During the Durbuy Rock Festival 2019, we had the opportunity to interview the Belgian death metal band Exuviated. They tell us about the band, their new EP and what they planned for 2019.

Exuviated, what is it?

Jean-Philippe : A Belgian death metal band that has existed for about ten years. Initially it’s a story of friends who has evolved to a little more professional thing. So, the line up has evolved a lot during all these years but it still remains a band where the two founding members are friends.

So it’s a Belgian metal band that does not argue too much, but which tries to do it right.

So, it is not the first time you play at the Durbuy Rock, it’s like a second home. How does it feel to come back here?

Jean-Philippe : I think it’s the fourth time. We started in 2010 when we played here. We won the right to play by winning the contest and then we always present a new release here. We have always had something to present when we play here. So, the years when we have nothing to present we do not play here. We do not necessarily have our place here every time we come, it is because it is a good showcase for us here in Wallonia to present our new titles, our new release.

So it’s always nice to come back here, it’s a bit like coming home we’ll say.

How did crowd welcome your new songs today?

Jean-Philippe : It’s hard to say because people were much more reactive on the old ones. But that’s normal because they know them. And given that there are a lot of quieter passages in the new songs, is this the place to present this type of song, I’m not sure because people are waiting for hard stuff, where they can move. Maybe if we had to do it again we would do things differently, now we had an EP to defend and we gave them the titles we had to present.

Renaut : People also expect things to move because that is what Exuviated has always done.

Jean-Philippe : So, of course the fact that there are quieter passages, maybe playing in a slightly more cozy atmosphere would have been more suitable. We know it for the future and that does not prevent that we had good reactions and we sold a lot of EP today. So in general, it’s a good start.

Pierre : We had good feedbacks on new songs. Now, as they are new, there is also a more attentive listening of people who already know us.

Jean-Philippe : But I think it intrigues and indeed, we do not expect people to get into it when you give them more atmospheric and calmer sounds. So it’s up to us to “tame” this crowd who likes to listen and let themselves go. We have to get used to having different reactions from the public. It’s something new and that’s what we expected.

You have released a video clip for the song “Errance” to present your new EP. Could you tell me about the making of the clip, how did it go?

Jean-Philippe : The clip lives up to our expectations. It was a lot of work, three days of shooting, two days of outdoor shooting in two different environments: the snowy environment from the beginning of the clip and the forest environment from half to the end of the clip. Not to mention the cutting plans made in the studio, so there it was a studio evening in addition for different plans. We worked with SIGLA video production which is a small independent video production company in Brussels. Anne-Sophie Sonnet is at the head of the thing and she worked with a calibrator, a cameraman and a person who was there too to co-realize the clip.

It was two quite intense outdoor days , in the cold, in the snow and then post-production, corrections to find the colors that corresponded to us, the workline on light etc.

So it was a good experience, we went even further than in our previous collaboration with them for No Faith Remains for the previous album, It took, I think, two days of studio and so we pushed the thing a little further to stick to the music represented here. It was still a 7-minute piece, it’s almost a short film.

What can you tell me about your last EP “Déliquescence”?

Renaut : For an early fan of Exuviated, it must be surprising because musically, as Jean-Phi said, the raw and simple side of our music has a little bit evolved. Precisely because of passages in clear sounds, arpeggios etc. We opened up a lot more musically a little bit thanks to Jean-Phi also, paradoxically, since he’s the one who is still a fan of black metal. But there are also black passages in the music that were not necessarily there before.

Let’s say that, from a creative point of view, what has happened here is that everyone has gotten involved. That is to say that even the singer participated in the composition. He really gave his opinion, riffs that did not please him or he brought us ideas.

This record of Exuviated is to me, the most representative of the complete band. Before, it was two guitarists who composed, who brought compositions and the others brought modifications. Here it is a creative process together.

Jean-Philippe : It’s true that the creative process we put in place here, we’ll keep it because it works well. The thing really comes alive while we are all around in the studio. This is something we will do again in the future.

Renaut : And also unlike before, where we suggested drum ideas, our new drummer Arnaud listened to the songs and he put his own drums parts, what he felt on the songs and it also transformed the riffs. He brought something else and in fact after, we noticed that his idea was better than ours, although it came from a drummer.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Renaut : There are dates for the end of the year, which are not yet mentioned because they are not yet official.

Jean-Philippe : Next month we spend three days in complete isolation to compose new things. In order to release something new, the second part of this trilogy end of the year.

A band that you would absolutely recommend to people?

Arnaud : Vortex of End because it is a killer band.

Jean-Philippe : I would rather say Mgla or Der Weg einer Freiheit for the black metal side or something like The Ruins of Beverast for the chaotic aspect. For the death metal side, we had the opportunity to tour with Cattle Decapitation and that’s a big thing.

Arnaud : Not as much as Lebenssucht.

Jean-Philippe : But Lebenssucht that’s the one that encompasses everything, it’s the best of the best.

Renaut : So the band he just named, there are two members there (Arnaud, drummer of Exuviated and S Caedes, singer of Lebenssucht)

Cédric : For me, the Worlds Apart.

Pierre : it’s complicated, there are too many bands… But an independent band that I discovered two weeks ago is Vitriol, it was called Vitriol Warfare. It’s a death trio from Ontario but with an intensity and a violence that I had never heard before. This band, I think they can bring something, there is a rage that I had not heard in years in a band. There is an Ep and it is great !

I leave you the last word of interview.

Exuviated has given us a very long and labyrinthine word of the end where we had to find the name of the second disc of their trilogy which will therefore be called Torpeur and it will be very metaphysical.

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