During the concert organized by the collective Shattered Booking, we met the Belgian post-metal band Meander. Here is a short interview that will allow you to discover them. Feel free to visit their Facebook page and their website.

You come from Brussels, what does it feel like to play in a small town like Liège?

Pierre: Actually, I come from Liège so it’s nice to play at home as we say. We all live in Brussels but nobody comes from there.

Alex : We feel more like we come from Brabant than Brussels.

Martin : What’s cool is that Liège has a good reputation for metal concerts etc.

Alex : We came to Liege Martin and I at La Zone and we were immediately hooked. For years we hear a lot of good things about Liege and the metal and rock scene of the region so we are very happy to come and play here.

Meander in a few words what is it?

Pierre : An amalgam of all our various influences that we tried to mix in the best way into a very energetic thing.

Alex : It’s really a mix of styles because we all love different kinds of music from rock to metal and even extreme metal. We told ourselves we wanted to have fun and we kind of mixed everything.

What are the themes covered in your music?

Pierre : There are several things. In the lyrics we talk a lot about the human condition in a broad sense: death, money, fears, the reason to live. We also talk about global warming on one of the songs. These are themes common to everyone, covered with metaphors.

Martin : The lyrics are rather pessimistic but I think that in the music there are a lot of parts where we arrive in major notes which allows to have a mixture a little like Deafheaven or things like that. We like the darker sides but also the more positive things.

What do you think of the Belgian metal scene ?

Pierre : I think it is there. There are very good stuffs but it is kind of asleep. I think there are a lot of good ideas, we see good bands. Despite this, there are many bands who can not get started. I have the impression that there is a lot of passion around bands like Amenra and the scene from Ghent and I get the impression that if you do not integrate this scene, it’s hard to go higher. There are, in my opinion, many bands that are in the cities and which do not break through because they are not in the right scene.

Martin : I feel that it’s not only about metal, it’s in all styles. In Belgium, you have on one side the big bands and we only talk about them, and then you have the average or smaller and more underground bands that we see a little but not as much as the bigger ones. If you take a band like Brutus, they are better known abroad than in Belgium or Wallonia.

What is the best place for metal and underground concerts in Brussels ?

Pierre : At the Magasin 4.

Alex : It’s not Brussels but I was thinking about what’s going on in two days. The best place to listen to good metal and underground stuff is not in Belgium, it’s the Roadburn.

What would be the ultimate gig for you ?

Martin : At the AB, it would be great.

Pierre : I think we would fit well with Elder and in my opinion, we could drink good shots with them after.

Alex : It was a great live. We saw them at the AB club and it was too good. They have an incredible set up, it was not the musicians who played it was Elder. I do not know how to explain but they had such an identity, an atmosphere and a symbiosis when they played. It was one block. They were not just musicians playing separately, it was really one block.

Martin : It was not the first to come to my mind but it is one of our references to all three. I was also thinking of bands like Baroness or Converge.

What do you plan for the rest of 2019?

Pierre : From November we will return to the studio to record our first EP. So, normally it will be at the Black Out Studio in Schaarbeek. We are very happy, it will be cool. We also have other concerts planned: in June in Ninove. And then some dates for the end of the year but it has not been announced yet.

I leave you the last word of the interview.

Pierre : I want to say come to concerts, be curious, come and discover the underground music. Discover your local scene because there are plenty of great bands to discover, you will be more enriched and at worst you will have drunk beers.

Alex : It is well said. I was talking about it with other people, it’s more complicated to bring people to Wallonia than to Flanders because there is this desire simply to say “I’m going for a drink and I’m going to listen to something that I do not know and I’m going to enjoy the evening like this “. It’s true that it would be a good thing to push this desire to discover bands that are very very good right next to us. We do not realize all the potentials that are close to us.

Martin : Go see concerts in different styles, discover the underground places that there are. All styles are important and I like when the scenes mix.

Alex : This is certainly what pleases in a band like Converge, they manage to mix all influences while remaining consistent.

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Picture done by Shattered Booking