We met the Australian deathcore band Aversions Crown during the Warzone Metal Fest VS. 6K Fest and they have things to tell you.

What is Aversions Crown?

We come from Australia we are basically a death metal; deathcore band and we have been around since about 2010. This is I think the second time we’ve played 6K fest. Last time was I think 2015.

And how do you feel about playing once again here in Belgium ?

Yeah, it’s great. We love playing everywhere in Europe. We have always had a great time and great crowd response here. So, it’s cool to come back and do this festival again and there are a couple of great bands playing today that we get to watch as well. So that’s cool.

How would you explain or define “deathcore” to people who don’t know the style ?

All right, so it is basically death metal with breakdowns. It is between death metal and hardcore.

How is the “deathcore” scene in Australia ?

It’s pretty good. There are definitely good bands. I mean “Thy Art Is Murder” is maybe one of the biggest death cool bands in the world now and they’re from Australia. So, they’ve kind of led the charge for the rest of us. But yeah there’s definitely a few other bands that are really strong from Australia as well. And yeah, I think we’ve got a pretty good heavy music scene in general.

Is there something particular to Australian deathcore ?

Not necessarily. I just think that Australian bands kind of have a pretty good strong work ethic because I know how hard it is to get overseas. So, I think that’s probably the big difference for me but musically I guess our sound doesn’t necessarily have any Australian elements that define it.

What are your plans for 2019?

Yeah, we’re going to release a new album. We’re going to keep touring. Be back in Europe. We want to tour in the States again. The next thing we have when we get home, we’re playing in the Download festival in Australia which is kind of a spin-off of the UK festival and then we get to play with Slayer and Judas Priest and other cool bands. Yeah, we’ve got a few things already locked in this year and plenty more to come once we get the album released, so it is going to be an exciting year.

So, you’ve said “new album” what can you tell us about it?

Yeah. I think personally I think it’s probably going to be our best album I guess everyone kind of says that but yeah, the songs are a lot more focused. You know it’s still got all the fast-heavy technical elements but it’s a lot more melodic than the last record. You know there are sort of big choruses and yeah, I think the riffs and the chorus are probably the most memorable ones we’ve done so far.

What would be your dream concert, you know, where and with whom ?

That’s probably for me to play Wacken festival. I always wanted to do that, and they could be anyone on the line-up it’s always great. So, I think that probably my dream is to play there one day.

What is your worst stage memory?

I mean it’s hard to pick one but basically you know you have the occasional gig with gear doesn’t work and things like that. So, there were just those nightmare gigs but um. Yeah, the last few years we’ve had more good gigs than bad gigs so yeah, it’s pretty rare that we have any issues on stage these days so yeah we’ve kind of ironed out most of those things I think.

And what about the funniest thing you’ve done ?

I can’t think of something right now. I’m just thinking we’re on a bus with 20 Australians at the moment so every day it’s just constant funny things happening, and it has just been a bit of a blur. This trip of just non-stop sort of laughter and drinking beers and just basically just being a bunch of ratbag Australian guys on a bus around Europe so the whole thing’s been pretty wild.

I wanted to let you have the last word of the interview to our readers. So, you tell them whatever you want.

We hope you keep an eye out for our future release which will be coming out this year. We are pretty excited about getting this new album out. And we should have some new material out pretty soon.

Anyone listening from anywhere else in the world, we will be on tour again once this album is out and we’re back in Europe. We will be hitting the United States again and doing Australia as well and I think we have something to announce for Japan very soon as well which I’m excited about too. So, we haven’t been to Japan yet and what we are about to announce will be pretty exciting.

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