Could you describe us Oldd Wvrms in a few words?

Ben: The band started in 2014 focusing mainly on witches, occult and other things and has evolved to instrumental post-metal. We started on a sludge / doom project at the base and we evolved into a fully instrumental post-metal project. We are well like that, just the 3 of us.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Ben: In the band, they are ultra varied. I will speak for myself. I draw a bit of everything but we will say that the delirium of the group is something like Primordial but I listen to various stuffs from Jethro Tull to Cannibal Corpse.

Oli: I’m really into black metal scenes, psyche like Nachtmystium, Oranssi Pazuzu, Dark Buddha Rising, stuff like that, a lot more psyche.

Are you both able to integrate your musical worlds to create a coherent thing?

Ben: It really works in fact. I come with a riff and after, they do what they want on it. As we come from diverse and varied universe, it is a melting pot and it remains homogeneous according to us.

How would you define your sound?

Ben: It’s a music to travel, it’s psychoactive. We do not care to look like another band, we try to digest all our influences to make everything coherent. After trying several singers, we decided, after 4 years and a half to drop the singing part and I think we found something that is effective.

It’s a sound that is based on delay, a big fat sound but it’s still very melodic, then we get to break, it goes in all directions to get to sludge and doom parts with postmetal stuffs. It’s very tripy, very hovering.

What can you tell me about Codex Tenebris?

Ben: it was an easy album to record but difficult to mix. The challenge was to deliver the exact sound of what we do on stage, so a sound without artifice with very few samples. All drones we hear on the album were made in live, mainly by Oli with his bass. This is the first full instrumental album because on the previous one I was still singing a little bit. Here is the complete break, not one voice.

The album came out on February 15th under Cursed Monk Records, there is a cool support behind, it’s been two weeks since we began to look for reviews and webzines. I think we’re going to have a cool feedback but we’re waiting to see if people will hang on or not. This is the album of darkness.

Is the instrumental aspect something you want to keep for the next albums?

Ben: Yeah the trio thing too. I’m a guitarist, I’m not a singer, I tried it for almost two years, it was not bad but it was not great either as experience and I prefer to focus entirely on the guitar parts which are really interesting and after filming concerts, we realized that singing was not at all important.

Oli: The style is much wider without a singer. When you have a singer you have to adapt more. Here there are many people who listen to different styles and can find something that they like by listening to us.

Ben: A compliment that comes since Ignobilis is that people who come from different musical backgrounds appreciate what we do. I think people would be holding us back, especially in the Francophonie because a good singer, it exists but the terrible frenchy accent is something that bothers me a lot so I prefer not to put it back and then it fits well with our delirium .

What are your plans for 2019?

Ben: What will change is that normally we play with video projections but very slowly we drop the idea because in our opinion, we manage to be self-sufficient. The more we simplify, the more we seem to go to the very essence of our project, the more people generally appreciate.

Otherwise, we would like to play less, play better, increase a little bit our prices to play in good conditions.

We understand that for small orgas it is not always easy but concerts at 50 or 75 euros, it tires us too. We land with thousands of euros of gear, in conditions not always ideal, after hours of work. It’s been four and a half years that we try to get decent gigs and now we would like to increase our rates a little bit.

There we come to the end of the recording of the album, we found a label, it’s nice. We will release a good packaging and a digipack for the cd. We will release a cool packaging for cassettes but here we are broke, we do not even have what to do new merch.

We have a cool project with our friends from Ilydaen who come from the post-rock scene on the German-speaking side, we have each recorded a 16-minute title to release a split vinyl that will be released on Dunk, a twelve-inch. And then we’ll see a little. The goal was to overflow a little on the post-rock scene even if we remain very metal in the sound.

Where do you feel the band is best showcased?

Ben: In the small rooms, the little cellars. We come back to the psychotropic side. We are a hovering band, we must be in a confined place. We are not a big stage band.

Is there a particular band with whom you would like to play?

Ben: there are plenty, too many to name, especially to name one who fits to the three personalities in the band. To name three randomly: Oranssi Pazuzu for Oli, Year Of No Light for me, and third choice YOB. After that it is not inaccessible either.

We must not forget that we each have our private life and our job. And in music, there are already so many bands, so many offers on the market that we must not only offer music that pleases, we must not only stand out musically. We must do all the promotion, which is a lot of work and it comes into play for the future. Will we have time to promote ourselves I don’t know.

What is your opinion on the Belgian metal & underground scene?

Ben: It is very geographical I think: there are the bands from Brussels, the bands from Namur, the bands from Liège … We are the naggers from the Ardennes and there is no scene there.

What do you think of eclectic concerts like tonight?

Ben: Tonight, we play a little at home, it’s not far from home, there are plenty of friends who will stay for us so it’s great.

Otherwise eclectic posters like this, you have to do them, it’s important. We also hope to federate other bands who want to make things happen like us because alone we cannot do anything. Even organizing small concerts is not possible.

A last word for our readers ?

Oli: Do not just listen to one or two or three styles. Try everything, in all styles, there is always something good and it’s just opening and that assures that music can continue to evolve. Thank you to all those who come to see us and who support us by buying our music or our merch.

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