At Hellfest 2019 we met and interviewed Necurat (vocals) and Sikkardinal (guitarist and composer) of the band Bliss Of Flesh. Lovers of extreme and authentic music defended by musicians faithful to their ideals, Bliss of Flesh, it’s for you. I suggest you to discover them with this interview. Do not hesitate to go for a ride on their bandcamp and their Facebook page.

Let’s start with a little presentation first. Who are you and what do you do in Bliss Of Flesh?

Sikkardinal : I am Sikkardinal, guitarist, composer and founder of the group.

Necurat : I am Necurat, singer and frontman in Bliss Of Flesh.

What is Bliss of Flesh in a few words? If you had to introduce your group to people who do not know you at all, what would you say to them?

Sikkardinal : Already we don’t want to hang them so they can go fuck themselves. What we can advise them to do is listen to our basic music.

Otherwise, Bliss of Flesh is French black death, and again, that’s to play the game of taxonomy because people love to put things in small boxes. But musically, we don’t specifically seek to define ourselves. We feel closer to black metal for many aspects without having the impression of doing pure black. That’s not what we do either.

Necurat : To put labels, I don’t give a fuck concretely. After, we’re musicians, we make extreme metal and Bliss Of Flesh is my area of expression.

Sikkardinal : It’s like an absolute catharsis in everyday life and that has been around for almost 20 years now.

How was your performance here at the Hellfest?

Necurat : On our side, the feeling on stage was cool.

Sikkardinal : Even super positive after, if it’s true or not, we don’t know. It must not be so disgusting as that.

Necurat : The fallout and the returns, we didn’t necessarily have some because we left the scene and have not stopped since earlier. We went on an interview and we didn’t see anyone. Afterwards, the feedback we got from a few people was rather positive.

Sikkardinal : But at the same time, you don’t pay attention to the public. When we play, we are really in a small bubble that belongs to us, which is only for us, which puts us in a trance. When we come out of the scene, we need ten minutes to go down and we see absolutely nothing about what is happening around us.

I see the evil, I see the white, I want to stop, I want to kill, I see balls of fire, I see him spitting blood. It’s full of images that arrive like that, that possess, words that come and that carry us. On a few occasions we still watched the audience a bit. Already there was one, it’s already good, we didn’t play in front of nobody, I think it’s pretty cool. It was full and people seemed quite receptive because I heard screaming.

Necurat : For my part, I was in my bubble of one square meter and you hit, I didn’t see what was happening in fact. I was really transported, I don’t even know if I was there, it’s weird but it’s a bit like that. He needs ten minutes to recover. Me, I have not started yet, I must drink a little to go down.

Sikkardinal : That’s what I said just now, the day we will lose that is the day we will stop the group.

Necurat : If we have nothing to say, nothing to express, we don’t go on stage.

Sikkardinal : We have never been forced and we have never forced us to play. We never forced ourselves to go into a trance, it’s really very natural. And if we lose that, I feel that we’re losing everything.

What do you prefer: playing in a small underground hall or in a big festival like this? What do you think best highlights the group?

Necurat : And so, what I wanted to say is that we give importance to what is happening on stage. Being a fan too, if there is something that I can not stand is to go see a group where nothing happens on stage. I prefer to be in my living room listening to the album, the sound will be better, drunk guys will break my balls less and I can drink what I want at home.

If we are on stage it’s for it to be war. Otherwise, we don’t come. And for me, it’s obliged that it works in connection with an album. An album for me, at least in our conception of the band, can live only if there is a life on stage..

Sikkardinal : There, the scene today it was excellent to express what we wanted to do with all the show, we wanted to work because clearly we have always considered that the music itself, for a live, is not enough. What we are looking for is to take the listener into our universe. Forcing him to come, finally he leaves if he wants but on our side, no compromise. And to do that, we still need resources and it’s clear that the big scenes are much more suitable.

The most concrete example is spitting fire, you can’t do it on a small stage. On the other hand, we keep excellent memories of nearby, of small rooms too. You can go into people, you have a contact, you can catch them in face to face. Me, I have memories of head-butt done while playing. You share this violence there and these links that are created, this intensity, it was good to find. There is obviously the distance you haven’t but visually, you can do more things.

Necurat : There are several questions in what you say. Personally, I like the atmosphere of small festivals with the proximity of the public and all that. Very clearly is the handjob what I say to you because everyone says that, but I like that because, since the time I play and everything, I like that proximity. However, with Bliss, I find that scenes like that (Hellfest) is really more interesting because we can develop at the maximum what we want to do on stage.

That is to say, if you are one meter away from me, I will not be able to spit fire on your mouth. I could not develop everything. There are really things on the stage that transport us and that really matter to us that we can only express on big stages and because of that, it’s a little paradoxical, but I like both.

The group is already in their twenties, is there still a dream that you would like to achieve, a goal you would like to achieve?

Necurat : After me, dreams, I’m not too much in this because dreams are when I’m in bed. Afterwards, as Sikkardinal says, we have always managed to validate our objectives and to go after what we wanted to do. Now, I think we will continue what we do best : write music.

And after that, we came to the Hellfest we saw where it was, we start to spot the places. Next time, we will have to come but on the mainstage, we will play in the evening and we will play longer. And then it will be good.

Sikkardinal : The thing of dreams is that clearly, we prefer to live our dreams than to dream our lives as Saint-Exupéry said. So, there are things also that we forbid ourselves to do but in realizable things, I would rather talk about projects than dreams because there is an unattainable side. Me, I would very much like that at one time we can succeed to work with an orchestra, a symphony which could on certain passages bring something. The goal is not to do some Dimmu Borgir, it’s not the idea but there is something in the riffs of Bliss that could stick with a symphony. At one time we had even asked the question why not make an acoustic album, people can hate but we really don’t give a shit. There are a lot of songs that would lend themselves well and riffs that could do it and suddenly, it’s true that sometimes, in terms of arrangements, we would like to have means that would allow us to reach the sound objective we would like to have.

That said, beyond that, very honestly, the goals we set ourselves have almost all already been achieved. We wanted to continue the band, to make albums that we like, to have the chance to defend them on credible stages. If there is perhaps an objective to want, it’s to make it last, just that, because one is never safe after a bad tomorrow. For now and since the beginning of the group that has been around for quite a few years now, we have been moving forward little by little and the times we have retreated, it was to move forward. For the moment I say to myself that if we keep this dynamic and that it can continue still, sincerely, where will you find us in a few years, I don’t know.

Just to bounce on that, the timing that you have been given, you think it’s enough or not?

Necurat : We would need more time but we have the chance to be there so we will not spit in the soup either. But clearly when you want to create an atmosphere, take people to your world and show songs that can sometimes be more complex and you have 30 minutes of show, you have to cut in to do something that is effective, leave an impression or even a small memory in the memory of people who will see hundreds of groups in three days. This is not necessarily obvious, which means that if you want to do things a little more complex or that require a little more time and energy to get in, it’s very complicated.

The 30 minutes of this morning, it was short but it was necessary that on this format, we manage to mark the people in our way and that is why we also accentuated the show on “a real show” . Things had to happen in 30 minutes, not just a band coming from nowhere and coming to play a Sunday morning a third day of festival. It was our way of seeing things and that’s how we oriented things for this show.

Where do you draw your inspiration and what are your favorite themes?

Sikkardinal : There is a guideline overall, whether for the composition of the music or the composition of the texts that Necurat does. The first three albums were about Dante’s Divine Comedy. We had a little idea of ​​an initiatory journey that led each time to question what we are and us, what we like very much it is this approach, to continually question with a sort of Cartesian doubt that forces you to face your own complexities and ultimately realize that we are in a world of perpetual hypocrisy and very few people take the time to ask themselves a few moments to question themselves on the meaning of their lives and realize who they are, because it’s scary. It was a bit like the triptych that was written on our banner. It was written: “humiliation, suffering, climax” so “humiliation, suffering, orgasm” is the path of thought in a certain way; we have since “Emaciated Deity”, that we still have here today after “Empyrean” and on the new album that will happen, same thing.

To answer your question more specifically, Dante was the inspiration for the first three albums. The new album that will arrive there, which is almost finished since it was composed, the voices were recorded, we still have the mix and mastering. It should be released in January 2020 at Listenable Records. It will focus on a book by La Boétie (Discourse on Voluntary Servitude) that talks about voluntary servitude and themes that are also found in Montaigne’s Essais. It’s a thought that we love very much and that we find in the dialectics of Hegel which is the questioning of slavery, thinking that the slave is in fact the one who is the master with this sentence of La Boétien, that we love a lot, that is, at the end, that tyrants seem giants to us only because we agree to kneel before them and that we accept it. What makes us accept to be slaves? Our goal is to get ourselves to question ourselves. We don’t necessarily have an answer but we have a lot of questions. That motivates us in our composition.

What is the continuation of the program for 2019-2020?

Sikkardinal : We have dates coming in 2019 but the goal here is the release of the album. We never released an album so early, we never composed an album so fast and we never made an album as good, surprisingly.

Necurat : The idea: it’ll be to really promote the new album and tour a maximum.

I leave you the last word of the interview.

Sikkardinal : As far as I am concerned, I am thinking of a quote from Alfred Jarry which is in the foreword of Ubu roi where he says “Aut nunquam tentes, aut perfice”. It is a phrase that I say very often and that means either you do nothing, or you go to the end. And that, I think that summarizes us well.

Necurat : I would have said to get fucked because in fact, I don’t give a fuck because we do what we have to do and fuck off. What I know is that what we do, we do it in our soul and conscience and that, it’s priceless. So, go fuck yourself.

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