Could you introduce us Lifers in a few words?

Seba: So this is a band that was born in 2014 from the ashes of Spitdown. It was time to move on and we decided to enlist Gianni from Deadalus and Juan from The Hexen with the idea of ​​doing something more metal with all the influences that make us what we are. So it is metal with hardcore influences especially because of my singing because I do not know how to do otherwise but there are also a lot of other influences I think.

Do you think that Liège is a fertile ground for hardcore today?

Séba: There have always been very good bands in Liège, I mainly think about Surge Of Fury who are the “Local Kings”. Here we had gone in another direction and I do not think that Liege is a fertile ground only for hardcore. There are many bands from all horizons that pierce and others that can break through in Liège.

What do you think of the metal scene in Liège ?

Séba: The problem in Liège is that there are no more venues in the city center. There was the “Inside-Out” barge where a lot of things were happening. Here, there is still the Garage where there is a lot of things, rather hardcore oriented although I think there are also other things organized there.

It’s still hard to imagine but despite the fact that Liège is a city where there is a lot of culture, there are not real places for the underground. There is the Reflektor but it is a room that will welcome big names like Madball, Agnostic Front, Anthrax … So yes it still lacks a room with an intermediate capacity between the small café-concert and the concert hall professional.

What do you think of the relation between social networks and musicians? Are social networks useful and favored in the musical world?

Gianni: In my opinion, there are things that have happened strangely with social networks. There are festivals where bands are judged by their “likes” on Facebook or their views on YouTube and that does not help the metal community and local scene. Metal remains an “underground” music, we are not pop or rock. In addition, I find it a bit weird because I think the live is the “first juice”, the first impression or feeling you will get. You will see the band and you get an idea, it should not have to do with visibility on social networks. So that has changed things in the musical world, but overall live bands that work continue to be able to play without really taking social networks into account.

I would like to come back to Lifers and I wanted to know what you had planned for 2019?

Séba: In 2019, we live a little day-to-day, we do not have big projects, we do not have planned tour or album recording. On the other hand, there are scheduled concerts in the Garage next month at  the Liege On Fire and certainly other dates to come.

Gianni: Which means composition, a lot of compositions.

Séba: Yes indeed, it gives us more time to compose. After that, and it may be wrong, we have not many more to prove because we all have a certain average age in the band that is relatively high compared to other bands. Let’s say that I express myself badly when I say that we have nothing to prove, when we are on stage we always feel that we have something to prove to the people who came to see us but what I mean that is because we live from day to day, we do not have a great ambition or a big career project in sight. Honestly we want to have fun and make dates that we like, this is the goal of the game. That’s why almost a year ago, we went to play in Dubai for example. We did a tour in Romania last year. We take what comes, there are no big projects.

If you had to recommend a local band that particularly struck you, what would it be and why?

Séba: We obviously have friends in some bands, for example Deadalus from which Gianni comes from. They are good guys and it’s great music. We have our friends from the North of France, Embrace Your Punishment, we recommend them thoroughly, they are recording in the studio for now and it’s a great band. There are still plenty of others but we cannot name them all.

Gianni: They are people with whom we played a lot of concerts. For Deadalus, I find that it has improved with the time and it has improved since I am no longer in the project. For Embrace Your Punishment, it’s monstrous, Deadalus too but for me it’s a notch above because I did not live it from the inside as for the first band. They managed to do something that is international in terms of production, quality of riffs, musicians, humanly. Embrace is the best.

A last word for our readers ?

Séba: In live, I thank all the people who came. I find it important because there are people who come by chance, to see us specifically. Here I would say, keep going to the small local bands because they need you. Also keep going to see the big bands with places at 100 euros but do not forget the small local bands.

Gianni: Do other things, see other people, go see lives that seem completely crazy !

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