some natural it is very natural now.

You recorded some new songs with him. Will they be on a new album ?
Do you have more information about this one : a name or an idea of when it’ll be released ?

Jot Maxi :
All future releases will be with James. He will be involved in everything we do now. And we have a new video, a new song ready. We just can’t give you the release date right now but it’s very very soon. Let’s just say that hacktivists is reprogrammed.

2 new songs will be/were added to tonight’s set. What is your feeling about playing them for the first time

J Hurley :
We have already played them in the UK already.

Jot Maxi :
We did a UK tour last week and that tour for 1 week was the first time we played those songs live. And people liked it and this is the first time we play it outside of the UK. So it’s gonna be nice to see how European crowd react.

We are coming to the end of the interview. Do you want to say something to our readers ?

Jot Maxi :
A massive thanks to Warzone Metal Fest vs 6K Fest and to Nicolas (the promoter). Big thank you to the festival. And finally just a massive thanks to all of our supporters. We’re sorry it’s taken a long time for new material to come but we have a lot of new material now and we promise it’s worth to wait. It’s worth been waiting some.

Respect and thank you for the interview.

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