How would you describe Alwaid ?

Marie: Alwaid is a, let’s say, female fronted heavy melodic band. We come from Lille and the band was formed in 2010. We have evolved a lot since the beginning in terms of line-up. The current line-up is quite recent because Deniz came to join us in December at the bass.

Do you think that being a woman and doing metal is the same as being a man and doing metal?

Deniz: Actually there are two edges in my opinion. On one hand, it attracts attention, it’s different so it makes a gimmick effect that is interesting. And on the other hand, being a woman and playing an instrument has some negative points. Anyone will come to play the drums, if the person plays badly, we will say “This guy is worthless on the drums”. A woman who plays the drums will miss something, we will say “Oh yes, but the women cannot be good drummers”. In my opinion, it’s good but it sets women under pressure.

Dan ‘: I kind of agree more or less. I never asked myself questions about that. I play and I do not care about the rest. Indeed, it attracts a little more attention even if for me it is becoming more and more common to see women on stage especially as singers. Generally, we are rather well welcomed, I have had good feedbacks. In the metal scene I find it rather well welcomed.

Marie: It’s a bit of a double-edged sword. There is a certain openness in a general way. Since there are other girls in the band, compliments are about the other girls but never about the guys.

Dan ‘: Maybe that’s where we see the interest too, people are often surprised. Initially they say “Yeah, it’s girls, it’s not going to be heavy” and finally it does not go so bad.

Marie: After a while, we have the impression of being categorized not because there are girls in the band but more as “metal with a female singer”, it is rather that in fact. On a festival like this, where there are different styles, it’s rare that we get to be programmed on these kinds of things, we are rather categorized as soft metal or not at all metal for some.

What do you think of an eclectic festival like today’s ?

Marie: I like to do both, but I tend to find that uniform dates end up being boring. Here, the different styles also allow to have an audience that mixes. There are people who discover us and who would not necessarily come to see us if it had been a melodic festival with bands like us. I find it nice to have dates as eclectic.

2019, what does it mean to Alwaid ?

Marie: The hopes are the same as last year that is to say festivals. Here it was a first and we try to find other dates. We are also in the writing period. New album, maybe not for this year but it’s in progress. As the line-up is brand new, it’s an opportunity to take stock, to see where we want to go based on the aspirations of each other.

Is there anything you would want to realize with Alwaid in the years to come?

Max: The Hellfest?
Dan: For me, being the first part of Mylène Farmer.
Marie: I think we agree on a big big concert.
Max: I would rather say a big festival.
Marie: Basically we would like to have the opportunity to work with the big bands that inspired us all.

What do you think of the local metal scene, in this case in France?

Deniz: We think that it’s better in Belgium.

Max: For us, Belgium is great in fact. It’s much worse in France, there are even fewer places to perform.

Marie: There really are very small bars that are very poorly equipped and the public do not really come to concerts, except for their favorite bands. There is little exchange. Even without having a big audience, there are many local bands. But it’s becoming worse because there are administrative closures.

Max: The underground places are closed because the city center is getting bigger and people do not want that inside the center. Of course it’s a little more complicated to play.

Marie: We play a lot more in Belgium or England in fact.

If I give you the choice between recording an all-expenses-paid album or touring with the band of your dream all-expenses paid, what do you choose?

Deniz: Band and tour is still better than the recording. The recording I find it stressful because everything has to be perfect, a concert you take your instrument and you have fun on stage and you share that with the public.

Max: I would be more on the tour with the favorite band too. Indeed, this is the moment when you let go the most. What is interesting is also to discover new places. To record an album is a lot of stress and work.

Marie: It would be hard to agree on the favorite group but why not.

And your favorite band then?

Max: Epica, it’s not my favorite but I have no problem with that.

Dan: It would not necessarily be with a big band that I would want to tour. It would be more with bands with whom we get along well and we have a good time. Even if they are less known, they are bands we like.

Max: The advantage of the big band is to make big scenes. That’s also what’s interesting.

Marie: What stands out is that once we have the opportunity to do something, it makes us happy.

What do you think of organizations like the Damned Soul Fest ?

Marie: For us it is necessary to value this, otherwise bands like us will disappear. Emerging bands will no longer have a launching pad to make themselves known. It’s super important.

A last word for our readers ?

Marie: Listen to our music and if you like it, come back to us.

Max: Feel free to come see us if you see that we tour nearby and discover a little if you do not know us. If you like it, it’s cool but if not, never mind, but at least you will have discovered something different.

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