Could you introduce us Lamirãl in a few words ?

Jean-Pierre : We are a rock’n’roll hardcore band. It is a movement in hardcore that was born in the beginning of 2000 with bands like Everytime I Die who started making rock’n’roll riffs but with a lot of distortion and guys who shout.

You have a new singer, how is the transition with him?

Jean-Pierre: I think it’s going really well. The voices are different but Greg knows how to redo Vincent’s stuffs so it’s going very well.

And you, how do you feel about singing songs that you did not write in the first place ?

Gregory: It’s pretty easy because it’s only interpretation finally because the texts are already written. I find that the most difficult thing as a singer is the writing of texts, which is the most time-consuming and the most tedious. Here I only had to imitate and then reinterpret the songs. We have three new songs with the lyrics that I composed and indeed we see that there is a difference between old and new songs.

You’ve all had other bands, including Tino who is a member of Channel Zero , is this hard to get away from the “Tino from Channel Zero ” label, for example?

Tino: When I arrived, someone came to me and said, “I love Chanel Zero so I come to see Lamirāl”. I think we have to stop, here we come for Lamirāl so we do not care about Channel Zero and all the rest. These are the first concerts, it will come. At the end, people will go to a Channel Zero concert and they will say “Ah this is Lamirāl’s bass player”.

What would you like to accomplish for 2019?

Jean-Pierre: We are writing the album and then it would be nice to do some concerts. I would love to do festivals like Graspop or something like that.

What would be your dream concert? With whom and where?

Jean-Pierre: I would like to go on a world tour with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. I think it’s a band that would go particularly well with Lamirāl.

A band or an album that particularly marked you in 2018?

Jean-Pierre : The last album of Marmozets because it is English, with an English sound, an English accent and English music and that is very well written.

What do you think of metal in Belgium?

Tino: There is a big difference between Flanders and Wallonia. The infrastructure of metal in Wallonia is not the same as in Flanders. There are good band in both sides. The network is really different  regarding the venues or the organizers.

A last word for our readers ?

Jean-Pierre : Listen to Lamirāl !

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