Thanks to the collective Shattered Booking we were able to realize the interview of the Belgian “progressive sludge” band Cottrell. Read this interview to learn more about them.

The “about” section of your Facebook page intrigued me a lot, could you explain to me this “Pure metals are not necessarily the hardest. Some impurities, in the form of cloud Cottrell, can make them more resistant. “?

The band’s name was brought to us by our former bassist who was a chemist.

We have seen it as a nod to our music.

The idea behind this is that it’s not because all the members of a group play heavy or “nasty” or even aggressive parts at the same time that the final rendering will necessarily be (heavy-nasty-aggressive It’s even the opposite.

The homogeneity in the aggressive side gives an impression of monotony to our ears.

In our case, some “impurities” such as a song that goes a little against the current of what could be expected in a well-defined musical genre or a hovering passage in the middle of a deluge of distorted sounds or some imperfections in the game, bring this indispensable relief.

In short we put a lot of impurities in our musical cloud and that’s what makes it stronger. That’s why we even make fake live notes on purpose to make it even stronger …

So, Cottrell in a few words, what is it?

For us Cottrell it is a rather hard metal music, rather dark, sometimes oppressive at first but nuanced, contrasted through a mainly clear song, even vocal harmonies.

Always according to your Facebook page you do “progressive sludge”, what is it ?

To be honest, we did not know what the sludge was before people told us that it was what we made.

So we asked and we said: yes a little. What we play is actually heavy, sticky, dripping and downtuned if that’s what we put behind the word “sludge”.

We were also told that we were stoner.

Effectively too. There is a good repetitive side, with long song on a very fat sound.

Maybe without the drug side that make you see unicorns in the desert.

We have been sometimes spoken of progressive because of our long songs different parts in it and for the fact that we did not fit 100% in a well codified style. This is not wrong either.

Indeed we do not forbid to attach a more thrash or more death passage after heavy and sticky riff or a clear line, all for 7 minutes 30.

We, we would have just said “metal” but as we are not annoying, goes for progressive sludge. In addition it gives the impression that we know what we play as music.

Tell me about your EP, what can you tell us about it? What do we need to know before listening to it?

We had already recorded a demo in 2015 with the means we had.

This was our first visit to a real studio behind a real glass.

We chose the Noise Factory by Gerald Jans because a lot of bands we know (amateurs as well as pros) recorded there and we heard only positive things about the work of Gerald from not only from a musical point but also for his human qualities.

We have no shares in his company (not yet, we may be negotiating something after this interview), but his reputation is not usurped. Given our inexperience in the field, Gerald has guided us very well, advised us and put us at ease. He made a great work on the mix and the prod. It is unanimously hailed by those who have heard the EP.

Without self-congratulation, we must still admit that we are proud of the final rendering, especially for the amateurs (enlightened but still amateur) that we are. And the most important to us is that we do not regret anything.

For the technical aspect of the thing, everything was recorded in 3 days. It was live recordings for the drums and the guitars. Then the bass was bass alone. Then the songs sang alone.

During and after the recording, Gerald did his editorial work at lightning speed and he listened to our comments on the mix. He even proposed elements of prod that we kept because they added something really nice to the compos (for example the double voice on the couplets of Silicone Instinct in the style of Pantera or the delay on the intro of The Messiah) .

Regarding the songs, as they are quite long and our budget was limited, we opted for 3 titles and to refine them to the maximum rather than to do more but not to be certain to be able to chisel as we wished it.

There are other songs that are not on our first demo or on the EP that would have deserved to be there but we must make choices.
One thing is certain, we’ll go back to the studio and it will most likely be at Gérald’s place. (Well, with all that, we hope he’ll make a mega-reduction anyway …)

Still about the EP, you organized a release party, how did it go? What are the feedbacks you have already received about PE?

The stuff we read most or heard on the demo are: a big, heavy sound, very professional. The production and the mix are great. A nice evolution compared to our first demo (there it reassures us anyway).

For voice or sound, the names of Franky (DSVD, not Vincent) and Channel Zero have come back several times. It’s pretty funny because in fact I discovered Channel quite late, thanks to Ercan . I do not consider Channel as an influence in singing or in our music as I did not know them (yet). Then I had the opportunity to discover them through a cover (Suck My Energy) and see them on stage. Since then, I take this for a compliment every time I am told about Channel. Franky is great and this band is emblematic of what the Belgian metal does better.

And the fact that the Noise Factory is Channel’s HQ loops the loop. When it comes to feedback, where we tell ourselves that we’re doing something which is not too bad, it’s when people you do not know the other side of the world leave you money via digital platforms. It’s super rewarding.

Well, at the level of these cash receipts, not enough to flatten everything and go live under the sun either.

Regarding the feedbacks on the EP, our favorite quote about it will remain forever: “There’s enough metal to rebuild the Twin Towers.” What more ?

You had to deal with a rather unexpected line-up change, how did you handle that? How is it with Sturgis your new recruit?

We have already had several line-up changes. It’s the life of a band. It’s not always easy to manage. It ends with human clashes – or not – but sometimes you have to go through it to evolve musically speaking.

Here Romain (our former drummer) announced his decision to leave the band at the last concert. He wanted to make a musical break and start something else later. It’s like that, and even if it’s not what we hoped for, we respect his decision.

We then discussed all three and Romain even offered to insure the date in La Zone. After thinking about it, Ercan and I decided to immediately look for a replacement and see if we could ensure the date with him. If not, we would have given way to another band.

Then everything went very fast. I contacted Sturgis who we knew thanks to his participation in The Devil’s Work, friends with whom we had already shared the scene and who were our reheaser next to our local. Ercan and I knew how he played: groove, precision, speed of learning. In a word: pro. Sturgis had already heard the songs and the EP. We asked him if he was available and motivated to join us. He followed us on. We made a few rehearsals with him and frankly, its wonderful. If you want to know how it sounds, you will have to come to La Zone on Saturday, June 15.

 leave you the final word.

We are really happy to come back on stage. Especially with a war machine like Sturgis. We will sneak up on all the scenes that seem interesting to us and seize all the opportunities that will allow us to develop our project.

And an interview like this Here on a support dedicated to metal like Metal Overload is this kind of beautiful opportunities to discover our music that we can not miss. We thank you for it.

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