During the Brutality Over Belgium in Liège, we had the opportunity to interview Marten, the drummer and founder of the brutal slamming death metal band Korpse. Come discover the band and learn a little more about what they have planned for you this year.

How would you introduce yourself to people who don’t know Korpse ?

We are definitely a band with a lot of slam influences. A lot of brutal influences but also brutal death metal and grindcore. So, it’s not per say one genre but we kind of have elements of a lot of genres.

Why did you choose Korpse with a “K” as name for the band?

Oh well. I wanted to have a band name that was pronounceable and not ending on “tomy” or “tion” like Suffocation or Immolation. I think the metal scene is running out of band names so that’s why we just took a name we thought was good, short, memorable and we change one letter, so it was different.

Did you know that there was a band from the UK that with that same name Korpse before you ?

Yes, we were aware of this and we had a it was a bit tricky. They are mad at us for this. No, they really don’t like it, but fun fact is when I founded the band, I looked it up on internet and here I saw there was a band in Scotland called Korpse and they were active between 92 and 98 or something. It didn’t sound like they were very active but right in between the process of founding our band and releasing our first album they did a reunion. So, they started being active again at this point. I came to talk to them like “hey I see we have the same name. Do you think it’s a problem ? We both agreed on probably not because we make very different death metal than you do and whatever but later when we were higher on Google search and on Facebook, they didn’t like it.

How would you explain slamming brutal death metal to people who do not listen to that ?

It’s always a fun conversation we try to explain people who don’t know our kind of music or metal at all. So, I usually describe it as like the bottom layer of the cesspit. Basically, you have all the disgusting stuff and then far down there is this genre called SBDM and that’s what we’re in.

We just try to be as extreme as possible and this is the opposite of being accessible in a way so. And for people who just listen to the radio it’s like Metallica is already too heavy it’s too much. I mean even in the metal scene there is only point one percent of people that can enjoy this kind of music.

I’ve read in your biography on Facebook “Korpse will not rest until everyone shares their vision of brutality”. Can you explain to me your vision ?

We have a certain passion for this kind of music, and we want to share this passion for music. Like when I hear grindcore or death metal or slam I really get this warm feeling. That’s fucking awesome. To me the more brutal, the more aggressive, the more I get this feeling and that’s what we try to give to the people as well. We want to give the same feeling for it is the most extreme music.

How is the underground scene in the Netherlands ?

There is not really an underground scene for these kinds of genres especially not from where I live kind of close to Amsterdam. There is no death metal grindcore, nothing. It’s a very crowded area, there’s a lot of people living there, and no one really likes this kind of music. That’s why we always have to drive to Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Swiss or whatever because in the Netherlands, no one really likes this music. For other genres for grindcore or goregrind, the Netherlands has a quite big database of big goregrind bands but also, they usually play abroad.

What can you tell me about “None So Brutal” ?

It is our first album, but we decided to remake and remaster it. Our first album was all DIY, we just recorded it kind of for fun. The guy that I was recording with wanted to learn more about recording music and I told him I had a bunch of songs laying around that we could record and see what happens. It was just a project and it was all DIY and just for fun and then we released that, and the band really started at this point.

We did it all ourselves and had no clue what we were doing. It doesn’t sound very well so, I always felt like we owe these songs a better album. So, we decided to remake some, remaster everything and now it sounds way louder and way heavier. The songs are “listenable” to.

If you could recommend one band to our readers, which one would it be ?

Well for the slamming genre, I recommend Extermination Dismemberment and that’s been one of our big inspirations. Last year we’ve been on tour with them and it has been 100 percent fun with these guys. They are super awesome.

For other genres I also really like black metal band from Iceland called Zhrine which is on the edge of black and death, but it has so many elements but still so dark and so atmospheric that it’s very awesome. That’s also a big inspiration for us.

There’s one band I listen a lot to these days. It’s called If These Trees Could Talk. It’s post metal, there are no vocals just atmospheric music. But even my non-metal-loving boss likes it so, we can play it whole day at work.

What would be the ultimate accomplishment for Korpse ?

I don’t know. I guess just continue as we’re doing now, playing shows all over the world, having fun, meeting nice people. That’s the ultimate goal. I mean, we’re not going to get rich on this anyway so, that’s not the goal and it’s not like we want to play on this festival or this festival and then we’re done.

What’s next for 2019 ?

We will have our new release our third full length album. We are very close to finishing it. We just need to work on some details and some mastering. So technically it should be done in two weeks and that’s going to be released. We hope that from that point on we have a lot of new stuff going on more shows, more tours, more everything. So, that’s the really next new thing and it comes along with a video clip, with a lyric video, with probably a tour and like the whole picture new merch. Everything is going to be refreshed and new and that’s the plan for this year.

I leave you the last words of this interview.

Well, as I said before in interviews just enjoy the music have fun, go to party with your friends and stay metal.

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