Can you describe the band in a few words?

Simon: it’s a band that started in 2001. It’s always been old school death metal. The band has seen a lot of line-up changes until the current line-up, which is rather stable. The only original member is Yoan. We all come from different formations and from different regions: Pablo and Catarina are from Brussels and Yoan, Loris and I come from Bastogne.

And, isn’t it a problem to repeat and organize yourselves?

Simon: We are lucky not to have to repeat a lot. Everyone works at home, we see each other from time to time.

Catarina: For this live for example, we repeated a week before.

Loris: In general, we only do one rehearsal before the show.

And, that’s enough for you?

Catarina: Yes, because we are ready, we have already worked at home.

Simon: Yoan gives us the setlist and we work at home. It’s a bit like a “session” band, we repeat at home and we do concerts.

What do you think about the place or image of women in the metal world?

Catarina: Indeed, as girls are quite rare on stage, in general, the woman is a little objectified. So, besides, there are not many, it’s true that there is some attention that is a bit special. In the sense that it’s “Oh, there’s a girl on stage” and it stops there, people come to see the girl on stage and not really for the quality of the music. It’s more of curiosity actually.

I try to work my voice and make it sound like I hear it, I am rather boy-missed and I do not care about this feminine side. And there are girls who play with it to have more attention and I find it a little pity but…

And what do you think of it as boys?

Simon: When considering how she sings… that sounds quite guttural, it’s not like in a symphonic metal band or whatever. For me Coalition it’s still death metal Catarina or another who sings, it remains strong guttural vocals. What’s good is that having a girl singing has brought us another audience, a lot of people who came out of curiosity and a lot of people who just listen to that. It brought a beneficial change I think.

Catarina: Yes it’s true that it arouses curiosity, it has a good side because there are people who like and who come back.

Loris: Then here it often creates the effect of surprise when you hear her little voice between songs. I think people like that too and it makes a lot of people laugh.

What are the themes you cover in the songs?

Catarina: it’s very much about the consumer society and ecology. From time to time a little bit of “fantasy” about a serial killer or something of the kind but that’s rare.

The majority of you come from Bastogne, is there really a metal scene there?

Simon: Actually, in Bastogne, Coalition were a bit like the pioneers of the death metal scene in Bastogne. Extreme metal scene in Bastogne, there is not really. There is already no place to play, there was a bar which is closed now. Fortunately there is the “Entrepôt” in Arlon which allows bands like us to perform in our own area otherwise it’s really complicated.

And what about Brussels, you see the same thing?

Pablo: In Brussels, it’s a kind of two-speed scene. Either it’s going to be the big venues like AB or Magasin 4 but then you have to go through a label and tour to play there. They will not promote the local scene and in a much more local level, you have the Garcia Lorca or the Rock Classic which are really small scenes so there is way to tour but it’s more in a bar and it’s often the same bands because it’s a bit more difficult to bring bands from outside  of Brussels. And it also lacks a “middle layer” in the sense that a small local band can have a real concert scene.

If you could go on tour with the band of your choice, who would it be?

Simon: Since Coalition already played with them in the past, if there was still the proposal to play with them it would be Aborted.

Pablo: Otherwise Dyscarnate it would be good!

Loris: Kataklysm too.

Simon: to stay in the female fronted bands, I would say Arch Enemy too.

Where would it be?

Loris: It would be Graspop.

Simon: Me, rather at the AB. I would really like to play there. Or the “Atelier” in Luxembourg.

Catarina: I like the AB, that tempts me well, there is a good sound there. It sounds good.

Your last EP was released in 2016, what have are your plans for 2019?

Catarina: There was a planned EP but we do not know if we will release it or not.
Simon: There are new songs in progress, but it was rather complicated to see each other, given the distance and the occupations of everyone so we will see. Yoan and Loris really compose very well each on their own.
Loris: Here we’re going to compose the guitars Yoan and I, once we have the set ready, we’ll send it to everyone.

What advice could you give to a band that wants to get started?

Simon: You must not give up.

Catarina: Do not give up, yes. And you have to do everything to try to show your music to the world and have contacts too. But especially to show your music to as many people as possible. The more you show your music, the more you attract fans and it is thanks to them that you can play.

Pablo: You must never stop and always think of the little detail that can be added. You must never stagnate.

Loris: Do not hesitate to put yourself into several projects. If there is possibility, have several bands because it opens more doors.

Simon: You must never be discouraged because the road is strewn with a lot of pitfalls. Do not think that nobody comes to see you because it’s bad.

Catarina: You have to do that for the right reasons too, to have fun. Normally when you’re passionate, you have the flame inside of you that makes you enjoy doing what you do and you do not care whether people like it or not. And that’s what needs to be done.

A last word for our readers ?

Pablo: Keep following us. We will try to move forward, improve, always do better and we hope that we will always be there, at the right time, in the right place.

Simon: And do not worry, music is fun above all. Spectator or musician, you must never start to argue about that.

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