During the Durbuy Rock Festival 2019, Metal Overload went for you to Bomal’s Snack Zen Friterie to interview the fritcore band Baraka in its natural environment. We offer you an interview full of fat, beer and metalcore.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Marcel Bagnole : You should know that Baraka is, as is often said, fritcore. So, there’s fries, everything is fat, we like to talk about beers, we like to talk about fries, we like to talk about our Belgian pride and “core” because there is all this influence hardcore, metalcore, deathcore and again and again (reference to “Encore and Encore”, fabulous song by Francis Cabrel that you can listen here).

Could you tell us about your experience at the Tremplin Durbuy Rock contest ?

Marcel Bagnole : So we felt a lot of sweat.

Ronny Deff : We loved the fridge filled with Carapils. This fridge filled with beer on arrival, it still really played in our favor.

Marcel Bagnole : There we said to ourselves: “We are taken seriously”.

Ronny Deff : We thought, “Fuck we come and bam, we have a fridge full of Carapils”.

Marcel Bagnole : We said, “We are at home”.

Pierre Rapchat : There was a needle under the reel.

Marcel Bagnole : Oh no we say “there was reel under rock”.

Georges Burne : We enjoyed it anyway, this is the first time we had a positive feedback.

Marcel Bagnole : Yes and not only two people drunk after a concert. There were not only drunkards. There were still people who seemed to know music.

Pierre Rapchat : There was a jury that is supposed to choose artists they were a fortnight.

Georges Burne : We were really surprised that people could like our bullshit, that was the first thought.

Pierre Rapchat : And so, morality, if we can continue to make bullshit and that people like, we will not stop there.

How did you feel about playing here at Durbuy Rock Festival today?

Ronny Deff : We were cold, so it made us shiver.

Would you encourage other bands to try the adventure?

Marcel Bagnole : No, because if we encourage other bands, these bands, they will take our place.

The whole band: By the way, all the other bands should stop. Now we are at Durbuy and you will not play it anymore, it is useless to try. Moreover, for the poster of next year at Durbuy Rock is as followed: Baraka as headliner, second band Baraka, third band Baraka. It will save time because no need to change the back line, a money saving for the seals, it is only profit. Otherwise we allow Ultra Vomit to continue but as the first part of Baraka.

The whole band: By the way this year, they wanted to make us play headlining instead of Ultra Vomit but we refused. We would have been too drunk to play. Imagine finishing on Saturday but we would be too wasted to play.

You have a song called “Black Dahlia Burger” that is reminiscent of Black Dahlia Murder. Have you have had the opportunity to see them and talk to them about your song?

Marcel Bagnole: We have not seen them yet, but we think they are a little shy because I think they created the band in relation to our song. I think they saw us from a distance and they did not dare to come and talk to us. They were surely a little embarrassed.

Gérard Menjoui : By the way, we will ask for royalties.

Marcel Bagnole : Anyway, I think it’s a very promising little band. It’s a shame that we could not be there at their contest because it had to be nice.

Let’s talk about your news. You made us a joke by announcing the release of the EP on April 1st. So, what is the continuation of the program for 2019?

Ronny Deff : We still have some shows in sight. On Saturday, April 27th, we play Zik Zak in Ittre with Fleddy Melculy. Then, June 8th with Black Tartans on Channel 10 at Hautrage, it’s cheap so come on. On July 20, we play at the Cornwall in Tournai. Then you go to Facebook and you look at the dates. Otherwise, on November 17, we play La Guerre des Gaules.

Georges Burne : After we’ll rest a little, time to make the album.

Ronny Deff : It’s been 14 years that we still have nothing. Well we must admit that there were 4 or 5 years when we really did nothing, it was our handjob break.

Georges Burne : In fact, for the record, we stopped the band. We started again for the 30 years of Marcel and me, we asked the others if they agreed to remake a unique date just for our 30 years and so we repeated for several months. And then, we started again and it’s gone again, like when we were teenagers.

What is Baraka’s biggest dream?

Ronny Deff :Graspop, for sure, next year we play it.

Pierre Rapchat : The next step is Wacken. After a tour to the States, then it will go on the moon, I do not know.

Georges Burne : Then we’ll come back to the Smile anyway, just for fun.

I leave you the last word of the interview.

Gérard Menjoui : Pickles

Ronny Deff : Pussy

Pierre Rapchat : Rhododendrons.

Marcel Bagnole : Cucurbitaceae

Georges Burne : Caquelon et poppy

Pierre Rapchat : Uncoupling, unconstitutionally.

Ronny Deff : Thank you Délia.

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