We have interviewed Nattefrost leader, singer and guitar player of the Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest at the Hellfest Open Air 2019.

Let us start with a short presentation of yourself.

I’m Nattefrost and I’m in charge of the vocals, guitar and filth.

You are qualified as a misanthropic black metal band. Can you enlighten me about that? What does it mean ? Do you agree with that ?

I guess it is, but the lyrics vary from album to album but yeah, it’s a general view we have about humans and life. I guess we are misanthropic in many ways. We are not so into these human relationships, drama, existence.

How do you feel about playing here at Hellfest tonight ?

It’s good. We have been here before in 2013. It’s nice to be back but we have a different kind of set tonight which makes me happy but also a bit sad because there should be another member here.

He is home with a broken back. So, we will never play the piano again. And the doctors told him he will maybe have a limp for the rest of his life, but we wish him the best. We will be thinking of him every second of the concert.

He works for the band still. He is the father of the band in many ways. He takes care of the arrangements, economics and other things I can’t be bothered with. So, we are out off a leader today.

Let’s talk about your actuality what’s your / what are your plans for the future?

The new album is coming out in October. We will try to play some songs of it tonight. But I don’t want to lose the virginity of the album. We cannot show it all. We cannot do all the songs; we have to select something we think the audience would understand. Because this new album will be a bit challenging.

So, in 2019, there will be lots of stuff to do and we are also planning to record a new album as well because this one is the first one in 13 years. So, we look forward to play songs from the new album.

Is there still something that you wish to accomplish with the band ?

No, I try to make the albums or the lyrics like a diary of what I feel. So, I feel I’m getting new goals or fulfilling goals all the time. So, I just want to make a new album and there are some proper strange music video for it in a more artistic and rock n roll approach than other black metal bands.

I leave you the last words of this interview.

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