During the Brutality Over Black Land Edition we met and interviewed Got and Markus respectively guitarist and singer of the French brutal death metal band Darkall Slaves. After almost 15 years on the roads, they have things to tell you.

How would you define the band in a few words? What do people need to know about Darkall Slaves?

Markus: This is a band of French playing brutal death metal. We have been around since 2005, it’s been a couple of years since we started. We have always been in the classical American brutal death metal with influences like Disgorge, Guttural Secrete, Unmerciful … All this is really our niche. It really is the American scene that influences us and we really do that type brutal death, it is not a mix with other styles.

For people who do not know what it is, what is the brutal death metal ? How would you explain that?

Markus: It’s noisy, well, it depends on your point of view. We’ll say it’s death metal and I think we do not need to explain what death metal is. If we had to define our type of brutal death, what we bring compared to the classic death metal. I would say a few things.

There are many more blasts, it’s faster. We have a small touch of slam too. About the slam genre, it is the big heaviness implanted by bands like Suffocation, Devourment and that, we integrate it also a lot in our music. And then the voice that is a little more guttural, more porcine, we’ll say that like that. This is what differs much from the classic death where the voice is simpler or more monotonous.

You are in the middle of your European tour. How are things going so far ?

Got : It’s going very well with everyone. Everyone is super cool. We are like a bunch of friends. We have good feedback.

Markus : So far we have played mostly in Germany we made a date in the Czech Republic but the rest of the dates we have done so far are German dates. Okay, it went well overall and we had a good audience in Berlin, it was a little less good Saturday night in Leipzig. We hope that tonight in Charleroi there will be a lot of people to come and see us.

Got : Last night in Kassel was very good too.

Markus : Yes it was pure sound and there was a good atmosphere, a lot of people came to see us after the show. We talked a lot until late at night.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Got : Rest after the tour.

Markus : Yes rest a little bit and then we will continue composing. We compose a lot for a new album, repeat thoroughly. We have some good dates to come.

By the way, next week, May5th, for the Belgians it is not very far, in Saint-Omer in the Pas de Calais. We make a date with Cryptopsy, Sinister, Ingested, Balance of Terror, Morpain, …

And then we’ll have a date at Rock the Hell on May 24th and 25th which is a festival in Switzerland. It’s also a very brutal death festival. There is Lividity, Soils of Fate, Despondency, there are a lot of big names from the scene.

After almost fifteen years of good and loyal service what would you still want to accomplish with the band ?

Markus : A second album, that’s the current priority because it’s been a while since we released the first one (2014).

Got : A tour in the USA is a dream too. We have already played several times in the United States for one shot concerts. We go, we play, we come back. To do this tour would mean a lot to me and why not going where we have not played yet like Asia.

Markus : Yes Asia is something that we can plan because there are band of the same style who have already done the same thing. Why not us. Until the end of the year I think we will calm down a little bit on concerts. However next year we will surely have other things of the same kind that will emerge.

I leave you the last word of the interview.

Markus : Keep supporting the concerts, come to concerts like Charleroi tonight because it’s important to make this type of scene live. If you want to see bands near you, move, otherwise there will be nothing and that is also what allows the bands to continue to tour.

Got : I have something to say. We must stop staying outside while the bands play. We see this often in a lot of countries but there are many people who come to festivals just for the headliners and who do not give a fuck about the others. You have to stop staying out drinking beers all day long. Drink your beers in front of the stage and discover bands.

Markus : For example tonight, we have Depulsed, they are Americans who have just started yet they are already super good I really invite you to see them. This is typically the kind of band that would be a real shame to miss because they open and nobody knows them. It’s a good discovery and it’s important to support them too.

Got: “Au calme”

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