What is Oddism?

Mathieu: Oddism is the cult of strangeness. It’s a bit of exploring the musical world without really setting limits around the cult of the intruder. We want to try to surprise with new things, new ideas. We do not really limit ourselves, as long as we are in our element all together.

You are defined as a “mathcore” band, can you tell me a little bit more about that?

Mathieu: Mathcore means “mathematical hardcore”, it is a derivative of hardcore but is very very broad because there are lots of bands in mathcore that are completely different from us. So it’s a bit of a label that can be put but after, I would define us a little more like a hardcore chaotic band with fusion parts.

Gio: We have never really tried to fit into a particular genre or label, I think. These are really the magazines that have identified us as a hardcore, mathcore or chaotic band. We did not really choose that.

Mathieu: We always need one, so we chose to put that because that’s how we are presented. But, finally, we are just happy to do our metal and we like our style.

You are a Franco-Belgian band, how do you manage that in terms of rehearsals and organization?

Gio: At first it was a bit complicated, because I live right next to Dour and I met the whole group in Maubeuge which was not very far but in fact, they come from Lille . So, the rehearsals, we made them in Maubeuge, it was a compromise that we had found, we each had more or less an hour of road. Now, we try to repeat once or twice a week when we have time because we all work. We repeat in a more or less neutral place, so that the distance is nearly the same for all of us. The hard part was at the beginning but now that we have found a good work dynamic, it’s perfect.

Mathieu: We communicate well anyway. With the internet, we can send documents and work remotely too. But we still get to see each other. We have residences every year. Big time is spent to see each other and work together.

What are your plans for 2019 ?

Gio: So for 2019, the only thing I can say is that there is a split that will come out with the band Lamirāl. We have some festivals that are booked, we have the BetiZFest, maybe a little tour. After, we will not go forward to say that we will release a full album with six clips. We have never made plans and we have things that are planned and we will try to execute them as best as possible.

It is also for this reason that I went back to the studio to put all this flat with the producer and start all over again. It was important to me, to the band and for what we wanted to pass on.

Could you tell me a little bit about the topics covered in your songs?

Gio: So for the lyrics, it’s Mathieu who writes them.

Mathieu: For the first EP, the texts were centered on humanity, society, the individual, the discovery of the intruder. With the album, we are rather launched on “ethical” stuff, the texts are always very free to interpret, they ask questions. I rarely express the essence of my thought, here it is more a questioning about freedom, fears, problems very societal finally like terrorism too. Often, I do my texts with what is happening in the world.

Gio: We’re going to release an EP that will only talk about nature.

Is there a particular band that you would like to tour with if you had the opportunity?

Gio: So, we did it in part, in fact we were able to make 3 dates in August 2018 with an English band called Frontier.

Mathieu: It’s really a band that we like a lot. It’s really great what happen to them. They have good returns, they released their second album.

Gio: After that there are still bands with whom we would like to play as Converge, Neurosis, or more underground bands with whom we would like to tour. We will give us some time and maybe one day it will pay.

If you had the opportunity to do a concert anywhere, where would it be?

Mathieu: Directly, that would be Hellfest.

Gio: I think we would go on the Hellfest yes.

Mathieu: If there is a way to go abroad, I would like to go to Canada.

Gio: We had the project to leave but we did not do it.

Mathieu: It’s complicated to organize, especially at the visa level.

Gio: It’s hard to export. When it stays in Europe, it’s okay but once you want to get out of Europe, you have to think about visas and others. It costs a lot of money and you do not make money by doing music. We do it by passion, we try to carry our music as far as possible, we have the chance to travel every year. We have made countries like Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic. We did a lot of dates in France and Belgium. So frankly we do not have to complain, it’s pretty cool. For 2019 we still have some things that should be unlocked so it should be nice.

Do you feel that you have to export yourself to produce and make your music known?

Mathieu: I remember we went to Brittany and we had a crazy welcoming.

Gio: In Brittany it’s true that we were expected and it made us a little weird. After, the advantage of Oddism is that we are placed on eclectic posters, we played in many festivals, I like to take up the challenge of being on eclectic posters to reach a public larger. Of course, when you play with bands like Frontier in Paris, the club was full, you play in front of an audience that is attentive to this kind of music, it is more beneficial. But we do not seek to be on specific posters, we take a little what comes.

Mathieu: We also there for the meeting and sharing and discover our music.

Gio: We know that it can not please everyone, we are very aware of it. So we try to expand our horizons.

And when it comes to promoting underground and metal music, what do you think should be done to make it work better?

Mathieu: In France the problem is rather political in my opinion. In Lille a lot of coffee-concert closed because of a city policy that wants to refocus everything and break the underground. And against that, we cannot do anything. We can just watch the thing happening and always try to give more but it does not develop. Apart from returning to even more underground initiatives maybe.

Gio: We did play in squats, where there is not really any organization and where you simply go and do your stuff. It’s double or quits but you really have a good atmosphere. In Belgium I know there is a problem with all the theaters closing, the big organizations coming in and the bands that cannot put themselves on posters. As soon as there is a festival like this, there is a huge number of bands who are applying to play. Besides having we should have more guys like Mathieu who organizes the festival here.

Mathieu: What could be good is the citizen initiative, people who want to create new scenes, festivals, evenings. We also need to share our contacts, create collectives because they are moving things.

Gio: We never kept our contacts for us, we work with sharing and make a lot of moves when we can. If we can help, we will do it heartily because I think that music, whether it’s our style or not, it’s important that it be exported everywhere.

A last word for our readers ?

Mathieu: I’m really too happy when I see all the feedbacks we have. It always pushes us more. Just thanks to all the people who follow us and who come to support us that it is in France, in Belgium, finally everywhere. Every time we go to a new place, it always amazes me those people who come and who know our songs. It is heartwarming. Continue as you are, it’s perfect.

Gio: Thanks to webzines like yours who take the time to invest themselves and interview bands like us.

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