Name : Infected Rain + Dust In Mind + Klogr + Moebius
Date : 20.03.2019
Place : De Verlichte Geest

I didn’t come to the Verlichte Geest since April 2017. In other words, I had time to forget how long the road is from Charleroi to get there ! Once there, we barely have time to have a drink that the Italians from Moebius take place on the small stage of the famous place… Except the singer who will remain on the floor, facing the public. His continual circle movements and walks tend to make me sick and it was quite difficult to take pitures of him. Anyway, musically, Moebius is nice to hear, but not very accessible. Indeed, the band evolves in a djent register which asks a lot of concentration to get into it and for me, their too short playing time is not enough to get in the mood.

A short break and we explore a completely different style with other Italians, those of Klogr. I just love it ! But it’s very difficult to put their music into a particular genre. A kind of « metallized » stoner maybe ? With their groovy titles, it seems that the band tends to raise awareness about the planet protection. The song “Something’s In The Air”, from their last album “Keystone” (which I invite you to listen to) is a good example.

After this cool performance that started to warm an audience that grows from minute to minute, we now welcome the French from Dust In Mind who seem eagerly awaited. Actually, the rumor suggests that many people came for them rather than for the Moldovan “stars”. It must be said that since the formation of the band in 2013, we didn’t often had the opportunity to see them in Belgium. Why did I not hear about them before tonight ? It’s a mystery, but the mistake is now fixed !

From the first song, Dust In Mind takes us in a parallel universe. The musicians laugh on stage and are giving so much positive energy that we can’t do anything but follow them. Also, their catchy choruses allow us to sing with them. I’m thinking about one of their latest tracks entitled “This Is The End”, which still resonates in my head as I’m writing these lines. For the anecdote, Dust In mind really made me think about Lacuna Coil. This band was an excellent discovery !

Time flies ! The moment has already come to welcome the headliner of the evening, the one for which we have done so many miles in the middle of the week, even if we have already seen them a couple of times : Infected Rain, of course! I do not explain this phenomenon, but every time this band appears, the crowd goes crazy ! It must be said that the musicians are excellent on stage, they manage to install a tropical climate in the room within three songs. Also, not to mention the presence of Lena, the colorful singer, which is very difficult to not watch, as captivating as she is. Anyway, for one hour, the band goes on playing many titles from their album « 86 » : “Mold”, “Serendipity”, “Orphan Soul”, “Freaky Carnival” and so on. We also have the pleasure to discover two new titles : “Passerby” and “The Earth Mantra”. New songs that will undoubtedly be found on the band’s next album which, by the way, will be released via Napalm Records.

The only thing is that I’m a bit sad the band does not play  their huge success « Me Against You » anymore. Except that, the Infected Rain show was irreproachable.

Just out of the stage, the musicians go straight to their merch table to share a moment with the fans, as after each concert. A nice way to end the evening. Except for some unconscious specimens (I will not say who) who extended the party until the early morning hours…

Finally, you guess that the result of this evening is very positive! Besides the musical discoveries that make this kind of evening really interesting in general, it was also rich on the human level with a lot of new encounters !